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October 2020 Newsletter
President's Message

No Fear and No Regrets

There are few men in history who have been tested in the way that Donald Trump has been tested. What began as an obsession with Trump the candidate has transformed into an all out campaign to destroy Trump the man. It is not only intolerable, it is un-American.

Before being sworn in as President, Trump was enjoying a successful life. He operated a construction business, renovated historic properties, planned and operated golf courses, and was highly successful in television. He was a regular in most celebrity circles, and received many accolades in the community. Like most risk takers, he made mistakes along the way, both business and personal. But, in the end, he managed to cultivate a successful business empire that he has shared with his family and he has promoted women all along the way.

Trump ran for President at a time when corruption was spreading throughout government, our military was in steep decline, our national debt was skyrocketing, and our leaders were getting rich as Americans were growing poor. For once we had an outsider unafraid to tell it like it is and put America first. When Trump won the election, American won. He has been fixing all that was broken, but there is much more work to be done.

If Trump can take the arrows, then you can put on a red hat, slap a bumper sticker on your car, put a sign in your yard, and V-O-T-E. Do not live your life in fear! Show your support for our President and be proud. He has kept his promises to you! He has been making America great again and for that he deserves our open support. We cannot wake up on November 4 with regrets. We have to do our part for our President and for America.

May God bless us all,
Bonnie Jackson
Featured Speaker
We are very excited about this month’s speaker:
Dr. Leo Valentín. He is running against Stephanie Murphy to take back CD7. Leo Valentín is part of a new generation of Republican leaders that will promote local economies, strengthen our communities, protect Floridians from an overbearing government, and ensure better opportunities for generations to come.

Terms Limits: Washington shouldn’t be about who has been there the longest or who has the most access. That’s why Leo will support term limit legislation when elected.

Supporting President Trump: Supporting President Trump, whether its lowering our taxes, strong national security or working to stop illegal immigration, Leo believes the Trump administration is creating a strong Florida and America and supports our President.

2nd Amendment: As a believer in our constitution, I support our 2nd amendment and the gun rights of the people of Florida. I believe that every American has a God-given right to protect one’s self and family.

Pro-Life: As a physician, a husband and father, Leo believes in the right to life and is a pro-life candidate.

Safety & Security: The thin blue line of police and other law enforcement agencies in our community and across the country serve and protect us all by upholding the rule of law.

Leo believes we deserve to live our lives safely and securely, without the threat of intimidation or personal harm. He will always stand with law enforcement and strive to advocate for and support legislation that champions the men and women that wear a badge.
Trump Event in Sanford
Join President Donald J. Trump at a
Make America Great Again Event

Mon, October 12, 2020
07:00 pm (EDT)
Doors Open: 04:00 pm

Orlando Sanford International Airport
2841 Flight Line Ave.
Sanford, FL 32773
Latinos for Trump Event
Latinos for Trump event on Saturday with Vice President Mike Pence
Get involved! Only 22 days left!

Stampede America is assembling a team of dedicated activists to deploy in battleground states to help the President win reelection. Now hiring Trump supporters to canvass door-to-door. $20 an hour. Full-time and part-time hours available.

Stampede America is a group of conservative activists across the nation who engage voters on important issues in local, state, and federal elections and government.
Note: Our meeting will be held at the Interlachen Country Club
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To RSVP and for reservations, please use this link:

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Pan Seared Salmon with Citrus Glaze
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