Thank you Manufacturers!

For those who do not know my background, before I started working at the Chamber, I worked at Schilling Graphics on the production line in the screen fab department right here in Galion, Ohio. I knew nothing about working in a “factory”… I learned from the best and I learned a process that is still near and dear to my heart that I love to tell people about today.

That is why is it important to me to recognize those who work every day in manufacturing, who are loyal and dedicated and take ownership of what they do. Who can look at the end product, no matter if it is a brass fitting, or a John Deere tractor part, or a printed screen for glass… and say “ I made this!” I had my hands in this process. I am proud of what I do right here in Crawford County Ohio!

This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Manufacturing Month will look different. While we cannot hold an in person event, we will still celebrate our community members that take pride in what they do every day. We would like to recognize those employees that go above and beyond every day. Whether it is the employee that has been there for 30 years, the employee that is dependable and has never been late, or the employee that has worked their way up from the production floor to an invaluable sales position. Their time and dedication is worthy of recognition.

If you know of an employee of a local manufacturer that you would like to recognize, please email me at We would love to recognize them on our social media accounts throughout October.

Also, if you know of a local manufacturer that has redirected their production lines to produce necessary PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic, please email me as well. It is necessary to get the story out about how our local businesses and community members have stepped up to help their neighbors during this difficult time.

Manufacturing Month Facts:

Ohio Manufacturing Day is held on the first Friday in October and the celebration continues throughout the month.

Manufacturing Month typically helps to highlight manufacturing careers by encouraging companies and learning institutions around the country to open their doors to students, parents, teachers and community leaders.

Over four million high-skill, high-tech and high-paying jobs over the next decade will need to be filled in manufacturing. Current misconceptions about modern manufacturing and a skills gap are obstacles facing filling these jobs.

Manufacturers contributed $2.362 trillion to the U.S. Economy in the first quarter.

For every $1 spent in manufacturing, another $2.74 is added to the economy.

Facts about the Economic Impact of Ohio Manufacturing

Ohio is powered by manufacturing.

Ohio manufacturing is responsible for almost 17% of Ohio’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and contributes to the quality of life in Ohio by providing:
  • About 700,000 jobs for Ohio workers
  • An annual payroll of $40 billion, the highest total annual wages of any Ohio industry sector
  • More than $50 billion in exported products to 213 countries and territories

Manufacturing is the largest of the 20 sectors of Ohio’s economy, including government, with 16.94% of total output in 2016 of which 9.48% were durable goods and 7.46% were non-durable goods.

Ohio’s manufacturing sector GDP was $106.0 billion in 2016, ranking it third in the nation after California and Texas.