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St. Paul's Episcopal Church October Newsletter 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Today is both the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi and the first official day in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago for +Chilton Knudson. I think it’s auspicious for +Chilton’s ministry to begin here and now. St. Francis was well known as a peacemaker far beyond his time. He mediated an amicable
peace between the people of the village of Gubbio, Italy and the wolf at their door. Francis also went on the Fifth Crusade in 1219 and was shocked at
what he saw in the Crusaders' disrespectful attitudes. He courageously set
out to go to the Muslim leader of Palestine, Syria, and Egypt: Al-Malik al-
Kamil. The War was a bloody affair and Francis helped to bring peace there,

+Chilton, too, is a bringer of peace. Not cheap peace, but peace that has
reckoned with the problematic issues for those involved, which includes
education when need be. My mother-in-law, Edith, while Superintendent of
Carol Stream schools, felt overwhelmed by the lack of accurate information
about the then new AIDS epidemic and called on +Chilton for help. +Chilton
and Edith called for a conference for all employees of the district, brought
information and opportunities for dialogue that were immensely helpful in
that fully secular setting.

As Pastoral Care Officer of the diocese, she acquired a reputation for
understanding and working with parishes dealing with clergy sexual abuse.
From the Diocese of Western Michigan where I was the Associate Rector of
St. Luke’s, Kalamazoo, I reached out to +Chilton when my associate was put
on leave by the Bishop as accusations of marital infidelity and clergy sexual
abuse were being investigated. +Chilton was totally there for me and for
that parish as we struggled with the issues and disappointment about the
rector’s behavior.

Today she begins her ministry with us all as Assisting Bishop. If, when,
Bishop-Elect Paula is consecrated as Bishop of this diocese, +Chilton will be
her “right-hand” person to help +Paula to get her ministry underway as she
comes through her physical disabilities. As of now, though, +Chilton has no
authority of her own but for that of her consecration as a bishop in this
church, such as presiding at confirmations, and receptions, the blessing of
new baptismal bowls, for example. For now, all ecclesiastical authority and
decision-making resides with the Diocesan Standing Committee. I think it’s
important that we be aware of that going forward as we continue to pray for
the healing of Bishop-Elect Paula Clark. Meanwhile, please welcome
+Chilton as she brings her ministry of peace back into the Diocese of

Grace and all good,
Please save the date and bring your lawn chairs.  The St. Paul's annual Bonfire is planned for after supper/dinner onFriday, October 22, 2021 at 6:00 p.m..  The fire department has approved our burn permit.  The sunset is scheduled for 6:04:06 pm. Rick and Rhys will be managing the burn pile near the garden on the SE corner of the church property.

 Due to covid, individual water bottles and pre-packaged snacks will be provided but not a meal.  Feel free to bring a sack lunch or snacks for yourself.  Rick and Jacob have been requested to bring their guitars.  Our neighbors and friends at the Islamic Center of DeKalb are invited to join in this time of fellowship.  We'll see if they might be open to teaching us a song or two.

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of St. Paul’s,
This is my favorite time and season of the year! Autumn/Fall... the weather is great for walking, watching football (go Huskies), ..... always brings such excitement as well as a kind of peace to me, and a smile to my face..... Other things that bring a smile to me face include:

The signs on the church path, and
The St. Paul’s budget (well, maybe not a huge

Relative to the path, I remember the members of St. Paul’s talking about the signs on the church path for years. Thank you, Marilyn and Signs & Wonders workgroup, who created the signs and then placed them along the church path. Also, thanks to Mother Barbara and those, who participated in the blessing of the signs after Sunday service. It was lovely.

Relative to St. Paul’s budget, there’s lots to think about as we plan for 2022. Given we are a small church, we typically begin by constructing a thoughtful and practical process. Normally, the budget process is led by the Rector and the vestry treasurer. Key budget premises and priorities serve as a guide
in budgeting decisions. As such, I would anticipate that the upcoming 2022 budget would have new expenditures related to: 1) COVID, 2) signs & wonders, 3) sound & vision, and 4) building & grounds.

I believe the most important part of the budget is parish input. No budget is perfect. Yet, at the end of the day, it is more about justifying the financials so that we stay within the guiding principles of the budget.
I’m hoping all of you are doing well and enjoying the season! Please feel free to email me at anytime.


Senior Warden
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The culminating message by NT Wright during our September book club (Surprised by Hope) was so inspiring and a great reminder of our purpose. He stated that our three pillars should be Justice; Beauty; and Evangelism and that all three are inextricably tied together. He also cautioned us to be Good Citizens and to give Hope to the world. I felt strongly that his words were more important than ever.

This message ties in nicely with the zoom training I am attending called “Tell me the Truth about Racism”. This seven week program supported by a grant from the Chicago Diocese approaches the history of racism in the US from the 1400’s onward. The main purpose is to learn how to teach kids the history of racism so as to untangle the issue sooner than later for them. The previous training by the creators of the program has been a combination of kids/parents learning together and then doing break out sessions. I am hopeful that an opportunity for me to teach this story will ensue after I have received the training. If anyone is interested in finding out more please reach out to me.  

Secondly, and just as importantly we (the Vestry) are about to embark on the process of developing the 2022 budget. In order to be good stewards of our gifts I am seeking input in particular for the area of Building and Grounds. I need to know what you feel are areas we as a congregation can take on (ie what portion of the yard work, annual building and grounds maintenance and projects). We need to know what can be handled by St Paul’s versus what we need to budget for. A perfect example is the care/preventative maintenance of our wonderful property. This involves numerous areas: some of which we can handle and other areas where we should consider paying an outside vendor. This therefore requires prior budget planning. So if there is an area you are keen on helping with please let me know.  

Thank you all for your prayerful consideration.
Love to all of all you,

Junior Warden
Gardening, 8:00 AM
Mondays and Thursdays
at the Garden
(depending on weather)

Noonday Prayer
Wednesdays, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Leader-led prayer 12:00-12:30 PM

Book Discussion, 6:30 PM
Wednesdays, Parish Hall and on Zoom

Multi-generational choir rehearses in person and via zoom on Thursdays, 7:00 PM

Liturgy of the Word and Prayer
8:00 AM
10:30 AM
Both services in Sanctuary and on Zoom


SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

As of September 18, our Heartland Bank checking account balance stood at $71,036.06. Integrity Systems has been forwarded a check for the sound system equipment.

We have spent about 67% of our annual budget through August. For the sake of comparison, the end of August is 67% of the year. We have collected 85% of our expected pledge income so far this year. 

We are working on the application to forgive the PPE loan we received earlier this year.

At a special meeting earlier this month, the Vestry approved the transfer of $60,000 from the Endowment Fund to pay for building upgrades, especially including the new sound system. This is in addition to the 5% of the fund's value that we customarily take each year. This financial transaction also needs to be approved by the Endowment Committee.

We have had no unusual expenditures in the past month, and we are generally on target with our 2021 budget.

(see the full Treasurer's Report in the August Vestry Minutes.)

Respectfully submitted,
Rick Johns
Rick Johns, Treasurer
St. Paul's is a congregation full of beautiful voices!

I'm hoping you will enjoy learning and singing a beautiful new hymn and anthem called "Appalachian Lord's Prayer".

Click on the links below for the Sheet Music and a Sound Track to sing along to while you are washing dishes, walking, etc.
October Choral Anthems will include several previous songs (see below) and the choir will create new artistic renderings.
Sunday, October 10, 2021

Anthem: "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God" Karen Lafferty

Recorded during rehearsal via iPhone.
Sunday, October 17, 2021

Anthem: "All We Like Sheep" Joseph Martin

Recorded during service via iPhone 3/17/2019
St. Paul's Multi-generational
choir continues to enhance the Sunday morning late services!

Rehearsals are on Thursdays at 7:00 PM, in-person and live via Zoom for anyone to listen in (or sing along).

The choir leads the congregation in song for worship services on Sundays for the 10:30 AM service.
Come join in our music making. All ages and musical abilities are welcome!

St Paul's Gardening Club celebrated a successful summer of vegetable harvesting by visiting Honey Hill Apple Orchard on September 30th. Kris was a great resource in describing the different qualities of all the apples offered there. Of course, eating delicious donuts and visiting the gift shop was on our "must do" list!

Although the season is drawing to a close, we are still harvesting tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, and some beans and leafy vegetables for the local food pantries. We recently planted radishes and will put garlic into a bed following the first frost. And our squashes are coming along nicely!

One of the joys of helping with the garden is trying vegetables you've never eaten before. Yet that is only one joy that comes from the garden. Fellowship, education, helping the community, and witnessing the wonder of abundance from the earth are all greater joys!

If you would like to visit our community garden in action, we meet twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings at 8 aam.we would love to see you!
Jo Plenger-Schulz

Are we facing extinction?
Is St. Paul’s called for a time such as this?

These are questions we will explore on four Wednesday evenings in October — just around the corner. Our discussion will be based on a book, Climate Church, Climate World by Jim Antal. Do we have agency yet, or is our survival as God’s creation out of our hands?
These are hard questions, but our faith calls us to ask hard questions, to be responsible for creation, does it not?
The question we’re asking is:
are you going to join us to ask
these questions?
Think of this as required reading
for our time.
Come. 6:30 pm, Wednesday, October 6th in Parish Hall.

New dedicated circuit and outlet has been installed by Delt’s Electric.

Still to come:

Installation of cameras and speakers – waiting to hear start date.

Training for staff/parishioners – get in on the ground floor of this new opportunity for ministry!

Stay Tuned!
Episcopal Church Women (ECW) of the Diocese of Chicago met recently for their annual “Altar
Guild” conference. The gathering was both in person at Grace Church New Lenox and virtual. I
attended virtually, and enjoyed the program “Stitches for God”. Nancy Lukoski from Maryland,
was the main presenter. She spoke on restoring, repairing, and creating needlepoint pieces in
churches. Nancy has restored our Diocese of Chicago cushion which is placed in the Great Choir
of the National Cathedral. I have no talent in this area, but found the information fascinating.

We were asked to submit photos of any needlepoint objects in our churches, so I submitted our wedding kneelers. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to track down the origin of these kneelers. If you have info on them, please let me know! There was a slide show of all the submissions, as well as a virtual tour of the National Cathedral Chapels. The name of this conference will likely
be changed next year, as topics are not always Altar Guild specific.

The next opportunity for an ECW conference is the Women’s Fall Retreat. Usually held at the DeKoven Center in Wisconsin, this retreat is virtual only for the second year in a row. The theme is Come to the Well: Refreshing our Bodies, Minds, and Souls. It will be held online on October 16, 2021. We will share in worship, workshops, meditation sessions, and have opportunities for quiet reflection and socializing. Please go to the ECW website for additional
information and to see how to register for this retreat which will touch on physical, mental, and spiritual health. That website is

Hope to “see” you there!
Peg Newby
When Bishop Chilton Knudsen begins work as assisting bishop in the Diocese of Chicago on October 4, it won’t be like her first day in any of the other dioceses she has served. For one thing, she already knows her way around the cathedral, where she was ordained to the priesthood more than 40 years ago by Bishop Quintin Primo Jr.

“This is a homecoming for me,” Knudsen says. “I’ve come full circle.”

Her longstanding knowledge of the diocese will serve Knudsen well as she begins an active schedule of visitations, confirmations, and “the sacramental things that only a bishop can do.” The COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the cancellation of nearly all in-person events during the last nine months of Bishop Jeffrey Lee’s episcopacy, coupled with the unexpected interim period created when Bishop-elect Paula Clark suffered a cerebral bleed in April, has created what Knudsen calls a sacramental and liturgical backlog. She will visit congregations on the first three Sundays of each month beginning on October 10 and will also preside at regional confirmation services and ordinations.

“Bishop Chilton is absolutely the perfect person to be our assisting bishop at this time,” the Rev. Anne Jolly, standing committee president, says. “Her experience in Chicago and other dioceses, her deep respect for our Bishop-elect Paula, and her tremendous pastoral sensibilities will be a tremendous blessing to us all. The standing committee welcomes her with joy.”
Read more about Bishop Knudsen at the Episcopal Diocese website.

Please keep Bishop-elect Paula and her family in your prayers as she continues to heal. Cards may be sent to 65 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611.
The Rector's
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in our community.

Remember that donations can be mailed at any time.
October Birthdays and Anniversaries


10/3              Dick Dowen
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10/10            Debi Meyers
10/11            Jordan Meyers
10/19            Linda Lorbach
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