CCEI October 2020 Newsletter
It is said that every culture in the world uses storytelling as a way of passing down wisdom and history to younger generations. Before there was written language, before scrolls and books, people used storytelling to share ideas and values with other members of the community. Storytelling is magical for children. It opens the doors to new worlds and helps children understand their heritage and traditions. Learn More
Developmental Benefits of Storytelling
Storytelling Materials
Story Acting
Director’s Corner
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Which of the following describes your program’s use of storytelling and story acting?
A. Formal storytelling and story acting are consistently in our routine
B. We have multiple storytelling materials available for children to explore
C. Children storytell in learning centers, but it is not part of the curriculum
CCEI Poll Results: September 2020 Newsletter
In my program, prosocial behaviors are:

A. Introduced through a specific socials skills curriculum - 52 responses or 34%
B. Integrated throughout the curriculum we use - 32 responses or 21%
C. Addressed through daily interactions and incidents - 29 responses or 19%
D. Practiced through a combination of the above options - 41 responses or 26%

Total: 154 responses
CCEI Student Spotlight
Jennifer Bell
Bullard, Texas
Earlier this year, I was offered the opportunity to be our center’s director. The State of Texas requires a Director's License for this position, so my Executive Director recommended ChildCare Education Institute to me. The certification course was very easy to navigate, and the subject material kept my attention.  I would recommend CCEI for any level of continued education. My Education Coach was always encouraging and motivating me.

Social Stories | CCEI

Social Stories are tools that are often used with children and adults who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These stories are written in a manner that safely and simply teaches children how to navigate challenging...

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