I was a stranger and you invited me in..." 
Matthew 25:35 NIV
November Events
Tribute Corner

In Memory of
Sarah Meier

Don't know what to get your family or friends for the holidays? Make a donation in their name and we will send them a Tribute Card informing them of your gift.
Friends of NATH

Katie Specht

1. How did you get involved with NATH?

I applied for the Administrative Assistant position. I had recently moved back from IL and thought this would be a great fit for me.

2.What made you choose NATH?

I chose to become part of the team to further help our community and the great staff members and wonderful volunteers!

3.How long have you been involved with NATH?

I have been involved with NATH now for a year!
4.What is your favorite memory with NATH? 

I love all of the events, but I do have to say that working the Hodag Farmers Market with my mother was my favorite memory! I can't wait to make more memories with the NATH team!
Partner Corner
No Shave November

WJWF anchor Peter Dubois aired this story Monday, November 2nd.

Many people in need rely on the Northwoods Alliance for Temporary Housing, or NATH, for a warm place to sleep.

It's free for people to stay, but not free for NATH to house them. It costs $50 to house one person for a day. NATH has historically been able to cover these costs using in-person fundraisers. But because of the coronavirus, fundraising has dramatically decreased.

In response to that shortfall, WJFW has partnered with NATH to raise some extra money. Anchors Peter Dubois and Dan Hagen will participate in "No Shave November" until their goal of $700 has been raised. WJFW has offered to match all donations up to $700 as well, putting the station in a position to support someone's stay for an entire month. If you are interested in participating in the "No Shave November fundraiser or providing matching funds please contact Peter at WJFW or Tammy Modic at Frederick Place.

Once the money has been raised, Dan and Peter will shave off their scruff! Please consider donating this month!
Sweetwater Chili Sales
During the month of October, Sweetwater Spirits and Resort donated $2 to NATH - Frederick Place for every bowl of chili that was ordered. Here is the post from their Facebook Page on Sunday, November 1st.

"Want to thank everyone that stopped by this past month and purchased some of our great homemade chili. Because of all the great customers we have we were able to raise $246 for the NATH/Fredrick's place organization from chili sales!! We also had a few people donate directly to the organization totaling $60 and us at Sweetwater would like to help out as well by rounding the donation up to a total of $450 to NATH organization. Thank you to this great community that we are so fortunate to be a part of!"

Thank you Sweetwater and its customers for partnering with NATH - Frederick Place

The Rhinelander Cafe & Pub and the community raised $750 for NATH - Frederick Place. They donated 20% of their sales when NATH Friends mentioned us during the ordering process.
Thank You
Rhinelander Cafe & Pub and our amazing community.
Executive Director Corner
Tammy Modic
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1000 give $100 Annual Appeal

Earlier in October NATH - Frederick Place sent out its Annual Appeal letter to our partners. We would like to thank Trigs Postal Express for their help with the folding of the letters. This made the project so much smother.

About NATH - Frederick Place
NATH is committed to ending and preventing homelessness. NATH owns and operates Frederick Place, a 16-bed emergency, temporary homeless shelter for families, men, and women.  Frederick Place opened its doors on January 31, 2011 with one resident that night and has never been empty. Seven hundred seventy-eight unduplicated individuals have called Frederick Place home during our nearly 10 years of operations.

Annual Operating Costs
The total cost to operate Frederick Place in 2020 is $289,637, which is approximately $50 per day, per resident which includes vital case management services. Your $100 donation and pledge to the next five years would help assure that we can keep the doors of Frederick Place open.  

What made 2020 different for NATH – Frederick Place?
  • We cancelled numerous in-person fundraising events: Brewer Bus, Harvest Hoedown, Summer Raffle, Culver’s and Dairy Queen Shares Nights, Budding Artists and Brat Sales
  • Sponsorships were less for the Bill Miller Memorial Golf Scramble and Ride for the Homeless
  • Our presence at multiple festivals in the five-county areas that we serve was non-existent

Why does NATH – Frederick Place need your help?
The need to provide emergency, temporary housing continues during the pandemic and into the future.

If you have supported us through any of these fundraising events or our annual appeal in the past, this year more than ever, we need your continued financial support.
Thank you for any contribution you can provide. Donations can be made online from our website: www.nathnorthwoods.com.

NATH Board of Directors
Past Events
Thank you to all who came to our last brat sale of the year!!

Your continued support is outstanding!
Faces of NATH
By Susan Statezny

I have been sitting here staring at a blank screen for what seems like hours. I know this not to be true because I have answered the doorbell 5 times in the last 25 minutes. I also know when I send this to my wonderful editor and pen pal at zero dark thirty hours, I will feel like what I have written is not good enough. I always say if I can feel it, Springsteen has written a song about it. Not this time. It is hard to find the words that truly describe what I feel in my heart, but I will give it a shot.

One week ago today, Jamie told me her husband had accepted a position in Arkansas, and they were moving. One week ago I thought, “Oh. Well, ok. We will keep in touch.” Tonight I relieved her, and it became real. Although we only see each other once a week, we know we are there for each other. We just “get” each other. I know we can and will keep in touch, but it will be different. I apologize for starting this out on such a selfish note. I do not mean to diminish their joy by going on about my sorrow, but Jamie’s departure is a huge loss for all of us and for future residents. I truly am thrilled for Jamie and her family. It is next to impossible not to feel her excitement, because it is all she exudes when talking about or shares pictures of their new home. This is especially palpable when she talks about her daughter Maddie’s elation at the prospect of having her very own bathroom. Every detail she shares makes me happy for her because I love her, and her happiness is important to me.

I do not remember the exact moment when Jamie became one of my closest confidants. I do know that from the first time I met her in December of 2015, I knew she was somebody I could count on and trust. I cannot explain it – it’s just sort of a sixth sense. I do believe others and otherworldly individuals felt Jamie could be trusted with anything as well. Otherworldly, of course, would refer to our Emma, Frederick Place’s resident spirit. We’ve both heard our names called while in the basement, watched lights go on and off for no apparent reason, and when sitting quietly in the office, have witnessed file cabinet doors slowly open. Those are little occurrences we just shrug off. Jamie has had a few encounters that are hard to shrug off. One night she glanced at the camera monitor and watched a single curtain being pulled away from the window as if someone were waiting for a ride to arrive. Jamie also has the honor of being the only one to see an apparition of Emma. I remember that encounter well because Jamie called me. I could tell by her voice she had seen something that really unnerved her. She explained that she had walked through the Gathering Room and was suddenly compelled to look towards the couch. Much to her surprise, she swore she saw a silhouette of Emma sitting on the couch. Her hair matched a picture of Emma we have in the office. Since that happened, I cannot walk through the darkness of the Gathering Room without turning my head to the right, looking towards the couch. However, I have never caught a glimpse of Emma. Perhaps that will change once her favorite person is no longer here. I hope she goes easy on me. If not, I can always call Jamie to calm my nerves.
I would be remiss if I did not share the story behind this picture. Jamie has done so much and helped so many, but I have to be honest, she will forever be remembered as the one who sent the staff keys on a journey to the great unknown via the black hole that is the toilet. Jamie and a resident tried in vain to retrieve them, as did our “go-to” handyman, Jim Barnes. Where they ended up nobody knows. This incident prompted me to create the “Jamie’s Anti-Flush Device.” I have a feeling this story will join the ranks of Becca flinging garbage bags out the dorm door; a Frederick Place legend passed on to future generations of employees.

Jamie and I have a penchant for saying “I’m sorry” way too often for things we do not need to be sorry about. It is a curse. We cannot help ourselves. About a month ago I was sharing a story about a friend of mine who had to put a quarter in a jar every time she used a curse word. Having to pay a jar sure curbed her swearing. So, I decided to see if that would put an end to our habit. I found a mason jar and labeled it The Sorry Jar. So far it has not stopped the words from escaping my lips, but it sure has caused some laughter as it has gotten bigger than just Jamie and me. Becca has also gotten in on it. I prepay it, and I even received a reply to one of my “I’m sorry emails” from Tammy that began with, “You owe the sorry jar. . .” Something tells me the jar is here to stay.

Jamie, thank you for all the chats, especially ones you stayed late for because one of us needed the other. Thank you for the secrets you have kept and the trust you have had in me. I will forever be grateful for all the times you have covered shifts for me either with plenty of notice or last minute. Thanks for always taking care of me - especially when my stubbornness kicked in the way it did the day you threatened to call Becca and then did. I do not know if I ever told you that you were right. I did need to go to the ER. Thank you. I will miss you, your laugh, the conversations we have with our eyes. I am really going to miss your gut instincts that never seem to be wrong. I do not think you know how much I have relied on you for that and so many other things. I wish you an uneventful journey, happiness, laughter, and love in your new home.  I promise I will never quit saying “I’m sorry” so the fund can grow big enough for Becca and me to hop in her red Volkswagen Bug, pretend we are Thelma and Louise (minus going off a cliff), and come visit you. I think you know that is a promise I can keep.
Wish List
Meal Providers
Meals Needed
Ever ask how you can help? Become a meal provider for the residents of Frederick Place. There are multiple ways that this can happen.

  1. You can make the meal at home, or pick up something from a local eatery and deliver it to Frederick Place.
  2. You can drop off ingredients for a meal and either staff or residents can cook the meal for the evening meal.
  3. You can bring the ingredients and cook the meal at Frederick Place and then stay and eat dinner with them.

We will call you the week prior to let you know how many residents we currently have at the house and if there are any known allergies. You will normally be cooking for approximately 16 residents and 1 staff member. You can make whatever you would like to make, we ask that you also bring a gallon of milk for dinner as well.
We have changed the way we are having people sign up and will begin to utilize Sign Up Genius for this volunteer endeavor as well. You will find the calendar below, marked with symbols that represent days that need meals. Sign Up Genius with the most updated calendar. If you would like to help out, click on the button below and find a date that will work for you and sign up to bring a meal. It is a way to bless many with one simple act of kindness.
Ways to Support NATH
Bag Sales

These two sided book bags measure 15" wide by 15.5" tall and have been donated to NATH - Frederick Place by a "Friend of NATH". Supply is limited.

We are also in the process of having "grocery bags" created with the same logos that will be larger and have a wider bottom. Please watch for those on sale soon.

These sales will help us raise some of the money we have lost from our missed fundraisers.
Help us reach our goal of 2020 "Likes" in 2020 by sharing or inviting your Facebook Friends to like the Frederick Place Facebook Page!!!

Our Facebook page is a great way to stay connected.
Kwik Trip cards available at Frederick Place - 204 W Frederick St Rhinelander