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How CCCE Customers Can Utilize State and Local Financial Resources to Help with Energy Bills

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Electrify Your Ride Program Re-Launching November; Increases to Eligibility and Funding

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Central Coast Community Energy gives a warm welcome to customers in the communities of Carpinteria, Goleta and Unincorporated Southern Santa Barbara County as they near completion of enrollment with CCCE through October 2021. More communities joining CCCE means greater benefits for all! Learn more here.
CCCE invites all customers to reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions by switching your transportation, home, or workplace from fossil fuel sources like natural gas or gasoline to electric power generated from clean and renewable sources. CCCE customers including households, property owners, businesses, agriculture, and public agencies are eligible to apply for rebates and incentives offered by CCCE Energy Programs:

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How Central Coast Community Energy Customers Can Utilize State and Local Financial Resources to Help with Energy Bills 
There are many financial resources available to CCCE customers. Customers enrolled in CCCE continue receiving their CARE, FERA, AMP, LIHEAP and Medical Baseline discounts; with no need to reapply for these programs. Those enrolled in CARE/FERA may also be eligible to apply for the Arrearage Management Plan (AMP) program which shields customers with past-due balances from disconnections. Customers may also be eligible for the LIHEAP program which offers financial assistance to help pay for future dues. Learn more at 3cenergy.org/customer-financial-resources 
Local and Diverse Central Coast Businesses, Sign Up for Central Coast Community Energy’s New Vendor Registry!  
Signing up for the vendor registry is an essential first step toward CCCE staff being aware of organizations and services that are available in its service area. CCCE will also inform registered organizations about business opportunities including Requests for Proposals and Requests for Quotes as they become available. Learn more at 3cenergy.org/local-vendor-registry 
Central Coast Community Energy is Now Accepting Applications for Community Advisory Council (CAC) Member Representing San Benito County

CCCE seeks a qualified, passionate, and committed applicant for its volunteer Community Advisory Council (CAC) to represent San Benito County. The CAC serves as an advisory body to the CCCE Policy and Operations Boards and CAC members serve as important connections to the diverse communities CCCE serves. Click here to apply!
Central Coast Community Energy is Hiring!
Central Coast Community Energy Scales Up Support for Customers and Communities with Increased Energy Program Funding to Accelerate Electrification and Emissions Reduction 
Central Coast Community Energy launched three energy programs available to its valued Central Coast customers. Program funding dollars will support the electrification of the top three strategic sectors: transportation, buildings, and agriculture.
The Agricultural Electrification Program is helping the local Ag industry and eligible associated businesses electrify their operationsby providing incentives to fuel-switch irrigation pumps, tractors, and other farm tools and equipment from fossil fuels to cleaner all-electric alternatives. Learn more at 3cenergy.org/ag-electrification-program
The Electric School Bus Program supports Central Coast schools/school districts by helping to replace diesel-fueled buses with electric school buses by providing up to $200,000 or 50% of the total cost. Learn more at 3cenergy.org/electric-school-bus-program 
The third iteration of the New Construction Electrification Program funds new all-electric, affordable housing developments within CCCE’s
Central Coast Community Energy’s Electrify Your Ride Program Re-Launching in November — with Increased to Eligibility and Funding 
Electrify Your Ride will re-launch in November 2021 with the single largest CCCE Energy Program budget to date! The new and improved program includes the purchase or lease of new and pre-owned EVs, EV charging stations for homes and workplaces, home and office electrification readiness funding for labor and electric panel updates and/or replacement, and electric bike rebates. If you bought or leased an electric vehicle or purchased and installed an electric vehicle charging station at home or office in October and early November, you may still be eligible for Electrify Your Ride rebates. Learn more at 3cenergy.org/electrify-your-ride-program for updated program details. 
Upcoming Rebates and Incentives through CCCE Energy Programs Launching Throughout 2022! 
Look out for updates in Central Coast Community Energy’s newsletter and social channels to see when applications go live!
Upcoming Board Meetings

An Invitation for Community Collaboration from Central Coast Community Energy

In an effort to continuously connect with customers Central Coast Community Energy encourages public participation in the following meetings. Meetings are currently held on Zoom with available dial-in options and attendees may provide live public comment through Zoom or by submitting public comment in advance via email at publiccomment@3ce.org. Sign up to receive public board meeting notices that include the meeting details here.
Operations Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 10:30 AM 

Community Advisory Council Meeting
Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 4 PM 
Upcoming Central Coast Community Energy Webinars 

Please join Central Coast Community Energy for informational webinars designed to help customers learn about your enrollment with CCCE, and the transition to monthly NEM.
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