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October 2020 Edition
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Bermuda Zoological Society wins a Significant Achievement Award
Halloween Oscar Mayer Drive Through Event!
2020 BZS Steinhoff & Pye Scholarship Recipients
BZS Virtual Lecture: Bird and Wildlife Photography in Bermuda
Silver Haired Bat Rescue
Bermuda Zoological Society wins a Significant Achievement Award from AZA
The Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS) is proud to be the recipient of a Significant Achievement Award from the 2020 Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Honors and Awards Committee for the submission of 'Trunk Island – ‘The Living Classroom’”.

The AZA recognized the achievements of over 20 member facilities in the fields of conservation, education, research, exhibit design, marketing, diversity, research, and volunteer engagement during the 2020 Virtual AZA Annual Conference this September.

“In these unprecedented times, I am glad we could convene and honor the outstanding achievements of the distinguished leaders in our profession,” said AZA President and CEO, Dan Ashe. “Their contributions and mentorship have inspired all within the accredited zoo and aquarium community to advance AZA’s mission of creating a world where all people respect, value, and conserve wildlife and wild places.”
The success of volunteer engagement is measured by the hours given to these projects by volunteers, and last year BZS volunteers gave a total of 5,024 hours; 2,764 Volunteered Hours from 689 Individual/Community Volunteers and 2,260 Volunteered Hours from 472 Corporate Volunteers.

“We are proud of the hours given by our volunteers, our Weekend Warriors and our Corporate Donors and Members,” said BZS Volunteer Officer, Joanne Chisnall. “A restoration plan that was projected to take many, many years is 50 per cent completed.”
The goal for Trunk Island is to restore it to its original state and to create a “Living Classroom” by eradicating invasive flora and planting endemics, including reforesting the island with the Bermuda Cedar tree. To reach this goal our BZS volunteers have touched every area of the restoration of Trunk Island; from being part of the management and planning team, to being completely hands-on through reforesting, invasive plant removal, chipping of removed plants, and other conservation-based activities. Volunteers also aided in the transformation of an island cottage into a functional classroom. 
Proceeds from this event will support education and conservation at the Bermuda Zoological Society.
2020 BZS Steinhoff & Pye Scholarship Recipients
Freyja Kermode
Alfred "Trey" Maybury
Jessica Godfrey
The Bermuda Zoological Society announced the recipients of the 2020 BZS Steinhoff Scholarship and the Pye Scholarship. The three student recipients were selected based upon their interest and commitment to protecting the environment, together with accomplishments in the areas of academic achievement.
This year Freyja Kermode was awarded a BZS Steinhoff Scholarship with additional support from the Pye Scholarship, and Alfred “Trey” Maybury and Jessica Godfrey were additional recipients of the BZS Steinhoff scholarship.
“I am very pleased with our choice in recipients this year. They will make excellent future stewards of our environment,” said Robert Steinhoff, former BZS president, and founder of the BZS Steinhoff scholarship. “I wish all of the recipients success in their future studies and in achieving their career goals.” Mr. Steinhoff established the scholarship in 2009 to provide educational opportunities for Bermudian students pursuing degrees in the environmental sciences at accredited institutions.
The Pye Scholarship, granted in memory of John and Karen Pye, is normally awarded in the form of financial support for a summer internship at BAMZ for either a Canadian or Bermudian student. However, the committee decided to award the monies to assist a Bermudian Student with their overseas expenses and fees, in conjunction with the BZS Steinhoff Scholarship.
Freyja Kermode is currently studying online in her 3rd year of a 4-year programme to earn a Master’s in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. Her plan is to return to Bermuda and teach the next generation about ocean conservation through outreach programmes to schools across the island. “The financial support from the Steinhoff family, the Pye family and BZS means that I can continue my academic career,” said Ms. Kermode. “I am very thankful to be awarded this scholarship, as it makes my university experience possible!”
Alfred “Trey” Maybury is currently a Senior Animal Science major and Spanish minor studying at the University of Maryland, College Park. “It is my hope that after I graduate, I will go on to complete veterinary school and return to the island to practice”, said Mr. Maybury. “I would like to sincerely thank the BZS Steinhoff Scholarship committee for selecting me as a recipient and look forward to continuing my studies with the help of this award.”
Jessica Godfrey is currently studying a Master’s in Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. “I am extremely grateful to be awarded the BZS Steinhoff Scholarship, in order to pursue my studies and help further my career’, said Ms. Godfrey. “In the future I hope to pursue a career in Marine Biotechnology. I will use the knowledge I gain from my Master’s and apply it to marine diseases, in order to gain a greater understanding of diseases that affect the coral reefs around Bermuda.”
“We greatly appreciate the work of the Steinhoff Family and the Pye Family, and their support of environmental education”, said Colin Brown, President of the Bermuda Zoological Society. “Without them these scholarships would not exist nor the opportunity to assist scholars who are dedicating their post-secondary education to environmental causes. All three of our recipients this year are exceptional and impressed the scholarship committee in their academic excellence and perseverance towards their goals. We wish them every success in their coming year.”
Silver Haired Bat Rescue
On Friday, 9th October a former BZS board member Ralph Richardson contacted the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo as he had discovered a bat at his residence.

It was collected by BAMZ Animal Care and Quarantine Officer, Roma Hayward, and once it arrived at the facility it was immediately assessed for any injuries. After careful inspection, no injuries were detected.

The bat was identified as a Silver haired bat. This bat species is usually found in Bermuda during their spring and fall migrations, from August to November and April to June. They are not thought to be resident here, just passing through. They are a North American migratory species that usually overwinter in the southern USA or Mexico. It was assumed that it likely got blown off course during its migration and ended up in Bermuda. They are not known to overwinter here.
The bat was given sugar water for energy and hydration. She was also fed mealworms which she ate voraciously - a few dozen! The staff who cared for the bat at BAMZ believe it was a female, and she was held overnight for observation.

The following morning was reassessed by our vets and given breakfast and lunch. In the evening Curator of the Aquarium and Zoo, Patrick Talbot, then released the bat at a marsh where ‘bat boxes’ are located. These are boxes where bats can roost in relative safety should they choose. 

To see a video on the bat's rescue and rehabilitation at BAMZ, please click here.
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