The first Council meeting of October was held on October 2nd   and dealt with business issues.  The second Council meeting in October will take place on October 23rd  and will see discussion on our programs and services and strategic priorities.  Council sessions begin at 6:00 p.m.  

To view the Council agendas please visit our website or click here:  Council Agenda
Canadian Federal Election
The Canadian Federal Election is Monday October 21, 2019. Exercising your right to vote is an important way to be involved in your community. 

Go to  https://elections.ca/  or call 1-800-463-6868 to find voter information including how to ensure you are registered.

Hydrant Flushing in Springhill and Parrsboro
The Springhill Water Utility will be undertaking a hydrant flushing program between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. from October 7 - 18, 2019.  

The Parrsboro Water Utility will be undertaking a hydrant flushing program between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. from October 8 - 18, 2019.  

Water Utility customers may experience interruptions in service and/or discolouration of water during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanksgiving Dinner - October 10
This year marks the third year that the Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre has hosted the Thanksgiving dinner that has been provided to students of Springhill schools for many years.

This special day for the students is so rewarding, to see all the smiles, it truly warms your heart when you serve them a complete Thanksgiving dinner, and they all leave the Community Centre with a full belly.

We have volunteers that help with serving and preparing the food, and what would we all do without volunteers? This year all councillors and the CAO were invited to volunteer at the event. They will not be disappointed with how things unfold with this event.

The teachers work with the students to draw pictures and get them to write down what they are thankful for - most of them mentioning being thankful for the love that they receive from the parents, pets and family.

Hurricane Dorian Brief
Hurricane Dorian was one of the most destructive storms Cumberland County has ever experienced. It rivaled Juan and White Juan in terms of power, however its consequences were much more  severe.  

Follow the link below to read an update from our Regional Emergency Management Coordinator, Mike Johnson.

Reminder for Seasonal Water Utility Customers
This is a friendly reminder to seasonal water utility customers, to be sure to have your water disconnected by contacting one of the people outlined below.

Pugwash:  contact Andrew Thomas at 902-597-3832
Parrsboro:  contact Betty-Anne Paris at 902-254-2036

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the waterline from the street into the property is properly drained. If not, damage could occur to the waterline, frost plate and meter. In the event of any damages, the responsibility of replacement is to the property owner.
There is a fee for disconnection and someone must be present at the property for the disconnection. If your water is not disconnected at the street you will continue to be billed the quarterly water rate. There is no fee for reconnection. The disconnection fees are as follows:
Pugwash - $60
Parrsboro - $50
For any billing or payment inquiries please contact Kim Sears at 902-667-3135.
Cumberland Colours
Those fall colours are now at their peak!

Plan your October colour tour by viewing Cumberland Colours hotspots.

Post your own colourful fall photos to the map!

Cu mberland Geohub
Explore more maps and GIS Open Data on our Cumberland Geohub!

Find these Cumberland County-specific maps:
Waterfalls,  Zoning,  Electoral Boundaries,  Fire Services,  Waste Collection Routes

* Look out for our soon to be added Community Assets Map

Grants that were approved by Council in August and September 2019

Remembering Canada's Heroes
$ 600.00
The Open Hamper Food Bank Society (Pugwash)

Future of Good's 2019 List of 21 Youth Reshaping Governance
We are excited to share that Jordan Sprague of Wentworth made this list of 21 Youth Reshaping Governance.

While Canadian youth aged 18-30 are actively involved in volunteering, youth representation on governance boards remains low.

Drawing from more than 125 nominations from across the country, the list recognizes young leaders who are making a unique and significant contribution as non-profit board directors.

Congratulations to the 21 young leaders transforming the world of impact for the 21st century.

View the list
Open Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Closing October 22, 2019 at 2:00PM

Closing November 21, 2019 at 2:00PM
Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification Program
With all the talk, new programs and developing policies surrounding accessibility and the built environment,  one would think it would be great if we could determine just how accessible an existing building, or newly  proposed one might be, and what could be implemented to improve its overall accessibility. Well, now we  can...

Enter the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification Program (RHFAC). This enlightened program  passes the National Building Code where the Building Code falls short. As you may know, the National Building  Code (NBC), is a model code which Nova Scotia as a province, adopted. It represents the minimal standard to  which a building may be constructed in the province today. As you might also imagine, when you are not  required to do more, many people do not. This does not always bode well for the proponents of accessibility. 
The RHFAC training teaches the assessor to look beyond the everyday and into a world where mobility is different, visibility is not the same, and common day situations must be approached with a mind traditionally closed to many everyday inconsiderations to much of our population. 
Anyone may apply to become a Designated RHFAC Professional. The training is intensive and an  eye opener, but very rewarding. The student experiences the building through the means of a
person with any and every type of disability. It trains the individual in what to look for, when and  where and then how to rate the presence or lack of that attribute, on a predetermined scale.  When all the ratings are added up, a final score is assigned to a building along with a report of  what might be done to increase the building's accessibility, as well as the degree to which the  change would affect the overall rating. When completed, the building survey puts together a  comprehensive picture of how accessible the building is.

The course qualifies you to write a CSA examination, and this is the stage that our Building Supervisor, David Buell, is at currently. Upon passing the CSA exam, students will become a Nationally Certified RHFAC Professional Assessor and as such may assess buildings by hire for both the private and public sectors. This is not a service that the Municipality offers, however it is one we now have expertise in, which is good considering the need to assess our own buildings. To receive a RHFAC rating for your building, call a certified RHFAC assessor, they are listed on the RHFAC website.
David said, "When I first went on the training, I was weary of what a course could teach a Building Inspector about building and accessibility. Since taking the course I wonder more and more why the building codes are not fashioned after a similar approach. After all, it may be the similarities amongst us that bring us together, but it's the differences we celebrate. A good building environment is much the same and should be accessible to all no matter how different we may be."
The Co-operators: Share2Care
Are you or your school championing positive mental health among students and school staff?

Share2Care is a mental health activation initiative gathering promising practices from across the country to share and inspire others to take action in their class and/or school community.

If you, your school, and/or school board is leading a mental health initiative that is showing to be making a positive impact on the mental health of students and/or school staff, we want to hear from you.

Submit your program or initiative at the website link below to have a chance of receiving $5,000 to further advance your mental health initiatives.

Deadline: October 17, 2019

Learn More
Enabling Accessibility Fund - Youth Innovation Component
The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) is looking for dynamic youths who want to demonstrate leadership and their commitment to their communities by volunteering their time to build a more accessible Canada.

The EAF Youth Innovation Component provides an opportunity for youths to have a direct impact in the lives of people with disabilities by addressing accessibility barriers in public spaces or workplaces within their community or surrounding communities. Through this work, youths create greater awareness about accessibility needs and encourage organizations to apply for EAF funding to address existing accessibility barriers and build a more inclusive and accessible Canada.

Deadline: October 31, 2019

Community ACCESS-Ability Program
The Community ACCESS-Ability Program reflects the Government of Nova Scotia's commitment to persons with disabilities by providing equal opportunity and improved access to community facilities. This program offers cost-shared grants to community groups for accessibility related capital improvements.

The grants may cover up to two-thirds of the direct and indirect costs of renovations, installations, and/or equipment. The sponsoring organization must raise at least one-third of the funding from other sources. Organizations can receive funding for one project per year under the program.

Who can apply?
  • Registered non-profit society/cooperative in good standing
  • Federally incorporated non-profit organization
  • Nova Scotian Mi'kmaw Band Councils
  • Municipalities
Applications are currently being accepted for 2019-2020. All projects must be completed by the end of the fiscal year, March 31st, 2020.

Application Deadline: November 1st.

Learn More
We know that a lack of funding dedicated to sport opportunities for women and girls is a barrier for organizations working to advance gender equity in sport.

Since 2004, the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) has awarded $150,000 in grants through our WISE Fund to leaders and organizations across Canada to help address this gap.

With the support of Sport Canada, the 2020 WISE Fund will grant  30 organizations $2500 to advance gender equity in Canadian sport - helping CAAWS bring our strategic goals to life.

The new WISE Fund program is designed to inspire innovative initiatives, creating quality opportunities  for women and girls to participate and lead through sport.

The grant application will open on Friday, October 11, International Day of the Girl. 
Applications will close on Friday, November 8
Recipients will be announced in late February/early March 2020.

Learn More
Age-Friendly Communities Grant
The Age-friendly Community Grant Program provides funding up to $25,000 for projects that lead to more age-friendly communities. Projects funded through the program help advance the goals outlined in Shift: Nova Scotia's Action Plan for an Aging Population.

Projects must fall into one of two broad categories:
  • Age-friendly community planning: Consultation and community planning initiatives that result in robust action plans and age-friendly communities. These planning initiatives must be in partnership with local government and include consultation with and engagement of older adults, the broader community, and key stakeholders.
  • Community projects: Innovative projects (could be collaborative) to develop and/or implement programs, services, resources or events that support active, healthy living; help older adults stay connected to community life; maximize the economic and social contributions of older adults; and increase social interaction and community involvement among older adults.
Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until 20 January 2020.

Learn More

Follow this link to learn more about becoming a participating employer or a funded intern.

Pugwash Communities in Bloom Recognize Community Members Who Helped During and After Hurricane Dorian

Huge thanks from your friends and neighbours for all your generous help with flooded basements, fallen trees, generators, a warm place to gather and so much more. Take a bow - Jonathan and Tracy Mundle and kids on Pugwash Point, Tim Fulawka and Donna Rolfe in Pleasure Cove, Randy Bonnyman and Ralph Weeks, Emerson Chase, MacFarlane Lantern, Earl Chase, Ann Jeffries, Mike and Debbie Cameron, Kirk Purdy, Greg Smiley, John Hicks, Gail Wainwright, Bob Nogler, Mike Power, Bill Greatorex and Greg Nix. We know there were many more who jumped in with a helping hand. You make us so glad you live in our community!

Pictured above: Sean Langille who organized groups to clear downed trees on King and Victoria Streets.


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Never forget your garbage day again!
The Cumberland Central Landfill has made it even easier for residents to stay connected with waste management collection and programs.
Download the free Solid Waste Mobile App by searching for Cumberland County Solid Waste in the App Store. Use your mobile phone to view collection schedules, receive collection reminders and  service alerts for any interruptions to waste collection such as cancellations due to weather. Residents can also sign up online by visiting www.cjsma.ns.ca .
Wondering what goes where? Visit www.cjsma.ns.ca to use the new Waste Wizard and search our  database of over 300 items for disposal options.

CJSMA also provides sorting guides, information about upcoming Household Hazardous Waste events, FAQs, and information about provincial solid waste programs available to residents.

For more information about Solid Waste Collection Schedules and Routes in your community, please visit 
Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority.
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