Wishing you all a healthy and beauty-filled Fall Season.
— Joe Paquet
New Work
Late Summer Bailey RD
Late Summer, Bailey RD -- 30"x40" -- $28,000
Late Summer Study
Late Summer, Bailey RD  (Study) -- 8¼"x10" -- $2,800
Searching for Purpose and Finding Meaning During the Pandemic

“It’s a good time to build inventory” I’ve heard a great many well-meaning folks say.

During the early days of Covid it was impossible for me to paint.
I felt harried, anxious and hollow.
Inventory was the last thing on my mind.

Painting seemed self-indulgent, silly and frankly of little importance in light of a pandemic. Like fiddling while Rome burned.

I needed to get outside myself and free myself from the persistent dread and fear mongering of the daily news and the dim prospects for our near future.

Checking-in with friends, spending more time with loved ones and a cold martini (or three) helped but was not enough.

In my heart I knew the answers lay outdoors, outside myself, my ego and I needed to stay there as long as it took to recalibrate.
Standing quietly in the same spot for days gave me entrée into nature’s rhythms, a primal remembrance of a natural order and a hint of universal grace.

The sense of peace I felt was not solely from the beauty or isolation, but from a more profound reminder of nature’s timeline for growth and renewal — so different from my own.

Nature is and has always been indifferent to the whims of human ego.
My small, anxious urgency “to figure things out” was slowly being replaced by a reframing of my view of time and trust in a universal, organic healing.

Though I am not yet there, I am on my way.
The world has always found its way of achieving equilibrium.
I need to trust in that.

If these paintings reflect that search for understanding and some greater meaning, then every minute spent with my brushes was worth it.

Third of July, Port Wing, Wisconsin -- 28"x40" -- $25,000
On The Waterfront, Red Hook -- 24"x30" -- $15,000
Hopper Car
Hopper Car -- 8¼"x10" -- $2,800
Catalina Island Conservancy
Wild Side Art Show & Sale

It's virtual this Year!
I have painted almost continuously on Catalina since 1997.
It has become a home away from home for me and because of all those years of study I have been able to go far deeper with my work.

The Conservancy has worked wonders to keep the island a pristine example of the original California. It’s your opportunity to put some beauty in your home a support a great cause too!

You can register at: for the online exhibit and sale or VIP Access!

Rooflines and Raking Light -- 8"x10" -- $4,000
First Rays, Cat Head -- 18"x24" -- $9,200
Morning Glow on Sumner -- 8"x12" -- $3,600
Will Richards Studio -- 8"x12" -- $3,500
Cottage by the Sea -- 8"x12" -- $3,400
Early Afternoon, Avalon -- 8"x12" -- $3,400
Fair Weather -- 8"x12" -- $3,400
Into the Sun - 8x12
Into the Sun -- 8"x12" -- $3,400
Luminous Afternoon, Ballast Point -- 8"x12" -- $3,400
Off Season, Avalon Harbor -- 8"x12" -- $3,400
Tanque Verde Workshop
MISA West - Tanque Verde Ranch
5-Day Plein Air Workshop, Tucson, Arizona
February 1sth - 5th, 2021 (Monday - Friday)

"Tanque Verde Ranch at the MISA-West Campus is an ideal winter destination workshop for plein-air painters. Get out of the cold and join me at this peaceful and phenomenal desert setting."

This Plein-Air workshop is for more advanced students and they will receive plenty of individual attention. Your week at the Ranch will be filled with some of the best plein air painting locations in the Southwest. The Ranch is nestled in the Rincon Mountains with unparalleled opportunities to capture historic Western architecture and iconic Southwestern landscapes.

The objective of this workshop is to improve the clarity of your intention before the painting begins and ultimately achieve a more artistic statement.

If you wish to take your work to the next level, this workshop is for you.

Madeline Island Workshop
5-Day Plein Air Workshop 
Aug 30th - Sept 3rd, 2021 (Monday - Friday)

This will be my eighth year teaching at Madeline Island School of the Arts.

This is a great destination workshop. There is plenty of variety to paint and the staff does an incredible job keeping you comfortable at the School. The facility is top notch.

This workshop will introduce you to the Prismatic Palette and its use in helping you capture the myriad light effects you are faced with when painting en plein air. Correct use of the Prismatic Palette will help you judge values, using warm and cool tones to bring things forward and to push things back, and to depict light and shade, and to describe the type and time of day.

The first day, I will lecture and paint a demo explaining my process. The rest of the week will be spent outdoors painting my favorite Island locations. Students can expect to paint two images daily — one in the morning, and another in the afternoon.

Key factors such as rhythmic-connected drawing, underpainting, creating a profound sense of atmosphere and effectively using greens will be discussed. I will work with you individually at your easel to address compositional and color issues, and will provide careful critique.

Note to students: Teaching is tailored to your level so all levels are welcome. My only requirement is that you enter the class humble to nature and open to new information.

Studio & Outdoor Drop-in Classes

Studio classes are temporarily on hold due to Covid.
I am offering Outdoor Drop-In classes this Fall and Early Winter.

If interested simply send me an e-mail with your phone number included and I can fill you in on details and availability.
Online Mentoring & Critique
There are slots open for Critique but currently Only One Slot Available for Online Mentoring.

If you wish to take some time and improve your skills and enhance your personal artistic vision during Covid — this is a great place to start.
Wishing you all safe passage and peace through these challenging days.
Rail, Stone and Steel -- 30"x24" -- $15,000