October 2020 is Dyslexia Awareness Month in Colorado and beyond!

Want To Be A Part Of The Awareness Effort?
Pick 1 or more of the 5 ideas below:

Post about dyslexia on your social media accounts! Let others know about this incredibly common but misunderstood learning difference. One option - download this wonderful Ruth Bader Ginsburg graphic from DenCOKID!

Visit the IDA's Dyslexia Success Stories and share them with your friends and family!

Visit this great COKID list of LOCAL DYSLEXIA PARENT SUPPORT & ADVOCACY GROUPS IN COLORADO to get in touch with groups in your area!

Mical | Official Film Site: Based on an inspiring true story of a mother's journey in fulfilling her son's true potential in spite of his dyslexia. (2020)

The Big Picture, Rethinking Dyslexia: The myths, the stigmas, the truths, revealed. A Film by James Redford. (2012). Click Here to Preview the Film, or Rent it on Prime Video.

Being You: A Road Trip Nation documentary follows 3 teens with learning and attention issues as the travel cross country in search of answers and advice. (2001)

Embracing Dyslexia: In an attempt to put more eyes on dyslexia, Luis Macias made this thought-provoking documentary after learning about his son’s diagnosis. (2013)

Children of the Code: Free online video collections for educators and families.
3. Attend the IDA 2020 Virtual Conference! If you are an IDA-RMB Member, we have scholarships!
Want to attend the IDA 2020 Virtual Conference, but need a little help?
IDA-RMB members: We have a few partial Standard Registration Scholarships available for the IDA 2020 Virtual Conference on November 13th-14th.

Graduate Students and Postdocs: IDA is offering 50 registrations for grad and postdoc students doing research in reading and dyslexia! First come first serve, so Click Here to fill out the form.

Not an IDA-RMB Member or a Grad Student?
IDA has a special rate for Families! Only $79 for access to all advocacy, community and family track sessions. Todos las sesiones serán disponible en ¡ESPAÑOL! Click Here to Learn More!

4. Celebrate Your Loved Ones with Dyslexia!

Take the time to give an extra hug (virtual if needed) or a special note to someone you know whose life is impacted by dyslexia!

One of the greatest gifts we can give each other is support and understanding!

As always, please let us know if you have questions or need support by sending us an email at ida_rmb@yahoo.com!
We hope you and yours are staying healthy and safe!

The Rocky Mountain Branch of the International Dyslexia Association

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