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October 2019
General Meeting 
Tuesday, October 15th

Karen Macek:  The Proof's in the Painting

Carol Otto Cole

You asked, and we listened. By popular request, the LAA is bringing back its own masterful Karen Macek on October 15  to continue our exciting line of speakers in what promises to be a gangbuster 2019-2020 season. Anyone who saw her "Point of View: Take 2" show in September at the Plantation Club will be left with an indelible impression of shimmering tides and luminous sunsets,  characteristic of our area but made memorable by Macek's undeniably unique painting style.

 Macek, an artist/designer who works in oil, acrylic and computer graphics, spent 30 years in the garment industry.  Now a full time painter and traveler, she draws ample inspiration from her local and exotic surroundings.  She's busier than ever, and as she says, her most exciting endeavor is "the process of painting... this conversation between my brush, canvas and paints continues to explore the nuances of expression and challenge. Simply put, I love to paint!"

The proof lies in the painting, where her passion is undeniable. Some of her paintings are layered glazes applied with a rag brush, some a mixture of oil and cold wax applied with a palette knife, and others are sweeping brush strokes. When we meet, she will generously share her expertise in the cold wax painting technique and invite participation and questions from the audience. For painters, this is an interesting take on a technique sure to entice you out of all of your comfort zones. 

A drawer and painter from childhood,  Macek's credentials as an art professional, activist, organizer and charitable donor make her well qualified to speak on behalf of her art. As one of the Twelve artists of the Landings Golf Courses Ladies Comfort Stations, Macek originated "Color x Twelve", as an exhibit venue to continue to promote those artists' talents, all while Chairing two of our recent and prestigious Spring Art Shows. "Sentinel" (pictured) is a 12" x 12" oil, but her themes are so varied in their subject matter and media that only seeing her paintings in person can introduce the Macek neophyte to her vast appeal.  Paintings may also be seen on on her website, karenmacekart.com for a visual treat not expressable in 500 words. 
 All artists and art lovers are invited to join in this interactive evening with Karen Macek. Make new friends, nibble munchies and sip wine. Fire away with questions! She can handle it!  We welcome you in joining the LAA at the Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, October 15 at 7 p.m, or 6:30 to munch and mingle ($3 guest fee). For information about LAA, visit www.landingsart.com or contact Daryl Nicholson, Membership Chair at darylnicholson@me.com


Artist of the Month - October
The Landings Art Association
Announces its
October 2019 Art Exhibit
featuring the works of

Patty Frothingham and Cyndi Pollack

LAA Plantation Gallery
October 3 - November 5

Opening Reception Thursday, October 3, 2019
5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

The Landings Art Association invites you to join Artists of the Month Patty Frothingham and Cyndi Pollack at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 3rd for a reception in The Plantation Club Gallery. Come support these fine artists and help them celebrate the opening of their new show. 

Photographer Patty Frothingham moved to The Landings sixteen years ago from Morristown, NJ. Having previously lived in Andover, Massachusetts for 25 years, however, she considers herself a New Englander. When her children were young, this mother of four - and now grandmother of eight - started her "Cottage Industry" which she called "The Whimsical Brush." Using acrylics, she painted belts, headbands, keychains, needlepoint canvases, wood stove gloves, and Lucite picture frames, all of which were special orders. As the years went by, Patty's growing volunteer commitments caused her to put this very productive and enjoyable venture aside.  Always happy when creatively occupied, she spent time making and selling cut and pierced lamp shades and fashioning pins from beautiful postage stamps.

Patty's interest in photography dates back to her unofficial role as the "family chronicler, "taking pictures" to capture every event, noteworthy and otherwise, for years. Her transition to serious photographer began with life at The Landings. Inspired by the beauty of her surroundings and blessed with the time to develop her skills, Patty has become an accomplished nature photographer. Self-taught, she shoots with a Nikon D7500 digital camera, capturing beautiful images of the birds, landscapes and gorgeous scenery unique to Skidway Island and other Low Country areas. 

According to Patty, "Nature is what I love. For years I concentrated on photographing large birds. I love the drama of those images. Recently, however, I've been focusing on smaller birds. They can be much more difficult to capture - they're elusive and quick - but it's incredibly rewarding when you get a great shot." 

From dramatic images of eagles, great horned owls and herons, to charming black bellied whistling ducks and dolphins, the breadth of images Patty has assembled for this
show is impressive. Not to be missed are her glorious photographs of a Night-Blooming Cereus, an unusual flower that blooms just once a year for a single night.
When Patty began selling her photography, her images were available primarily as notecards, which are still very popular. In more recent years, she has expanded her business using the gallery wrap method for printing her photographs on fine canvas. Unlike many photographers today, Patty does not use any editing programs or enhancement tools. As she describes it, "The challenge is to get the photo right, straight out of the camera. I also take pleasure in taking a good photo and providing a nice piece of art for people." 

This wonderful photographer is also an avid golfer and a dedicated volunteer. Patty has been very involved at St. Peter's on two steering committees, first for the Antique Show and currently for the Market at 3 West Ridge. She is a 7-term LWGA board member who has contributed her efforts to numerous charitable golf tournaments. She sits on the House Committee for the Landings Club, sings in a barbershop singing group that entertains people in nursing homes, and she has been a board member for the Telfair Art Guild.

If you would like to purchase any of Patty's photography, please contact her at 912-220-6373 or pbfroth@gmail.com. 

Cyndi Pollack is an artist and interior designer who moved to The Landings in 2008. She began making jewelry fifteen years ago, taking classes in beading and wire wrapping. Then seven years ago, she discovered polymer clay and fell in love with the medium. "I took a few classes in polymer clay and got hooked! It's like being a kid again," she says. "Polymer clay is a medium that you can do so much with. You can texture your pieces with laces, bark or anything that has an interesting pattern. You can make all kinds of shapes, and the clay accepts different surface treatments from oil and acrylic paints to powders.''

She now combines her passions for polymer clay and beading into unique works of wearable art. She also incorporates the clay into her mixed media canvases and vessels. Cyndi describes her style as organic and a little Boho chic. She leans toward colorful pieces, using nature as her inspiration. 

Cyndi's necklaces, earrings and bracelets are made of clay which the artist has sculpted, colored, beaded and baked. The results are award-winning pieces made with Swarovski crystals and seed beads; a sculpted necklace bedecked with beads and flowers; a bird in flight. She also creates custom pieces for her clients, and sells her art at local craft fairs and art shows.

If you would like to purchase any of Cyndi's jewelry, please contact her at 912-344-7337 or cyndipollack82@gmail.com.

Don't miss the Opening Reception 
Thursday, October 3 from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
(Public Welcome/Refreshments Available)

News From our President's Desk

Sunday, October 20, 11:00-4:00
in The Village on Skidaway Island
Over 25 2D and 3D LAA Artisans
Village Library Book Sale
Children's Books Signing by Phyllis Tildes
Jazz and Pop Music by GSU Fine Arts
Art Demonstrations by Blick Art Materials
Food and Drink by the Village Bar & Grille
Farm Truck with Fall Offerings
Sponsored by Landings Art Association and Sound View Wealth Advisors


Due to the Holiday Season with so many of our members being off island or occupied during this busy time, there will be NO GENERAL MEMBER MEETING IN NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER. Our meetings will resume on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

The Board has voted to replace our old screens with new, updated ones. The new ones are one piece with self-contained legs and padded covers on both sides plus an ease of use hanging system. They will be in place for first time usage during our LAA/Sound View Kringle Market

Even through they've seen lots of art, they're still great for your personal displays whether in your studio or private events. One 3 piece screen including feet and cover $25. To stand securely, three screens would be needed. Some members hang screens on the walls of their studios to hang their work thus eliminating lots of unnecessary nail holes! To purchase, contact Betsy Slocum (804)318-0066 bsartista@yahoo.com

Going forward, should you be Artist of the Month, on display at The Landings Company, or participating in the LAA/Sound View Member Gallery at Plantation or the LAA Atrium Gallery at Merrill Lynch, should a piece become sold, it doesn't have to remain on display until the end of the session. The artist may remove the piece to give to the client. However, you MUST replace the opening with another piece of equal size. You MUST also be responsible for the label card replacement.

This new policy goes along with themed shows as long as the replacement follows the theme. The only exception is the Spring Show Winner's exhibit in May at Plantation. Those pieces need to stay in place for the entire month.

Should questions arise, contact the gallery in question chair.

Please note that should a piece need to be removed early for whatever reason, you must contact the respective gallery chair for notification and approval purposes. The last thing we want to have are empty spaces on our gallery walls!

We are currently in discussions with the folks at Merrill Lynch to determine what direction our Atrium Gallery will take going forward. 

Beginning with intake/pick-up on Wednesday, October 2 and until further notice, changeovers will occur every four months on the 1 st Wednesday from 2 to 4 pm (2020: February, June, and October). Please watch the LAA's Newsletter for updates

It's all LAA! It's filled with everything you need to know...

As part of our new website, the Board decided to eliminate the artist galleries and started phasing them out last year with the last month on the dues period for the galleries being August (they actually ended in September).

To give our members as much exposure as possible, our website will contain a showcase page of LAA artists where we will display their artist links, including artist website page, artist Facebook page, and email address. This is, of course, an optional service and inclusion will require a nominal one-time fee. Watch for details - it'll be happening soon!

Coming shortly, Marie Tomlinson, LAA Website Administrator, will be offering several small 1-day workshops for those artists who would like to create a basic artist website for public exposure or to simply have an online site to organize and display their work.

Included in the fee for this workshop will be the inclusion of a link within our LAA site to the artist's website.

Sunday, April 19 Intake and Set-Up
Monday, April 20 Show and Silent Auction

At least 2-3 members are needed to chair this event. You'll have plenty of guidance and assistance in the planning and implementation. If you're interested in becoming a co-chair, contact Betsy Slocum today at 804-318-0066 or bsartista@yahoo.com

Coming in April...The 2020 LAA Home and Art Studio Tour
Right now our Secretary and Chair of this event, Dale Koppel, is on her "drawing board" working out the details. The Board is excited with her ideas, as I'm sure you will be too! Details will be available shortly.

Every year your Board puts together an operating budget based on the previous year plus a percentage of the basic cost of living increase along with fixed and discretionary expenses.

There are yearly fixed costs such as overall and special event accident and liability insurance, LAA website and Constant Contact contractual fees, postal box fees, general member venue rental costs, grant and charitable contributions to the public schools and Telfair, and guest speaker fees (to name a few).

Along with those are variable costs that include the administration and implementation of our spring and fall shows, our choice award winner prizes, upkeep of mechanics such as screens, signs, posters, printing, labels, advertising, office supplies etc., opening cocktail parties, and various other projects that come up throughout the year that may benefit our members.

We are also very fortunate to have the support of our long time sponsors the Plantation and Landings Clubs, Blick Art Supplies, Sound View Wealth Advisors, The Landings Company, The Landings Association, TWATL, and Merrill Lynch. Without their continued involvement, we could not afford to operate the type of community based organization that we currently maintain.

This coming year should be exciting as your Board is working on plans to give back to our members through more extensive learning and exhibiting opportunities for all to take advantage of at no additional charge.

Should any member have concerns, contact Board Members through our new website at www.landingsartassociation.com


 The LAA/Sound View Wealth Advisors 
at The Plantation Club

Coming up this month...
Intake will take place at Plantation between 9AM and 11AM on Wednesday, October 2nd. Please remember to pick up your artwork from September even if you are not bringing in a new piece.

Congratulations to Vicky Collett, the 1 st Place winner of the LAA/Sound View Artist's Award for September and Diane Gannon, Honorable Mention winner!

Looking ahead...
Coming in November - NAME THAT TUNE!!!
All 2-D artists are asked to name their artwork after a popular song from the 50's, 60's or 70's. To be eligible for a 1 st place ribbon and $100 prize in November, remember to name your piece after a song that was popular during these 3 decades! The artwork itself does not have to conform to a certain theme.

Remember...Oversized artwork (larger than 30"x30" framed) is accepted with a prior reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum size for oversized art is 36" LONG X 36" WIDE. This includes the frame. Contact Marie Tomlinson at  inkstresse@gmail.com to reserve a spot. For all other artwork, the maximum size remains at 30" X 30" framed (with hanging wire) and, as usual, NO reservation is required.

For further information, please contact our LAA/Sound View Gallery at Plantation Coordinator, Marie Tomlinson, at inkstresse@gmail.com.

The Landings Company Venue
September-October Artist
Register now for The Landings Company 2020 exhibits
The following 2 month slots are available for 2020: March/April, May/June, July/August.
The Landings Company prefers art that represents the low country or Savannah, or other nature related themes.
Contact Phyllis Tildes at artphyll@comcast.net , or 598-9125.

Membership Reminder...

Now is the time to renew your membership to the Landings Art Association for 2020! The new application is available online at

Membership level options for 2020:

The  $45 individual membership
 for one year offers 3 great benefits: meetings with prominent guest speakers, email newsletters, and basic (Merrill Lynch & Plantation) gallery privileges. 
*Solo exhibitions require volunteer commitments and special shows may require a fee.

The  $25 individual art appreciator membership
 allows access to meetings with prominent guest speakers and email newsletters, but no gallery privileges.  

Renew before the holidays and avoid the $10.00 late fee after December 31.

LAA is run entirely by volunteers ~ Say YES when asked!

Merrill Lynch Gallery


Please note that the existing LAA display at Merrill Lynch will remain in place until Wednesday, October 2nd. There will be no intake/pickup on September 4th.
Watch for coming details soon.

 (Printable registration forms available at landingsartassociation.com)