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October 2021
Fall Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Film
Explore the many Literature and Film classes on the horizon this fall!

"Homework" in our literature classes could not be more delightful -- it consists of changing into comfy clothes, sinking into your favorite chair, and curling up to enjoy your assigned reading. From single session book discussions to multi-session courses with a unifying theme, the catalog provides varied choices for different literary tastes and schedules. Still to come in the next few weeks are classes on Joseph Conrad, short stories, and contemporary personal narratives.

Upcoming film nostalgia classes cover themes of dubbed vocals in Hollywood musicals, the history of screen comedies, Alfred Hitchcock, and It's a Wonderful Life. These lecture classes are infused with carefully chosen movie clips that will bring smiles to your faces. Our romantic comedy film discussion class is the only one yet to begin that requires viewing selected movies in advance. The side of buttery popcorn is strictly optional, though highly recommended for that movie theater going experience!

Planning is underway for our winter tem, so please do not be shy about suggesting topics or instructors via email to We are always eager to hear from you!
Catalog Addition
We continue to expand our catalog with new choices and welcome your feedback as we plan our winter classes. Since last week's eblast, the following class has been added online and to our printable flipbook:

  • Book Discussion: Learning In Public: Lessons for a Racially Divided America from My Daughter's School (2021) by Courtney Martin (10881)
Catalog Change
Since last week, the following course, originally scheduled to be in person, has changed to a Zoom-based instruction method:

  • Contemporary Personal Narratives by Asian American Women (10759)
Classes Starting in the Next Two Weeks
All class listings are for the Eastern Time Zone. Course numbers appear in parentheses.
Week of October 24, 2021
  • Lost Mansions of New York: Mrs. William B. Astor and John Jacob Astor IV (10705)
  • New Contemporary Architecture in New York City (10814)

Art Appreciation
  • Costumes of Downton Abbey (10788)
  • Walking Tour: Contemporary Galleries of New York City (10733)
  • Artists of the Non Finito: Leonardo da Vinci (10689)
  • Artist Visit: Alex Tubis, Real Artist Behind Shtisel (10682)
  • Venice Through the Eyes of Artists: Joseph Mallord WIlliam Turner (10811)
  • Henri de Toulouse Lautrec: Elevating Advertising to Fine Art (10678)

Current Events
  • World Politics with Ralph Buultjens: Winners and Losers in the Post-Virus Era (10840)

  • Bridge: Keeping up with Conventions and Strategies for Play of Hand: Law of Total Tricks (10862)
Literature, Film, and Television
  • Dubbing Vocals in Hollywood Musicals (10709)

Music Appreciation
  • Rock Around the Clock: Music of the 1950s (10700)

Natural Sciences
  • Gemology: Colored Gems (10672)

  • Editing Photos with Your iPhone (10763)
Week of October 31, 2021
  • Lost Mansions of New York: William A. Clark (10706)
  • Icons of American Art Deco Architecture (10665)

Art Appreciation
  • Images of the Roaring Twenties, a Centennial Celebration (10787)
  • Chinese Landscape Painting for Our Time (10675)
  • Venice Through the Eyes of Artists: John Singer Sargent (10810)

Arts & Crafts
  • Watercolor Painting (10769)

Current Events
  • Civilizations Collide: China’s Quest for Primacy in the Twenty-First Century (10632)

  • Bridge: Keeping up with Conventions and Strategies for Play of Hand: Figuring Out Opponents' Hands from the Lead (10863)
  • Let's Play Mah Jongg: Supervised Play (10727 and 10650)

Health and Wellness
  • Seeking Balance in the Face of Uncertainty (10844)
History and Culture
  • Archaeological Methods and Excavations (10642)
  • Walking Through History: Notorious RBG at the New-York Historical Society (10666)

  • Joseph Conrad: Mariner and Modern (10761)

  • Sects and Schisms in Jewish History (10684)
Printer-Friendly Interactive Flipbook
Catalog of Fall Classes
All upcoming classes are listed in our Printer-Friendly, Interactive Version of our Fall 2021 Catalog. New classes are added regularly.

Class times are for the Eastern Time Zone. Please check regularly for additional options to keep you engaged and learning, whether from the comforts of home or through our expanding number of in-person options.
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