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October 2020  
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Carolina Mountain Club voted Number 1.
by Danny Bernstein

CMC was voted the number one (yes, no. 1) Hiking Club or Group in this year's Mountain Xpress "Best of WNC". Look at pg. 36 of Part Two of the Best of WNC 2020 X Awards.

With over 200 scheduled hikes every year, nine trail maintenance crews, and a diverse Youth Challenge program, is it any wonder that we're the number 1 hiking club?

The more surprising thing is that there were no other clubs mentioned - no number 2 or 3. Are we unbeatable? With so many other informal hiking groups popping up, I'm sure we'll have more competition. So let's keep voting CMC number 1.

By the way, if you're curious, the following trails were voted the best:

For Day hike:
1. Black Balsam Knob
2. Max Patch
3. Graveyard Fields
And for Backpacking overnight hike:
1. Art Loeb Trail
2. A.T. from Hot Springs to Max Patch

Carolina Mountain Club's annual meeting goes virtual
November 6 @ 6:00 PM

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we have chosen to hold our annual meeting on the Zoom video platform.  After looking at our options, club leadership determined this was our best option.

The meeting will be held on Friday, November 6th at 6:00 PM.   More information will be sent as the date comes closer.   You will receive logon information for the meeting when you register. 

Note: Danny Bernstein is offering her new book, DuPont Forest: A History, as a raffle prize.

Tom Weaver

DuPont Forest, A History by Danny Bernstein
Book Review by Steve Pierce, CMC Member

If you are a CMC hiker, you undoubtedly know Danny Bernstein and her passion for hiking. You may be familiar with books she has authored detailing hikes on trails in Western North Carolina and statewide.  Her newest book is a departure from her previous books.  At heart, DuPont Forest, A History is just that, the history of the place we now call the DuPont State Recreational Forest.  Danny tells the story of the land and the people who have shaped it.  In a sense it is a memoir of the land of waterfalls and forests shaped by people over time.  It is the story of how a large corporation built an industrial site in a pristine mountain setting and made it available to employees and their families for recreation, and how that site came to be the forest we know today.
To read more of Steve's review, click here.

And Stuart English writes:

Danny Bernstein has written several books bout hiking in Western North Carolina, hiking the Mountains to Sea Trail, and some National Parks. But this, I think, is her most ambitious work and maybe her best.

I am a native to WNC and have lived here all my life. But Danny knows the area much better than me or any other native I know. This is simply because she has made it her business to do so.

The DuPont book tells the complicated story of how a former industrial site was saved from development to become DuPont State Recreational forest. It is obvious the tremendous amount of research and active interviewing and leg work that went into this. If you live in WNC and have ever visited DuPont, you need to read this book. If you do not live here and have not visited the park; well you still do. Trust me.
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