Group Life Insurance: why you should always offer it
Group life insurance is extremely affordable and easy to obtain. 

Offering life insurance to your employees not only extends a courtesy to their loved ones, it can often be the only coverage an employee can or will access. Group Life is affordable, rarely underwritten, easy to implement, and is a welcome addition to any benefits package. 

Help your employees access affordable life insurance this year. 

Ask your Advisor about it today.

Employee Changes?
For the sake of compliance, we require all employers to send us a list of new hires and terminations as they happen. 

The continued accuracy of your company census is important, as it allows for timely enrollments and terminations and helps you avoid complex payroll changes and billing issues. 

Along with sending you the emailed or faxed monthly update request, we have created a simple form that you can fill out and send to us as changes happen, rather than waiting for us to request them. 

To view and save the form please 

*Be sure to save the link as a favorite so that you can update us any time you have changes. 

No time for the form? You can also email Belinda with your changes. Be sure to include hire date and salary information, or termination date. 

Questions? Call us at 740-363-5433
Renewal Strategies
Many of our clients have January renewals. If you do, you'll be hearing from us soon.  

We don't just renew and move on - we analyze and shop each renewal to make sure you have a plan that fits all of your needs. 

We start early - as soon as your renewal comes in, we review it and send it your way.  Next we verify your company census and discuss your options if you need a change. 

Some of those ideas can include: 
  • changing plan design
  • shopping new carriers
  • looking at underwritten or self-funded options
  • implementing a new contribution structure
  • raising deductibles 
  • covering deductible raises with a gap plan
  • adding ancillary benefits to enhance the package

We realize that your company's needs will evolve, and we are here to serve you year round, not just at renewal. If you need to make changes at any time, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Need to schedule a consultation now?

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Monthly Tip! 
Let us help! 

Many of our employer groups are small businesses with little or no internal HR resources. We can help connect you with resources, meet with your new hires and explain benefits, and run open enrollment meetings for you. 

Need something you aren't sure we do? Just ask. We can custom fit a solution or point you in the right direction. Your Advisor is more than an insurance agent; use them as a resource.

We are all here for you!
Spotlight: Allstate Voluntary Accident Plans
Today active lifestyles on or off the job may result in bumps, bruises and sometimes breaks. Getting the right treatment can be vital to recovery, but it can also be expensive, especially if your employees have a high deductible plan. 

And if an accident keeps them away from work during recovery, the financial worries can grow quickly. Accident plans pick up where other coverage leaves off and provide cash to help cover the expenses.

With Allstate Voluntary Accident plans, you can offer your employees peace of mind. 

Talk to your Advisor for more information on how to implement this great benefit! 

How Are We Doing?
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Jim Roesch, CEO and Chief Visionary Director