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October 2020 

October 21, 2020

This month has been huge for GEAR UP college readiness. Not only is October College Application Month, it's also FAFSA Completion Season! Because of this, we have been hard at work making sure our students are prepared when it comes to applying for college. 

Additionally, our social media drive is still underway, and we have begun to release a series of helpful videos on our YouTube channel for high school seniors and other GEAR UP students. 

Read more about all these exciting events and more below! Happy October!
College Readiness covid
We have released a wide variety of college readiness resources for our GEAR UP students this month, including College Corners, a College Information Booklet for seniors, and several YouTube videos aimed towards helping students apply to Nevada institutions. 

Last week marked the beginning of our weekly College Corners. For an introduction and explanation of the College Corners and our goals for students, see our Instagram post here

We are also proud to be sending out college information booklets to our high school seniors this month. Each booklet contains information on every NSHE institution, and encourages students to find a location, major, and school that they believe fits them best. 

Finally, our YouTube channel has been bustling with activity this month with the addition of our college application videos. Each video features an in-depth tutorial on how to apply to each NSHE institution, and are available for students to view at any time. To see the videos, click here
Social Media Drive grading

Our GEAR UP NV social media drive and swag giveaway is still underway, and we are excited to show new students what we have to offer. Be sure to follow @GEARUPNV on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, and Twitter to be the first to know about new events and videos (like this one filmed by Jana)!

Thank you!
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October Blog
GEAR UP First Year College Advisor at Great Basin College, Elizabeth Duryea is our featured blogger this month! Read her article here.
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Year 1 Final Performance Report
October 21
Year 1 FPRs are due to Janet Stake and Amanda Annan by October 21st. 
NCCEP National Conference
Request for Proposals
The request for proposals for the upcoming NCCEP National Conference is open. Submissions are due by December 16th. See more information here.
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