Volume 3, Number 10 |October 2020
DEC gets new 911 URL on Richmond's new website
At Director Willoughby's request, the URL for the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications on the new RVA.gov website is now rva.gov/911. Easier to say and remember, it is also shorter, so that it can be printed in a variety of formats. Please share the new site, and make sure to change the URL on all links that you use and materials that you share.
Help achieve a healthy and resilient Richmond
How can we help our community be more resilient as we see increasing dangerous heat waves, extreme rain events, and other impacts? Take the RVAgreen 2050 Community Survey and check out other options to get involved in the planning process here.

September in review
DEC launches YouTube Channel, new campaign using recordings of actual 911 calls received

Help us to educate the public about 911 by liking and sharing these social media campaigns when they are posted weekly on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, NextDoor and now on our new YouTube channel! Also, let Karen know if you hear a call that can be used to illustrate what not to do or have a quiz question to share with the public.

August 50/50 Raffle winner gets $72.50
Congratulations to Michelle Wilder, who won $72.50 in the August 50/50 Raffle. The other half of the money raised goes to support the 2021 National Telecommunicators Week. The next raffle will be Nov. 1-30. Make sure to have $2 or $5 in cash to purchase your tickets!
Deadline to email your answer for the prize drawing is Oct. 17. Send now!
Last month's winners
Everyone who correctly answered "I know my September Coworker" was entered into the random drawing for a prize. Congratulations to Cody Pace, who knew that Sherita Mines was the September coworker. Both chose from a 128 MB USB drive, a wireless charging pad or various other prizes.
Richmond DEC | 804-646-5911 | www.richmondgov.com/EmergencyCommunications