October 2020
It's cold and flu season...
In addition to the threat of COVID-19, it is also cold and flu season. We understand that it is tempting to pop by the Library when you or a family member are feeling under the weather to get books, puzzles, or a comforting movie.

But, we ask that for the safety of our staff and our patrons, that you NOT visit the library if you or a family member are ill or feel like you're coming down with something, even if your symptoms don't resemble COVID-19. Cold, flu, strep, and stomach bug germs can be just as contagious.

Thank you so much.
ComCat is back!
The Commonwealth Catalog, a catalog of public and academic libraries statewide, will be back online starting Monday, September 21st for most libraries. When you can't find what you're looking for in the CLAMS catalog, your next step would be to check ComCat, and place an order for the item to be delivered to your home library. Library users can start doing that again on the 21st.

To search ComCat, visit the website HERE.
Jewelry Sale and Pop-Up Indoor Yard Sale
Donations to the jewelry sale are welcomed, including all types of jewelry, accessories, scarves, purses, bags, and more.

In addition to the jewelry sale, we are offering decorative and household items for sale in our Indoor Pop-Up Yard Sale. We are accepting donations of small decorative items, housewares, pottery, kitchenware, and more. PLEASE:
  • Items must be in good condition, free of chips, cracks, or stains.
  • No plastic items.
  • No sets of dishes.
  • No appliances or electronics.
For more information, contact Lucy at 508-362-6636 or sturgislibrary@comcast.net.
Now accepting book donations
You may call us to make an appointment to bring donations to the Library. We ask that you:
  • Call in advance at 508-362-6636.
  • Limit donations to no more than 4 boxes at a time.
  • Only donate items that are in really good condition.
  • Please do not donate outdated items like investing books, computer books, travel guides, textbooks, medical books and other topics that quickly become obsolete.
  • No encyclopedias or multi-volume sets like Time-Life books.
  • Books should be clean and free of mildew or stains.
  • We also accept movies on DVD, puzzles, games, and music CDs.
  • Please do not leave book donations outside of the library building. Also, please do not place them in the book drop.
Conservation and the Environment with the Barnstable Land Trust and the Barnstable Clean Water Coalition

Thursday Sept. 24th, 2020 @6:30PM
via ZOOM

Join Sturgis Library for a discussion on the environmental impacts of conservation. We will be speaking with Janet Milkman and Zenas Crocker on the science behind the practice, what is being done locally and globally, and how you can be a part! This program will take place Via ZOOM.

Email sturgisreference@comcast.net to sign up.

This program is part of CREW’s 2020 Climate Prep Week.

Adult Story Time With...
Talking Horror with Danielle Trussoni, Paul Tremblay, Alma Katsu, and Victor LaValle
Wednesday, October 21st at 6:30 PM via ZOOM
Join us as we discuss the current state of horror fiction, the craft of writing horror, and everything in between with four of the genre's most well respected authors. A Q and A will follow. To sign up, email SturgisRefernce@comcast.net.


Books will be available for purchase digitally through local vendors.

Email SturgisReference@comcast.net to sign up!
Hell: A Tour
Guided by Gregory Williams
Tuesday October 27th at 6 PM via ZOOM
Not a review of 2020 so far, but a look at a few of the changing landscapes of Hell through the ages (it's not just fire )--and of the activities of some of its populace. . . .

Space is LIMITED.

Please email SturgisReference@comcast.net to sign up!
Flash Fiction Writing Class
November 2nd, 10th, 17th, and 24th at 6 PM
Are you interested in learning how to write fiction(VIA ZOOM)? Would you like to expand the writing skills you already have? Join us for a free 4 week writing class where you'll learn about writing Flash Fiction (stories told under 1000 words). Topics such as Form, Voice, Plot, Character Development, and Publishing will be discussed. (ages 16 and up)

Thanks to a generous grant from The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, the class will be taught by our assistant director, Corey Farrenkopf, along with phenomenal writers/editors KL Pereira, Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice, and Jeremy John Parker.

Our first class will be on Flash 101: everything you need to know about getting into flash fiction and generating ideas. It will be taught by Corey Farrenkopf.

Our second class will deal with Structure and will be taught by KL Pereira.

Our third class will be on the Do's Not Don'ts with Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice.

Our final class will be on Character development with Jeremy John Parker.

To sign up, email us at SturgisReference@Comcast.net. There are limited (Digital) seats available.
Letters About Literature
A Program for Massachusetts Center for the Book

For more than twenty years, Massachusetts Center for the Book has invited students from Grades 4 to 12 to write letters to authors about works that have made an impact on them. There may be a personal connection to the theme of the books or -- this year -- students may have found a welcome insight into (or diversion from) the disruptions through which we are currently living.

Eligibility and Submissions
  • Letters About Literature in Massachusetts is open to residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (Students who attend school in Massachusetts will be considered residents in this program.)
  • Students must be in Grades 4 to 12 (or their homeschool equivalents) during the 2020-21 school year.
  • Entries will be accepted online and in hardcopy beginning October 1, 2020.
  • Submissions close on January 15, 2021.

The Entry Form, along with all submission instructions, will be available on
October 1, 2020, at the following address:

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at letters@massbook.org or 617.872.3718.

Mail for Lady Puddles

Lady Puddles, our beautiful beta fish, LOVES getting letters and illustrations from Library visitors! Write her a letter, draw her a picture, or do both!

Show Lady Puddles your creation then slip it in her mailbox located in the children's room!

Letters and illustrations for Lady Puddles can be....
  • brought into the library
  • emailed to Christy at sturgiskids@comcast.net
  • mailed to
Sturgis Library
PO Box 606
Barnstable, MA

All mail for Lady Puddles will be put in her special scrapbook!
The Poetree

Visit Sturgis Library's new friend, The Poetree, located near the stairs in the library's front lawn!
Every Wednesday, The Poetree will post a special poem that can be read and enjoyed all week long! After one week, a new poem will be posted! This will continue throughout the Fall season!
Every Wednesday a simple craft will be available for kiddos to take home as well as a copy of the poem.
The poem will be posted all week but to-go crafts are only available on Wednesdays from 10:00am until 3:00pm.
Autumn Leaf Challenge
September 22, 2020

Autumn leaves will soon be swirling to the ground and we challenge kiddos to get outdoors and find as many colorful leaves as they can! Check off each color on our checklist and earn a Leaf Badge! Swing by the children's room bulletin board and pick up a checklist beginning September 22!

Completed leaf checklists can be....
  • brought into the library
  • emailed to Christy at sturgiskids@comcast.net
  • mailed to
Sturgis Library
PO Box 606
Barnstable, MA
Sturgis Library's Mini Pumpkin Patch
Beginning October 1st

Come by the children's room at Sturgis Library and pick out your very own mini pumpkin to take home with you! Pumpkins will be available (and free) for the taking while they last so be sure to scoop yours up before it's too late!
The Sprightly, Bright Book Club

Are you between the ages of 8ish to 10ish years old? Do you like (or love!) to read? If you answered yes to these questions, then The Sprightly Bright Book Club is the place for you!

Let's choose, read, and discuss books together!

Our first book will be
The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.

The discussion will take place virtually via Zoom mid-October.

Registration is required!
For more information and to register, please email Christy at sturgiskids@comcast.net 
We Need Tiny Books for Sturgis Library's Tiny Bookcase
The British Library is calling on children to write their own small books (about the size of a postage stamp), and Sturgis Library likes the idea so much, we want to do it, too! We invite children and adults to help us stock our tiny bookcase!

We can't wait to see the tiny books you create! It can be whatever you like-- a bedtime story, a factual book, a comic-style graphic novel, a recipe book, a sketchbook, or any other type of book!

We understand if you fall in love with your tiny book and want to keep it but if you’re able to part with your creation, we would LOVE to place your tiny book in our tiny bookcase at the library. You can bring your tiny book into the library or you can mail your tiny book to:

Sturgis Library
Attention: Tiny Bookshelf
PO Box 606
Barnstable, MA

In addition to being displayed on our tiny bookcase, your tiny book could be featured on the library's social media pages!
There is no deadline for tiny book creation donations!
Art at Sturgis

Antonia Cook will be displaying her work in the Simpkins Room this month. All of Antonia Cook's portraits were drawn in Cape Cod model sessions. These model sessions are held in various art centers and private studios and are open to all artists.
Please donate today
Sturgis Library has had to cancel three of our annual fundraising events due to the COVID-19 closure -- our spring Library Gathering, our Jewelry Sale, and our annual Plant and Garden Sale. We are unsure if we will have to cancel our fall fundraising events as well. In addition to the cancellations, we have lost the revenue from our Book Shop, which represents a substantial loss of income for us.

Sturgis Library is an independent nonprofit organization, not a Town department. We received only 40% of our funding from the Town of Barnstable in FY2020, and we have learned that our Town funding will be reduced in FY2021.

If you've never donated to the Library before, please consider making a donation now. And if you have donated already, please consider an additional donation to ensure that we can continue to provide quality service to he community.

Thank you so much.
Sturgis Library
3090 Main Street P.O. Box 606
Barnstable, MA 02630