October 2020 Newsletter
October 3, 2020
Happening at the Club:

Annual General Membership meeting
October 15 at 7:00 pm ZOOM remote meeting

Swim Committee
October 7 at noon ZOOM remote Meeting
Tennis Committee
October 29 at 7 pm ZOOM remote Meeting
In this issue:

*Annual General Meeting details
*Board of Directors election
*Membership policy update
*Tennis update
*WhatsApp groups for tennis
*Swimming Update
*Parade of Champions video
*Basketball Court/Fitness Room
*Club Update/Contact the Board
*Club History
Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors Election
NOTE: First Virtual AGM (Annual General Meeting)
Thursday, October 15 at 7pm
  • The AGM presentation slides will be sent out before the meeting.

  • Please take time prior to October 15 to read through the presentation. Before the meeting, email any questions in to the office. Questions will be answered at the Zoom meeting October 15 at 7 pm. Time permitting, other questions may be taken that night. We will not be presenting the slide show at the meeting, please review it prior to the meeting.

  • ZOOM AGM meeting Thursday, October 15 at 7pm

  • Phone in to meeting: Call 1-669-900-9128 and use meeting ID and Passcode to get in

  • Before noon on October 15, VOTE for up to 3 members of the Board of Directors (one vote per family) plus proposed membership policy

  • Vote in person on the Tennis Patio, mail in the ballot to the club (must arrive by October 14) or vote online via the Surveymonkey link:

  • Voting closes at noon on October 15.

A warm thank you to the three directors whose terms are up: Brian Getz, Weimin Huang, and Loraine Orozco. Thank you for your service!
Bios of Candidates Running for the
2020 - 2021 Board of Directors:
Greetings, fellow KK members,
Being on the board means working to serve and balance the various passionate interests at the club while maintaining a healthy financial position. As a member of the tennis committee, especially during this unprecedented time, I have had the chance to collaborate extensively with others, the office, and current board.
I attended local schools and have lived in this area for over 30 years. My wife, Yawen, and I, and our 2 boys have enjoyed the facility and people at KK for 7+ years. My older son is working part time, supporting the club this summer. I have been active in the community as school site council, science team advisor, charity drive advocate, and USTA captain.
I hope to bring to the board my business skills running a small company with my passion to make our special club better and safer for all. I appreciate your consideration and thank you for allowing me to give back.

Stephen Chen

I am Jerry Karp & our family have been members of the club for approximately 5 ½ years.
In that time period we have, as well as with our grandchildren, enjoyed the use of the facilities for daily activities as well as for private parties.

I have lived in Westwood Oaks since 1976 and was aware of Kona Kai well before that.
One of your legacy members, Jerry Fedor, enlisted me in the early 70’s to wire additional lighting for the tennis courts in order to improve visibility for night play at the club.

I am currently semi-retired from my business which provides products to the local electronics assembly market. My company was established in 1979 & is one of the oldest remaining suppliers still operating.

While working in the industry I was responsible for an annual trade show held at the San Jose Convention center. This show drew visitors from not only Silicon Valley but from across the United States, Asia & Europe.

I was one of the founders of a trade group called the Surface Mount Technology Association. I served as the VP of the local chapter and then on the national board of directors as VP of Publications. That association now consists of over 30000 members worldwide.

During my career I have contributed articles to several trade journals & was one of the editors for the 50th anniversary book published by the Institute of Printed Circuitry (IPC International) entitled “The History of Silicon Valley”

I have had extensive experience in setting up many of the local manufacturing facilities most notably the Apple facilty in Fremont. That facility produced the landmark Macintosh computer starting from its introduction in 1984 until its retirement.

I would like to serve on the board as I feel that Kona Kai is not just a tennis & swim club that we belong to. We as members are owners of this entity and as owners are responsible for its ongoing success.

I hope to garner your vote & I look forward to serving on the board of directors if chosen.

Jerry Karp
Hello, fellow Kona Kai Club members. I am Mohammad (Ramin) Shahid, and you have probably seen me in one of the club BBQs. My wife Azadeh and I hosted the last one and are looking forward to having them again soon. We enjoy the club social events and swimming in the pool, with our 10-year-old son, Kourosh, and seven-year-old daughter, Anahita. 

I discovered Kona Kai, a truly hidden gem, when my company hosted a team building event in the club community room, many years after I moved to Birdland. Joining Kona Kai is the best investment ever. At first the pool attracted me to the club, but then I fell in love with the family oriented culture and the way Sharon, Sharon, and the rest of the amazing management team make every member feel part of one big happy Kona Kai family. 

I moved to the Bay Area in 1996, and have been a program manager at Intel and Amazon for the past ten years. I’ve served on the board of directors of the Crescent Parc HOA for four years, including a year as president, and I’ve been attending the Kona Kai swim committee meetings since June to bring a family’s perspective for using the pool and establishing family swim times. 
I believe in keeping Kona Kai an inclusive family that thrives by listening to the voices of the membership. I would like to help conduct a reserve study to ensure Kona Kai has enough funds in reserve to cover the major maintenance costs in the coming years. 

I would like to serve on the board to contribute to making Kona Kai more accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic, while keeping it safe for everyone. Looking forward to celebrating the 70th, 80th, and even the 100th anniversary of the club with you all.
I can be reached at rsh46@yahoo.com with any comments or questions. 
Your vote is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Mohammad Shahid
Hello fellow members,
My family of three has been member of Kona Kai Club for a little less than six years. We enjoy the children friendly and safe atmosphere at the club. Our daughter’s tennis has improved several folds since she started playing here.
As a current member of the Tennis Committee, I have had the opportunity to help organize our weekly Tennis Social with the goal to bring all member players together. Those who are new to the club and wishes to join our Tennis Social can contact me at kkta.kkc@gmail.com.
A few years back, I also had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors for which I was in the Bldg & Grounds position and also the VP position. I want to continue to make improvements in the club while maintaining financial stability. I look forward to serve the members of Kona Kai once again.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated,
YI-Ren Fang
Dear Kona Kai Members,
My name is Craig Murata, and my family and I have been members of Kona Kai since 2011. My wife, Joyce, and I have a son and a daughter. I was born and raised in Portola Valley. Having grown up as member of a community swim and tennis club, I was attracted to Kona Kai as Joyce and I looked for a community, family-focused club for our children to swim and play tennis. We appreciate the amenities that the club has to offer for personal and social enjoyment. We have hosted a couple of large events in the club room, such as our daughter’s high school graduation luncheon, and it was a wonderful venue.
My background is in corporate finance and accounting, as well as 10 years in my family’s small business. My experience ranges from managing a multi-million dollar budget to a multi-generational family business over the course of my career. I have, also, served on the supervisory audit committee at a local credit union for many years. 
I’ve enjoyed our family membership at Kona Kai, both on the court and in the pool over the past nine years. I am now interested in serving on the Board because I am at the right stage in my life, where I can dedicate the time to volunteering and giving back and offer assistance as a board member in whatever way is needed. I understand good financial responsibility and management, and I have ideas to offer as well as my professional experience. I recognize that the club has made capital improvements and maintains the facilities for the members. I believe that I can significantly contribute as a board member and help navigate these difficult times while still continuing to make Kona Kai a valued club for its members.
Thank you for your consideration,
Craig Murata
My family and I have been Kona Kai members since 2013, enthusiastically joining sports and social events (we miss the Friday barbeques!) - and I want to see it flourish long into the future. 

I have been a leading member of the club's Long-Term Planning Committee, where we studied the club's financial history and current situation as part of building a plan for sustainable budgeting that allows improvement of the facilities. On that committee, we mapped out the previous expensive upgrades, how they were financed, and looked at ways to plan for the future - not just one or two years, but ten years and more.

I've also been a regular member of the swim committee for the past two or three years, where this year we've had to quickly pivot and develop rules to allow the pool to operate under County health guidelines. Hopefully soon we'll get back to the regular work of planning the pool upgrades that will be needed in the next few years.

I have been an investor and manager in the Valley technology industry, where I have guided investments and served on boards of companies and joint ventures. 

I offer my services as a Kona Kai board member. 

Paul Fahn

Official General Membership Ballot
October 2020
Please return to Kona Kai’s Ballot box on the Tennis Patio
by noon Oct.15th, 2020

1.   Do you support the club adding a Family (Extended) Visitor Addendum and Caregiver Addendum for registered temporary guests during limited days and times? (full text in link below)

____ Yes
____ No

2.  Candidates for Board of Directors
(Vote for no more than 3)
_____ Stephen Chen
_____ Jerry Karp
_____ Mohammad Shahid
_____ Yi-Ren Fang
_____ Craig Murata
_____ Paul Fahn

Write in Candidate:
Please write first & last name of Candidate

Member Information:
(Only 1 vote per member family)
Print Full Name________________________ 


Board Report
Involvement of the 2019-20 Board of Directors

Parade of Champions Video

Hi Everyone -

CHECK IT OUT!  Our Video for the Santa Clara Parade of Champions -

Many thanks to everyone who participated in helping to create this video. Please be sure to take a moment to thank the following members if you see them around the Club

MaryFran Breiling
Allie Naughton
Lynn Grandi
Helen Murray
MaryJo Piramon
The Yen Family
The Nubling Family
Dave Sulcer, videographer and technical support

This years' Parade will be a virtual celebration on
October 10th at 11 am. You can view the full parade by visiting www.scparadeofchamptions.org. We saw this as a great opportunity to show off our club and to join other city businesses and organizations thanking all the essential workers who have kept Santa Clara running during these very difficult times.  We hope you enjoy this celebration!
Important Reminders:
  • Masks or face coverings are required while at the club except while exercising. Please do not come into the club until you have put on a face covering. Also please wear one when leaving or walking around.

  • Do not come early for a reservation. All club use is by reservation only and not available except at the time of the reservation. When your time is over, please leave the club.

  • Don't forget to bring water/beverages with you when coming to the Club. Water fountains and ice are currently not available.
Face Mask 2
All entry to the club continues to be through the Tennis gate. Say hello and identify yourself you our Club Monitors. If no one is there, please continue to the area of the club you have reserved. Thank you!
Court Reservations
Reminder to members when making court reservations, enter the names of all the players. This is important for contact tracing should that be necessary.

When reserving a court, keep in mind the following:
  • Court 3 is the ball machine court. Please reserve a different court if you are not using the ball machine and one is available.
  • Court 4 is the teaching court. Lessons can take place weekdays between the hours of 4pm-8pm. Please reserve a different court if one is available.
  • Courts 1 and 2 should not be used for practice if using ball baskets (more than 6 balls), especially if there are players in the adjacent courts.

Tennis Guests
All guests must be approved by the manager before playing.
Members are now allowed to bring guests for playing tennis only under limited conditions, which include:
  • Hours: 9-4 pm weekdays, and 11-4 pm on weekends and holidays. Play must be completed by 4pm.  
  • Guests must sign waivers, and must agree to and abide by the same rules as members, including social distancing rules. 
  • Only 1 guest per playing member. Two members may bring one guest each if playing doubles.
  • Only one registered guest per player in the same calendar month. Same player may come to the club up to 5 times in that given month.
  • The full name of the guest must be entered in the booking reservation title, visible to all.
  • Regular guest fees will apply
Please contact Sharon at s.schedler@konakaiclub.org if you would like to bring guests for playing tennis so you can get the packet to send to your guest. All guests must be pre-approved.

Club Monitors might check identification from time to time to verify membership and waiver status.

Niru's Tennis Academy is now offering lessons. Lessons also available to non members during limited hours. These can be private or semi private (up to 2 people on each side of the court) consistent with the club's social distancing guidelines. Text Coach Varun at (610) 618 2249 to arrange a lesson. To pay for the lessons, please click  https://nirustennis.com/private-lessons or you can use Paypal Nirus tennis Academy. The Academy asks you please pay for the lesson before the lesson. Camps and clinics are not yet available per club policy and social distancing guidelines. If interested, please contact nirustennisacademy@gmail.com.

You are reminded to cancel any reservations promptly if not needed. Repeated no-shows will be penalized with temporary suspension of privileges.

You are also reminded to only reserve the time that you need, and to show up to your reserved time promptly, especially during peak hours. Arriving more than 15 minutes late to your reservation might result in the cancellation of your entire reservation and having the court time reassigned to someone else.  

Members must agree to the Tennis Rules before playing at the club.
Member Run "Whats App" Tennis Groups

Kona Kai now has two WhatsApp groups for members to communicate with each other to help set up tennis play.

For more competitive players:
If your NTRP is around 3.5 to 4.5 and you'd like to join, contact Yi-Ren Fang directly at kkta.kkc@gmail.com.
For less experienced players:
We welcome KKC members who are either new to the club or new to tennis, to join our chat group so we can meet new friends to play (non-competitive) tennis with! This group is moderated by members Jennifer Muhle & Diana Yen. We’re both beginners to tennis and look forward to meeting you soon!]


We continue to offer lap swim and Family swim times for members only.

  • Lap swim: 9 am - noon & most evenings after 7:30 pm. Please sign up during a lap swim time only if you will be swimming continuous laps, mostly under the water. Our lanes are not 6 feet apart so we need to minimize shared air space between contiguous lanes.

  • Lap swimmers may request one additional lap swim slot per week. This will be for same day signup (or day before for morning slots) and by request only. To reserve a slot, email office@konakaiclub.org or call the office at 408-984-8880.
  • Family swim: noon - 7:30 pm. Sign up during Family swim time to swim any way you wish or to enjoy water play. Our Family Zones are spaced far enough apart so you have more than 6 feet of air space from another family. Most families with children should use Family swim time.

  • Family Swim is limited to one slot per family Monday - Friday during "Prime Time" - 3 pm - 6 pm, and one weekend slot.

  • The wading pool is now available to sign up to use without it counting against your 3 bookings a week for the main pool. It will now have a limit of 3 times per week per member family in addition to the 3 times per week in the main pool. All use of the wading pool is with adult supervision only, and the age restrictions we have had previously for the wading pool are lifted so any age member may use it.

  • Lap swim in lane 3 during Family swim time (noon to 7:30 pm) is for one swimmer only. The lap swimmer is asked to rest at the 5 ft end of the pool to be away from families who are usually in the shallow area.

  • Be sure to list the number of swimmers in the Booking title. Other members cannot see the number listed in # of swimmers. We are limited to 10 people total in the pool. Do not sign up if the total # of swimmers will exceed 10.

  • There will be consequences including suspension of privileges for repeated violations of the rules.

  • The tennis bathrooms are available. 
Basketball Court and Fitness room available

To make a reservation for the Fitness room or the Basketball court, please stop by the office, call the office at 408-984-8880, or email office@konakaiclub.org.
Need help finding the latest news from the Club? Check our website - go to www.konakaiclub.com and look at the bottom of the Home Page. Newsletters, rules and club communications are posted there. We'll do our best to keep the site updated.
If you have been to the club within the past two weeks and you test positive for COVID-19, please inform the manager. Information will be kept confidential except for complying with county rules. We appreciate your consideration of fellow members and staff.
Club Updates

We continue to monitor news from the county about updates to what they allow. We currently have the pool, tennis courts, basketball court and fitness room available to reserve. We will keep you informed when changes allow more activities at the club.

Please feel free to reach out to me by email any time. My club email is s.schedler@konakaiclub.org.

Sharon Schedler
Manager, Kona Kai Swim and Racquet Club
Communicate with the Board

Due to the fact that the Board and Committee meetings will be held remotely via Zoom, please get in touch if you would like to communicate with the Board/Committee or attend a meeting. Email our Board President, Javier Cobos at president@konakaiclub.org or
Club Manager, Sharon Schedler at s.schedler@konakaiclub.org.
Club History
A look at the past…
Take a look at our members who joined this month in the years past, starting with our long time members
David & Mitzi Evans
who have been members since 1974. They have been members of Kona Kai Swim & Racquet Club for 46 years!
Welcome to new members:

Keisuke & Atsuko Saito and children Shimon & Sho


Say Goodbye to former members who have sold their membership:

Greg & Charlene Jones
October 1974 (46 yrs)
David & Mitzi EVANS
October 1979 (41 yrs)
Dennis & Connie CUNNINGHAM

October 1994 (26 yrs)

October 1996 (24 yrs)
Taufik & Augustine ARIFIN

October 1998 (22 yrs)
Thomas & Edwina TSE

 October 2000 (20 yrs)
Paul & Mary STABILE
October 2002 (18 yrs)
Reggie & Helen MURRAY
October 2003 (17 yrs)
Jonathan SABOL & Dina BIRRELL

October 2007 (13 yrs)
Vince & Lori VENTURA

October 2008 (12 yrs)
Jason HICKEY & Katherine Schlitz

October 2013 (7 yrs)
Vijay DORAISWAMI & Lavanya Regarajan
Bruce & Miki KWAN

October 2014 (6 yrs)
Brian HUTCHINSON & Utako Aihara

October 2019 (1 yr)
Henry CHAU & Rachel WANG
Stanley CHEN & Staci HUNG
Kona Kai Staff

Club Manager
Sharon Schedler

Office Staff
Marion Schade
Charles Kingsley
Dulce Fernandez
Jillian Muirhead
Club Maintenance
Ken Kingsley
Brian Bautista
Charles Kingsley
Jae Caluag