Greetings Westminster Member,
Stewardship 2021

Worship in October will be centered around the question, How do we as people of faith respond to the difficulties of life? Because, let’s be honest, 2020 has been full of them. But it might be of comfort to remember that hardship is not a new thing for people of faith (or anyone for that matter), and there is a lot of wisdom we can glean by examining how Christians of the past faced and got through their troubles. Together we be looking at Paul’s 2nd letter to the church in Corinth and observe 4 ways of living faithfully in response to the many challenges life is and always has sent our way. After all, that is what stewardship is all about. Learning how to live as best we can with all we have through whatever we encounter.

How do we respond?
               In JOY    (2 Cor. 6)
              Through SUPPORT    (2 Cor. 1)
               With GRATITUDE    (2 Cor. 8-9)
               In HOPE    (2 Cor. 5)       

Grace and peace to you all,
Pastor Dan

Remember, you can join us in person by making reservations on the website or thru our Live Stream at
In late August, the Presbyterian Center in Louisville, KY, began lighting up the side of its building with various phrases in support of the black community and churches in our country. But these signs, which included the phrases "Black Lives Matter," and "Racism is Sin," did not sit well with everyone. For some, this was the latest example the PCUSA had crossed the line and gotten too political. To explain why our denomination felt it critical to engage on this issue they released a statement addressing various questions and feelings, including, 'Why not say 'All Lives Matter?,' 'Is the Presbyterian Church Affiliated with the Black Lives Matter Organization?', 'I cannot support everything the black lives matter organizations stands for,' and 'The Presbyterian Church is getting too political.'

A summarizing article with a link to the full statement can be found here:

But as we all know, this is not just an issue somewhere else. Like the national denomination, the youth in our congregation also wanted to show support for their friends and people of color in our community by posting, "Black Lives Matter" signs in the church's front yard. And like the backlash against the national denomination, not all in our church found this to be appropriate. Some even expressed concern that doing so is both too political and anti-police. After a lengthy discussion, our session has decided that they, as the leadership body, and we as a church, need to do some more discernment on this to better determine what our engagement on this and other social issues can be. As a place to start, we recommend reading the article mentioned above and joining with us as we prayerfully consider our church's response.

To be a part of further conversation, please contact pastor Dan ( or a session member (

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Dan and Westminster Session
New Pastor Search Process

At its September meeting, the Session took two actions related to the search process for a new Head of Staff following Pastor Tricia’s departure. The first action was to agree with the recommendation of the Presbytery to find a Transitional Pastor (we previously called these Interim Pastors) to serve during the search process. Session chose to create a Transitional Pastor Search Committee consisting of 5 members with 2 from Personnel, and one each from Christian Education, Finance and Worship & Music. Members serving in that capacity will be Harrison Cass, Margo Grimm, Amy Knoll and Charlie Lott. The final member had not been selected as of the Newsletter deadline. Thanks to those members for their willingness to serve.

Session’s second action was to ask the Nominating Committee to start the process of selecting a 7 member Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). The PNC will be made up of 2 current ruling elders and 5 members from the congregation at large. The Book of Order directs that the PNC be “representative of the whole congregation.” In order to assist the Nominating Committee in fulfilling its responsibility, any person who wishes to submit a recommendation as to potential PNC members is asked to forward suggestions to Karen Siler, Chair of Nominating at If you suggest a name other than your own, it is “best practice” to contact that person in advance to be certain they are willing to serve. When Nominating has a slate of 7 proposed members, a congregational meeting will be called to elect the PNC.

One question expected from the Congregation is “What is a projected timeline for these steps?” Session was advised by Presbytery that a Transitional Pastor search can take from 3-6 months and a Head of Staff search can take 18 months. Those timelines are obviously very general estimates. In the time until a Transitional Pastor can be found, Rev. Voigt will serve as Head of Staff and Moderator. Please keep Pastor Dan in your prayers as we ask him to assume more duties than one person can be expected to accomplish as this search process begins.

Gary Iversen, Clerk of Session
2nd Annual $7,000 Blessing

The Mission Committee is excited to once again announce The $7,000 Blessing. This special gift of $7,000 will be given to an organization in the Cedar Valley decided on by the congregation later this fall. You, yes YOU, get to help decide which Cedar Valley organization will receive this special gift. 

Why $7,000? A donation of $7,000 can accomplish a few things that smaller gifts might not accomplish. An organization can immediately consider larger endeavors, new programs, or expansion of services that they might not be able to consider, possibly coupled with other funds or matching gifts. This is an opportunity for our church to help a local organization make a larger impact!

Here’s how the process will work: anyone in our congregation can nominate any non-profit service agency or organization in the Cedar Valley. Pick up a nomination form from the main office or download the form from our website here: or directly from this email by clicking Here

Please submit all nominations by November 1. The Mission committee will then select three finalists and announce them ahead of the vote on Sunday, November 22.

Check out the Thank You below from last years recipient.
Christian Education

We look forward to starting our Christian Education year next Wednesday, October 7.

As a reminder, here are the highlights:
  • Wednesday Night Activities will start for all ages October 7th
  • Nursery care -5th grade will be in-person from 6-7pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
  • 3yr olds – 5th grade will have online classes on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.
  • 3yrs olds – kindergarten 5:30-6pm
  • 1st-2nd grade 6-6:30
  • 3rd-5th grade 6:30 – 7pm.
  • Adults and Youth will have in person classes every week.
  • There will be no Wednesday Night meal offered this year
  • Masks will be required and social distancing measures will be used.

Please note there will be no Sunday education options (except for confirmation)

If your children or youth are going to be participating please use this link to get them registered.
Come join a “3 - 2 - 1”

We are living in the COVID19 season of uncertainty and unrest. It is a perfect time to dig deeper into our faith and search scripture for answers on how to live in a time as this. Soo-Inn Tan wrote the 3-2-1 model for spiritual friendships in hopes to have small groups pause in their overcrowded schedules and focus on God and his work in our lives.

3-2-1 is a group of 3 people, meeting about 2 hours, 1 time a month. This meeting could be over lunch or coffee or also could meet via video conference if you are more comfortable with technology. In each meeting, the participants would share one joy and one struggle since the last meeting. Sharing snapshots of one’s soul helps bond the participants. Each group would choose their own faith-based discussion questions, or call the office for a handout.

Ideally, these meetings would center around food or coffee. Praying at the beginning of the meeting reminds us that indeed Christ is the “unseen guest at every meal and the silent listener to every conversation.”

Call a couple of your friends and get your “3-2-1” started. Experience the joy of sharing your faith and digging deeper into scripture for guidance to living through these times. You can also leave your contact info at the church office and we will make a group for you. Please register your group with the church office so we can send further communication and encouragement to you.

If you have any questions, please contact Dan at or Troyce at 319-240-8605
Pastor Appreciation

The month of October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Please take the time this month to say thank you to Pastor Dan for his guidance and commitment to God's work at Westminster. Remember Pastor Tricia with prayers of thanksgiving for her service to Westminster and prayers of blessing for her new church. We are blessed with a staff that does a tremendous job of keeping things running smoothly every day. 

Personnel Committee
Music Ministry

Worship Live Stream
You may notice some new technology around the sanctuary as you join us in worship - we have recently completed a live stream set up so we can record and share our worship services live each Sunday. Join us Sunday mornings from the comfort of your own couch! You can watch Sunday’s worship service with us live, or any time after by visiting As always our worship services are also saved to the Worship tab on our website.
How Can We Keep From Singing?
COVID has silenced our ensemble singing. We miss our Chancel Choir, Praise Team singers, LightShine, Messenger, and Mice choirs; and most of all we miss singing together in worship. While our voices are silent, our hearts sing on as Neal & Kristin Petersen have so graciously been willing to share their voices with us in Traditional Worship and Erica Rissi, our amazingly talented Youth Director, continues to lead us in song through our Contemporary Worship services. We can’t wait to come together again and raise our voices in song, but so appreciate the music that is being shared with us!
Meisteringers &
Children’s Percussion
Our masks are on, we’re 6 feet apart, but our hands are ringing! Wednesday nights a small group of Meisteringers are happily rehearsing and laughing together as we work to bring beautiful bell music to the traditional worship service! Our children’s music class on Wednesday will be filled with Boomwhackers, (pitched percussion tubes) chimes, and drums as we make music with our bodies and souls!

Patrick Marchant
Wes Pres Youth

We are having an awesome time getting back to our Wes Pres Wednesday programming! We are so happy to be together, in person, while learning how to have fun and stay wild in the safest way possible. We are meeting outside around bonfires and have even made it possible to have some silly competitions and intimate conversations.

We are currently in a series called, “The Roaring Twenties”, talking all about how this year has gone so far and how we can respond as disciples of Christ! We are challenging our students to find the good and to seek God in all that we do. Check out our social media platforms to keep updated on what our students are learning and how much fun we’re having.

If you would like to keep updated but do not have social media, we can add you to our monthly newsletter where we uplift all that God has been doing in our ministry and how excited we are for what is coming ahead. If you are interested in receiving our newsletter please reach out to me at anytime!

Erica Rissi - Jr. & Sr. High Youth Director
From a youth leaders’ perspective…

We are back in person for Wes Pres Youth Wednesday nights and we’ve had a lot of fun the first 2 weeks!!

The first night we went over our expectations and social distancing rules and played some fun games! It’s so great to be able to hang out with the youth again and catch up on what has been happening with them. Erica has done a great job in making our new outdoor space very welcoming and exciting for everyone.

Some of the fun has included bonfires, lessons, games, and S’mores making competitions! The kids are doing a great job with our “new normal rules” and participating in our crazy fun activities!!

Thank you to all of you parents for allowing your kids to be part of our lives. We love them and really enjoy spending time with them!

Dee Jordan
Women's Book Club

The Westminster Women's Book Club will meet Sunday, October 18 at 6:00 pm via Zoom. The book to read for that gathering is "How to be an Antiracist" by Ibram X. Kendi. This group is open to all women! Contact Sandy Lewis if you would like to join!
Card Ministry Class

This class will gather Thursday, November 12 from 1:30 - 3pm. The card ministry mission is to reach out to our church community, especially those unable to join us at church as an extension of Christ's love. We encourage any member to participate through monthly community cardmaking events, donating some unused cards or dollars for postage, or writing cards to members. School age and older welcome. Deadline to sign up is November 1.

Contact Bonnie Smith Davis at 230-2165, or Ann Northey at 269-9359, with your name, phone # and email to sign up. We will social distance and ask that you wear a mask.
Sunday Supper

Beginning Sunday, October 4, the area churches that support Sunday Supper will begin serving meals curbside from 5:00 - 5:30 pm at First Pres. We will be looking for weekly volunteers to pack food/those who move meals upstairs and a group to hand out meals. Volunteers will arrive at 4:30 and stay until clean up (probably ending at 6:00) Social distancing protocols will be used and masks will be worn. If you would be willing to help with this weekly mission, please contact Dee at or Jodi at and we will add you to our contact list. At this time, we only need 2 people per week. Thank you!
From the Finance Committee
Session Minutes

Click HERE to view the session minutes from September 22.
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