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by Jess Walter
(Releases October 27, 2020)

Set primarily in the author's hometown of Spokane, Washington, Jess Walter's new novel is a brilliant tale of two brothers in a town torn by police corruption, labor unrest, floods, and the deep divide between the working class and the rich. Orphan brothers, Rye and Gig travel around the west struggling to survive by jumping trains and taking exhausting and menial day jobs. Gig begins to dream of a better world and embraces the burgeoning labor movement in Spokane. When the free speech riots of 1909-1910 erupt in violence, the brothers' lives are forever changed. The author combines historical figures with fictional characters in a stunning portrayal of a time in America that is eerily similar to today. Receiving rave early reviews, this suspenseful yet lyrical novel of madams, murderers, suffragists, socialists and a deep and abiding brotherly love is not to be missed.
-Lisa Dietrich
by Rumaan Alam

Rumaan Alam's Leave the World Behind just hit the shelves and has had the reading community abuzz. The cherry on top is that it has made the shortlist for the National Book Awards for fiction. Jenna Bush Hager also chose Alam's novel for her book club read this past September. The tale was written long before the pandemic, but his central theme of isolation certainly resonates. A Brooklyn family leaves the city for a lovely Long Island vacation home, only to have the owners show up in the middle of the night wanting to stay. Simultaneously, other odd things begin happening in nature and the technological world.
-Molly Forlow
by Antoine Laurain

Violaine Lepage, a high powered editor at a French publishing house, is informed by police that a recent double homicide bears a striking resemblance to the murder depicted in a best seller that Violaine has recently published. The problem is Violaine does not know the identity of the author. Violaine has also recently survived a plane crash and is experiencing selective memory lapses--could she possibly play a role in these crimes? In his new novel, the author of The Red Notebook and The President's Hat, gives his readers another fast paced read, but this one is psychological, mysterious, edgy and a bit darker.
-Laura Skinner
by Christie Tate
(Releases October 27, 2020)
In her debut memoir, we meet Chicago resident Christie Tate, who is the top graduate in her law class, a witty over-achiever, and also a former bulimic who is lonely, entertaining thoughts of suicide, and ready to get help. Taking the non-traditional approach to group therapy, as opposed to one-on-one sessions, we join Christie on her path to finding love and happiness through this unconventional method. Hilarious, gritty, painful, and hopeful, I enjoyed reading this memoir from a hold-nothing-back-from-a-group-of-strangers approach to therapy.
-Morley Vahey
by Aimee Molloy

If you are looking for a great psychological thriller this is the one!  In this story, newlyweds move back to the husband's hometown to be close to his mother who has dementia.  As they begin their life together, he also sets up his new local therapy office. In a story full of twists, little does he know that every word of his sessions can be heard through a vent in the room upstairs.  Things seem to be working out well for the perfect couple until one stormy night he leaves his office to meet a client and does not come back. I could not put this book down!
-Kirsten Starr
by Anneliese Mackintosh
(Direct to Paperback)

Solvig works as a deep sea diver in the North Sea. She's smart and ambitious, but at age 37, isn't sure which direction to take in life or if she's meant to be a mother. James loves her and wants to have a baby together, but Solvig is conflicted. Motherhood or work - and when she becomes a finalist in the competition to live on Mars, there's no hiding from making a choice. Loved the setting (Scotland) and the language. A quick read!
-Beth Mynhier
by Lisa Jewell

Invisible Girl centers around Saffyre, a teenage girl with a traumatic past who goes missing the evening of Valentines Day. The search for clues in her disappearance centers around the Fours family and their odd neighbor Owen Pick. Mr. Fours is a child psychologist who treated Saffyre for three years as a patient. Mrs. Fours is a stay-at-home-Mom with concerns over her husbands recent behavior. They have two teenaged kids, one of which swore Owen followed her home from the train station recently. Owen is a 33-year-old geography teacher and virgin, living with his aunt. He has recently been accused by two female students for inappropriate behavior and is the last person to have seen Saffyre alive. Their stories weave together and the reader is left guessing until the end. Dark and twisted!
-Morley Vahey
by Sarah Smarsh

From the author of Heartland, an affectionate cultural study on a beloved American idol. Originally published as a four-part serial in a music magazine, this book is a treat for music and feminist scholars as well as Parton's legions of fans. Highly recommended!
-Kathy Petray
by Gail Tsukiyama

The new historical fiction from one of my favorite authors is luminous! Loosely based on Tsukiyama's father's own story, Color of Air is set in Hilo, Hawaii in 1935, against the dramatic backdrop of the impending eruption of the Mauna Loa volcano. Tsukiyama follows a Japanese-American family who came to the island to work the sugar cane plantation. Peppered with insights from "ghost voices", the novel expertly weaves together the stories of a young doctor returned from the Mainland, his recently deceased mother and the uncle who always loved her. As the lava begins to flow, secrets from the past begin to bubble to the surface. Each character is uniquely crafted and the setting is lush and vibrant; once again proving that Tsukiyama is a master.
-Laura Skinner
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