What to do if people want to pay separately butdistant

sit together in a socially distant performance

We hope you already know that Wintix can now create automatic socially distant seating plans. With this feature, you choose how many seats will be set as unavailable (and empty) on each side of a group of seats.

This also means that people paying separately will NOT be able to sit next to their friends because Wintix will not let them purchase those socially distanced empty seats. You can see how this looks in the Webtix screen shot above.  

We highly recommend that your patrons determine who will pay for all the tickets and be reimbursed by members of the group. In a pinch, though, you can split payments between buyers during the sale. 

Please try to recommend the first method to your patrons because this is a point of sale system and it's more efficient to deal solely with the person transacting the sale. 
Software School is in!skool
Today's topic: How to take donations without service charges

Donations are more important than ever during the pandemic crisis. You want to make it as easy and inviting as possible for your patrons to give you the gift of their support.

You may have set up service charges online for your regular shows, but those are the last things you want your donor to pay for their generosity. 

Software School will also train your train
new box office people 

Let our expert support team teach your new people
how to use our programs! 

Let us know when someone new starts working with Wintix. We are happy to teach them the functions necessary to successfully sell tickets, look up customers, run reports, and whatever skills you need them to have. 

Did you know we also have an online user tutorial on the Help Desk that teaches the basics? Check it out here. It's a handy guide to refresh anyone's skills, too.   
What's your build?build
Make sure your Wintix has the latest build date!

Wintix user who
doesn't update

Wintix user who does update 

If you are using Wintix 6, your software will automatically update, but it requires that you close and reopen the program.If you turn off your computer each day and restart the next, it will also automatically update your Wintix.You can also manually download an update. (Help | About Wintix | Download update.) 

If you are using Wintix 5, please be advised we are no longer updating this version, but you should still have the latest version, which is 11/20/19.

Contact [email protected] for information about upgrading to Wintix 6.
"All the world is a stage" at Nebraska Wesleyan University - nebraska
at least for a socially distanced outdoor show of "As You Like It"

"Our first show worked out wonderfully," said Box Office Manager Julie Wilshusen. "It was SO good to be back doing live theatre!"

Taking the Bard at his word, NWU made their world a stage by spray painting 9' x 9' squares on the lawn for audience seating. The actors used the walkways as the stage. 

"We offered tickets for free, but we welcomed donations. The response from the public was jubilant! They were thrilled to be able to see live theatre again, and they were so appreciative of the measures we put in place so they could feel comfortable coming," Wilshusen said. "It's good to have something to celebrate!"

Just like all arts organizations, NWU is focusing on creative and safe methods to offer some desperately needed live entertainment. Their plans are developed in collaboration with the university and local health department, and also in partnership with theatre leadership from across the city.  

Next up is "A Doll's House" in a black box theatre, which will allow only 16 guests in order to maintain safety standards. Like so many activities we used to take for granted, inside theatre is still something being implemented cautiously. Wilshusen doesn't know yet if an inside play will attract many ticket sales but, "we're doing theatre, and that's what counts for our students!

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