October 2020 

Since the launch of NPI in May 2019, we have seen great success in working with both new and underutilized partners. By September 30, the end of Fiscal Year 2020, USAID had formed 29 partnerships with nearly 60 organizations, valued at over $400 million. In addition, all of USAID’s Missions (overseas offices) completed action plans to demonstrate their commitment to working with new and underutilized partners. 

NPI will continue to play a pivotal role in diversifying the way USAID does business with its partners. With this goal in mind, we are creating resources to help current and new partners better understand how to work with us, including a new training module with USAID's guidelines for branding and marking and a "quick reference" guide for responding to a solicitation. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on our latest offerings!

Finally, we are proud to announce two new awards issued under NPI: a $10 million Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods award in Lebanon and a $60 million Empowered Youth Program award in Zambia. You’ll find additional details below, along with more news from NPI.
New Branding and Marking Video
The New Partnerships Initiative helps partners prepare to work with USAID. An essential ingredient for partnership success is branding and marking their USAID-funded programs and assets. Follow this “simple recipe” to learn more; we think you'll agree it's really a piece of cake!
Spotlight on NPI Approaches
Co-Creation Decoded: A Closer Look at the NPI Approach
The use of co-creation is an Agency Priority Goal—and it is central to our engagement with new partners. In this case study, read how the Ukraine Mission leveraged a co-creation workshop to build a solution to that country’s cyber security challenge. You’ll gain insight into the dynamics and the process, and learn more about ways that potential partners can introduce their expertise to the Agency.
One Year After NPI's First Awards: The Impact of Hope in Iraq
When people are in crisis, they cannot wait for the support they need. That's why USAID acted quickly in Iraq, speeding up the award process to award $4 million to six new local partners in less than five months. Through the perspectives of two new partners, read how these awards offer confidence, hope, and a vision for the future.
Better Health through NPI
USAID’s Bureau for Global Health recently awarded a $58.9 million cooperative agreement to Palladium Group. Through NPI EXPAND, Palladium will provide capacity building and mentoring to new and underutilized partners in multiple countries, and these partners will collectively receive 60 percent of the award. In this story, Palladium’s project director, Jeff Barnes, offers his thoughts about the challenges and opportunities of implementing this award. 
Incubator Corner
Putting NPI into Action
All 77 USAID Missions and overseas Operating Units have completed their two-year NPI Action Plans. These road maps, covering over 100 countries, will expand Agency engagement with new and local partners in numerous ways, particularly with an emphasis on co-creation. Through co-creation, Missions leverage the expertise and innovation of local partners and stakeholders as they work together to address development challenges. Read more about co-creation at USAID.

In FY21, Missions anticipate launching more than 500 NPI or NPI-aligned activities worldwide with nearly half incorporating co-creation into their design, a significant increase in the use of co-creation in just two years. (USAID aims to increase the use of co-creation in 10 percent of all Agency awards.) The Partnerships Incubator is undertaking a full review of all Action Plans for a forthcoming public report. 
Branding and Marking Training Module
We are pleased to present “Branding and Marking,” a new module in the How to Work with USAID training series. How should partners properly apply USAID branding and marking requirements? This self-paced module guides you through the following: 
  • The importance of branding and marking.
  • The guidelines for USAID’s visual identity.  
  • Branding regulations for different partners.
  • The approval process. 
New NPI Funding Opportunities
Deadline Extended - Religious & Ethnic Freedom & Inclusion in the Middle East
USAID’s Bureau for the Middle East is seeking concept papers to respond to the President’s Executive Order on Advancing International Religious Freedom. This solicitation aims to support local initiatives that will have a sustainable, long-term impact on marginalized religious and ethnic communities in affected areas of the Middle East and North Africa. Applications close on Wednesday, November 4.
NPI Award Announcements
Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods in Lebanon
Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods is a $10 million award in partnership with the René Mouawad Foundation. This five-year project will work with more than 100 municipalities in the North, Bekaa, South, and Mount Lebanon regions, using training, technical assistance, infrastructure rehabilitation, and marketing to improve livelihoods of more than 31,500 households (seven clusters with 15 municipalities in each and an average of 300 households per municipality); create 500 new jobs and sustain 1,000 others for beneficiaries involved and directly impacted by the project activities; and assist 2,500 individuals to develop income-generating activities.
Empowered Youth Programs in Zambia
USAID issued three separate awards to local partners, totaling $60 million, that are major contributors to our NPI and PEPFAR local partner goals. The goal of each activity is to mitigate the impact of HIV and improve the health and well-being of children and adolescents who are vulnerable to the effects. This is accomplished through the delivery of high-impact, evidence-informed, and age-appropriate interventions customized for each sub-group using family-centered approaches:
  • Catholic Medical Mission Board Zambia, a local faith-based organization, was awarded a $19.5 million cooperative agreement to implement USAID Empowered Youth Program I in the Copperbelt and north-western provinces. 
  • Project Concern Zambia, a local NGO, was awarded a $21.5 million cooperative agreement to implement USAID Empowered Youth Program II in the central and southern regions.
  • The Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia, a local NGO, was awarded a $19.5 million cooperative agreement to implement USAID Empowered Youth Program III in the Lusaka, eastern, and western provinces.
Through NPI, we've simplified the process of working with USAID. Applicants can submit a five-page concept note. From there, the Agency works hand in hand with the applicant.
What's a "new" partner or "underutilized" partner? Read how USAID's New Partnerships Initiative defines the terms that guide funding decisions.
USAID offers a host of resources available online for businesses and organizations that are new to working with the Agency. Click on the link above to access those resources.
Visit USAID.gov/NPI for the latest news and funding opportunities.