October, 2020!
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“October is the opal month of the year. It is the month of glory, of ripeness. It is the picture month.” Henry Ward Beecher.
October, 2020 | In this issue...
A mine of information...
Our lovely customers can be found all over the world.

Wherever you are, and whatever industrial pump requirements you may have, you will find us ready and willing to fulfil your wants and needs.

We recently shipped a 1 Tonne pump via air freight to an African Gold Mine.

The new pumps you buy from us are of course fairly glittering, especially the highly polished stainless-steel versions for food and beverages.
However, all machines, will deteriorate over time, and when you bring us your old pumps to refurbish we not only make them as mechanically and electrically new as possible, we make them look good too!
So do give us a call today and let us put some sparkle into your old pumps!
How to stay cool guaranteed!
If you are the person responsible for the chilled water pumps where you work, then this is the message for you!

As the weather begins to cool, and the air conditioning is turned off for this year, it’s time to get your chilled water pumps serviced.

Why not get your service booked in now while Summer is still a happy memory?

Don’t forget to book your service now.

Tel : (0) 1442 860000
The young and the old
Joe, our young apprentice workshop engineer, working on an old circulating pump for one of our top customers!

The benefits of repairing your old units at Cougar include

·       Free strip and report
·       Genuine parts wherever possible
·       12 months warranty on all of our work and parts
·       Performs as good as new
·       Looks as good as new
·       Fixed price repairs

or call +44 1442 860000

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Keeping London Health Centres up and running...
Cougar has been fortunate in securing servicing and replacement work for a number of London Health Centres.

In this case the existing pressurisation unit pump was seized, the ball float valve on the break tank stuck fast and the wiring within, a task for any Sudoku enthusiast to sort.

Just fours hours later, a replacement unit from stock was delivered to the site, installed commissioned and the site was up and running again.

LTHW, MTHW, HTHW or Chilled water systems, sealed or spill back!

We look forward to your enquiries.

Top marks for Leah!
Huge congratulations go to Leah who has just completed her first Applied Marketing exam, passing it with the highest mark, a distinction.

Good luck with your next two exams Leah and congratulations once again!
It's competition time again!
We would love to hear your interesting lockdown stories as we have all spent a lot more time than usual at home.
Have you acquired a new skill, have you baked something out of the ordinary or have you embraced a new exercise regime?

Whatever you have been up to, we would love you to share it with us.The most interesting story will feature in our next newsletter, and in addition, the selected winner will get the opportunity to choose from a FREE luxurious at home recipe kit or a Marks & Spencer gift voucher for your next food shop!

So get in touch with us today and let us know what you have been up to.

It is really easy to enter, just send your story, your name and email address to Ellena by clicking on the link below.

We look forward to hearing from you!.
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If you have a spare five minutes, why not take a look at our blog.

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Grill Phil!
“Phil, we recently changed an old belt drive circulator pump for a new glandless one, and it has failed very quickly. Any ideas why?”

One of the greatest risks in putting glandless circulators into old systems is that old systems are typically very dirty with a lot of accumulated rust and other muck sitting in the pipework.
Disturbing this settled accumulation with a new circulator is easy to do and because of the very fine tolerances in a glandless circulator this dirt can collect in the canned rotor.

This is especially true of iron products as the magnetic field in the motor attracts such particles. This build up can easily cause motor failure.

Our recommendation on fitting glandless circulators to old systems is to ensure the system is thoroughly cleaned and treated before running the new circulator.

If this cannot be ensured then fit a glanded circulator.

As to the failed pump, let us have it back and we will inspect it for you to determine the cause.
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