October 2020
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ACT's monthly newsletter for members, partners, and other service providers is now provided in electronic format only. This newsletter provides updates and information on ACT's programs, staff, and upcoming events.
Fax Update
Please be aware that we are retiring our 860-951-4779 fax line for the ACT main office. For future faxing to the ACT main office, please use 860-761-6711. Faxes received on this line will be received on our server and rerouted to the intended recipient via our in-network email.
The New Haven Financial Empowerment Center, a program of the CT Association for Human Services (a division of ACT), helps local residents become financially stable through one-on-one financial counseling. Learn more at cahs.org/fec or contact Brenda Moore at 203-946-8523.
Thanks to all who supported this year's Virtual AIDS Walk. Due to the generosity of our sponsors: Gilead Sciences, Walgreens, Suzanne Joffray, Kenneth & Susan Rubenstein, Joe & Sandy Weicher, and our Top Fundraiser: Margery May, we exceeded our fundraising goal!
10/13 - HIV in the Transgender Community (CMTI)
10/15 - CQI Committee Meeting
10/18 - Greater Hartford TGA Case Manager Meeting
10/29 - Understanding the Supportive Housing Acuity Index: HIV Specific Version (CMTI)
October 15, 2020
Coordinated by the Latino Commission on AIDS, National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) is observed each year on October 15 to increase awareness of the impact of HIV on the Hispanic/ Latino population in the United States.