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Learning the Essentials to Business Growth
An Interview with Steve Kesselring of Your Oil Tools
When Steve Kesselring’s truck burst into flames in February 2011, he had no way of knowing that the incident would one day lead him down an entirely new career path. 

At the time, Steve was most concerned with stopping the fire and saving his equipment. He had driven the truck to a property to pick up his trailer and other snow plowing equipment ahead of a day of work. As he was attaching the trailer, the truck burst into flames.

He called 911, tried to turn the truck off and tried using fire extinguishers at the property to put out the flames himself. But the fire just kept spreading. By the time first responders arrived, Steve had already been exposed to toxic fumes that left him with smoke inhalation and chemical burns inside his lungs.

Steve spent the next almost 2 years recovering from the fire, trying countless doctors, specialists and medical treatments. But nothing seemed to help him get back to his normal daily life. 

That all changed one day in 2013 when his wife brought home some essential oils she’d been given by a friend. Steve was hesitant to try them, but once he did, he started down a path to finally healing from the accident.

The headaches he typically had daily from his medication started to dissipate within 20 minutes of putting a few drops of essential oils on the back of his neck and templates. Within a few days of using the oils, he had more energy and was even beginning to breathe easier. Steve began to incorporate other natural health solutions into his recovery, changing his diet and using essential oils regularly. 

The experience changed his own life so much, he knew he wanted to share the experience with others. So in 2013, his brother-in-law took over his landscaping business and he set to work building Your Oil Tools.

Today, Your Oil Tools is one of the largest aromatherapy supply companies in the country. They sell essential oils, educational and lifestyle products and essential oil equipment - things like spray bottles, diffusers, rollers and more - to consumers and other essential oil and natural health businesses. 

The company saw solid growth for its first five years, moving to a larger location three times in five years and even expanding internationally - opening locations in the UK and Australia.

In 2018, Steve was connected to SCORE through his business partner and has worked with the organization ever since. He said that their guidance and expertise was a valuable support as the company grew exponentially in a short amount of time.

“I’ve worked with several mentors over the years for different things,” Steve said. “If I say I need help with this or that, SCORE has been great at finding me those people to learn from.” 

This support continued to be helpful during the turbulent times of COVID-19. Your Oil Tools saw massive growth at the beginning of the pandemic - with daily orders jumping from an average of 200 to nearly 6,000 virtually overnight. The company was left scrambling to find more staff to manage the influx of business and over the last 18 months has seen a lot of changes in the business.

With the industry and the business settling into a new normal now at the end of 2021, Steve said his focus going forward is on continuing to grow his own business and support others trying to start e-commerce businesses of their own.

He’s started teaching workshops for SCORE and has also worked on his own with many small business owners looking for guidance. In the future, Steve said he hopes he can continue to spread awareness of not just essential oils, but the essentials for building a business, too.

“I’m really trying to give back and share what I’ve learned,” Steve said. “I just want people to succeed. That’s why I am in business.”

To learn more about Your Oil Tools, visit their website: www.youroiltools.com 

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