CCEI October 2021 Newsletter
Math in the Early Years
Math is one of the most common ways that we create order and make sense of the world around us. As adults, we learn to organize our time, manage money, read and interpret data to make decisions, consume delicious food, and create solutions to a wide variety of problems. You may not think about it often, but math-related activities probably dominate your professional and personal life. Learn More
NAEYC's Recommendations for High-Quality Math Learning
Pre-math skills in
Early Childhood
Using the Language of Math
Math Across the Curriculum
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CCEI Poll Results: September 2021 Newsletter
Which of the following statements describes the amount of play in your learning environment?

A. Children engage in child-led, free play most of the time. - 110 responses or 22.5%
B. There is more child-led free play than adult-initiated, structured play. - 113 responses or 23.2%
C. There is a balance between free play and structured play. - 118 responses or 24.2%
D. There is more adult-initiated, structured play than child-led, free play. - 75 responses or 15.4%
E. Children engage in mostly adult-initiated, structured play. - 72 responses or 14.8%

Total: 488 responses

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How often do you ask children to answer poll or survey questions then document the results?
A. Every day
B. Once a week
C. 1-2 times a month
D. A few times a year
E. I have not used polls or surveys with children yet
Playing with Math | CCEI

Most of us can recall our own early experiences with math instruction and in many cases that instruction centered on a math workbook. We may not have memories of how we explored math concepts as a toddler or preschooler.

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Juanita Tovar
Sarasota, FL
I would recommend CCEI to anyone who is pursuing or even currently working with young children. The program is very beneficial, flexible and manageable for a busy schedule. CCEI offers plenty of time to complete your courses and tons of encouragement. I always looked forward to my Education Coach's emails. I would like to thank the CCEI program and my Education Coach. They both were very helpful in my success on completing my FCCPC program. I will forever be grateful!

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