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October, 2021 Messenger
Worship with us Sundays in person or online:
9:00 am Traditional
11:15 am Contemporary (Facebook Live)
Sunday School at 10:10 am
or watch later at wpcw.org/worship
On Sunday, October 24 the CMST/PNC will be presenting the findings of a 20 year study mission report to the congregation at the 10:00 am service (only ONE service this day). We encourage all to attend as this will be instrumental in the Pastor Nominating Committee's journey to finding our new pastor.
Our Congregational Mission Study Team needs you! Your voice matters in building our future! Please help us by clicking on the "Survey" button below to take the Demographic Survey and A Deeper Look Survey. Your attention and response is so important.
Here are some pictures from the Fall Fest event last weekend.
From the Nominating Committee
Do you have a desire to be more involved in church activities? Do you like planning and decision making? Are there talents that you would like to be sharing more with Westminster?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, the nominating committee would like to hear from you. We are currently in our annual time of creating the new class of Committee Members, Elders, and Deacons and we are really interested in learning about your interest in working within these ministries at Westminster. Even if you aren’t sure which one is right for you, we’d love to answer any questions you have and explore those with you.
The nominating committee will be meeting over the next few weeks to create the new class of committee members and want to make sure we are considering everyone who is interested in serving. Please reach out to Karen Siler at silerkaren@gmail.com with any questions you have and/or to express interest in serving on any of the standing committees listed below.
Christian Education
Worship and Music
*These committees primarily only meet in the Fall

Karen Siler
Nominating Chair
From Pastor Ken
How do you define success? What does success look like? Is success measured by growth, vitality, viability? Or are there other measures? For instance, do we measure the success of a marriage by how long the couple is together or by how much they love each other? Is your career a success when you work hard, gain more and more responsibility, and earn more and more money? Or is it when you have enough for your needs and enough time to spend with your family and friends? Is my vacation a success when I cram every possible minute with fun? Or is it when I spend my time relaxing and return to work feeling rested?

How do we measure success for our church? Are we successful when we are growing? Are we successful when our sanctuary is full and there are lots of activities? Are there other measures we could use?

Interestingly, there is no standard, agreed upon definition of a successful church. In fact, our Book of Order does not even address the subject! Our Book of Order does not tell us when our church is a success.

Instead, our Book of Order describes what makes a faithful church (F-1.0303). A church is faithful when it:

Proclaims and hears the Word of God,
responding to the promise of God’s new creation in Christ,
and inviting all to participate in that new creation;
Administers and receives the Sacraments,
welcoming those who are being engrafted into Christ,
bearing witness to Christ’s saving death and resurrection,
anticipating the heavenly banquet that is to come, and committing itself
in the present to solidarity with the marginalized and the hungry;
Nurtures a covenant community of disciples of Christ,
living in the strength of God’s promise and
giving itself in service to God’s mission.

Note that there is nothing there about the size of the congregation, how many people are in the choir, the size of the budget or how many non-profit boards the pastor graces. All of those are important, certainly, and we need to pay attention to them.  And personally, I enjoy being at a church that is growing, has a full sanctuary and classrooms and lots of different activities. 

But to God, all those measures are secondary. What matters to God is that we are faithful. Are we proclaiming the Good News and inviting others to embrace it? Are we welcoming and nurturing ourselves and others in kingdom-living? Are we committed to living together as a community intent on serving God?

There are lots of ways to measure what’s happening at a church. There are lots of ways to measure success. But we know that the most important measure is our faithfulness. If we are faithful, then we are pleasing God. And that’s the most important measure of all.  

God's Peace to All,
Pastor Ken
Upcoming Events
Labyrinth Event
Join us Wednesday, October 13 starting at 6:00 pm for a Labyrinth Event. Multiple speakers will be here to teach and guide us how to use this prayer tool.

This event is for all ages and there are separate times for participation.

6:00-6:30 Kids
6:30-7:00 Youth and Adults
7:15-7:45 Choir, Adults, and Youth
Co-owner of Winding Pathways, Marion Patterson encourages clients to create wondrous yards and reminds us “solvitur ambulando.” (It is solved by walking.)
Engineer turned yoga professional, Lisa Hanigan’s gentle self-effacing humor guides football players and cancer survivors through yoga moves for grounding and balance.
Living her business motto, “Stepping Into Big”, Kathleen Mavity empowers clients to maximize personal growth tools and is always up for adventures. 
Combining design and creative expression, art teacher, Lynda Black Smith has helped construct various temporary and permanent labyrinths in schools and churches.
Women's Book Club
The Westminster Women's Book Club meets via Zoom on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 6:00 pm. This group is open to all women! If you would like to be added to the Zoom invite list contact Sandy Lewis at sandycnm@cfu.net or 319-504-2802 or Vicki Grimes at vicki.grimes@uni.edu or 319-240-5296.

October 17 - "American Dirt" by Jeanine Cummins
November 21 - TBD
Card Making Class
All are invited to join this class that meets next on October 21 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm in Room 216. Cost is $15 for 4 kits, which include craft instruction and supplies.  Bring a friend for a time of fun and fellowship. Must sign up ahead of time.
Pumpkin Carving
October 24 at 4pm in the Social Hall.
BYOP (Bring your own pumpkin)
Pizza will be available at 5pm.
Bring a dessert to share
Sign up online at Pumpkins
Or you can email dan@wpcw.org or jodi@wpcw.org
All Saints' Day
This year All Saints' Day is Sunday, November 7. All Saints' Day is a time to give thanks for the life of our loved ones who have preceded us in death.
You will be invited to light a candle in memory of a loved one during both services.
New Member Class
We will be having a new member class in November. Date yet to be determined. If you have interest in learning more about Westminster or to sign up, please contact Pastor Dan at dan@wpwc.org or 234-5501.
Christian Education
Wes Pres Youth
Our Jr. High Dances will resume October 29 if the county moves out of the high rate of Covid spread (red).
New time: 7-9pm
October Theme: Halloween. Costumes are welcome.

Fear Factor Lock-in
Starting after the dance the youth will hangout for a fun evening of Halloween inspired activities including a trip to a Haunted House. If our county still has a high rate of Covid spread, this event will NOT be overnight.
Sunday School
Most weeks kids and adults will be doing studies based on the texts used in worship that morning.

3yr – 1st grade: First Floor Kindergarten Rm
2nd- 5th grade: First Floor Rm 101

Middle School
Confirmation Class in Third Floor Rm 301

HS - Adult
Oct. 3 – Special Event with Pastor Ken
Oct. 10 – Bible Study with Pastor Dan
Oct. 17 – Bible Study
Oct. 24 – No SS
Oct. 31 – Bible Study with Pastor Dan
WPW Dinner
Hey Friends! We are still on the hunt for 2-3 more volunteers to help ONCE per month to cook and serve the Wednesday night meal. The menu will be planned, all the supplies will be bought and you will be teamed with another volunteer!

Please call Dee with your interest to help! 234-5501.

The Wednesday night meal is free, however, if you would like to make a donation to help offset the costs, you can do so via the office, at the Kiosk or there is a donation box on the wall outside of the Social Hall.
Monday Morning Bible Studies
Women's Bible Study: Meets Monday mornings at 9:00 am on Zoom only. This class is led by Cathy Young. All women are invited! If you would like to be added to the email list to Zoom in with them, send a message to cathyyoung4@gmail.com

Talk to Pastor Dan if you want to learn more about joining these groups.
Finance – Monthly Recap
In August, Westminster received $44,885 in pledges and other revenue versus last year’s $55,035. Year-to-date, we show giving at $382,453 or 58% of the budgeted receipts which is about $74,401 behind last year, the majority of this decrease is due to lower pledges (which was somewhat expected by the lowered budgeted pledges for this year). We have yet to tap any financial support from the Endowment funds so far this year.
Total expenses stood at $39,455 for the month versus $60,010 last year. Year-to-date expenses were $353,529 or 53% of budget and lower than last year’s $447,321. As you may remember year to date expenses have been lower, in part, due to several open staff positions during the year and periods of reduced programming due to Covid. The Church has filled several “transitional” positions in Music and Youth programs and those expense areas will start to be recognized going forward. However, we do anticipate some savings as a result of these targeted hires.

As a reminder, Westminster’s budget for 2021 is $665,681 which includes $73,156 in reserves and $77,710 in endowment support. 2020 budget was $775,505. As you can see this years budget was reduced by over $109,000. Committees have started the budgeting process for 2022 and are working with the Elders Seeking Wisdom Taskforce to discern a sustainable path forward for Westminster. Please continue to pray for these dedicated volunteers.  

John Speas
Finance Chair
Please support the ministries of Westminster at wpcw.org/giving or by using the Kiosk on Sunday mornings..
$7,000 Blessing

The Mission Committee is excited to once again announce The $7,000 Blessing. This special gift of $7,000 will be given to an organization in the Cedar Valley decided on by the congregation later this fall. You, yes YOU, get to help decide which Cedar Valley organization will receive this special gift. 
Why $7,000? A donation of $7,000 can accomplish a few things that smaller gifts might not accomplish. An organization can immediately consider larger endeavors, new programs, or expansion of services that they might not be able to consider, possibly coupled with other funds or matching gifts. This is an opportunity for our church to help a local organization make a larger impact!
Here’s how the process will work: anyone in our congregation can nominate any non-profit service agency or organization in the Cedar Valley. Pick up a nomination form from the main office or download the form by clicking Here
Please submit all nominations by November 1. The Mission committee will then select three finalists and announce them ahead of the vote on Sunday, November 21.
How Can You Help?
Things Happening at Lakeshore Center at Okoboji
Check out 2 events coming up at the center that may interest you!

Fall Clean Up Day

Koinonia Retreat
Click HERE
This fall, the Scrip tables will be open on the 1st and 3rd Sunday's of the month. In October it will be October 3rd and 17th. Supporting this program supports Westminster's budget! You can also purchase cards in the church office during the week. Help give back to your church by purchasing Scrip cards before you run to the grocery store or fill up the tank.
Presbyterian Pantry
The pantry is open on the 1st Saturday and the 3rd Thursday of the month. We are always needing volunteers to help pass out food on these days but we also need help pre-packing the food the day or two prior. You can call the church office at 234-5501 if you want to come in and help pack. Go to wpcw.org/volunteer to help when the pantry is open. We currently need 4 people to sign up for October 2 and 6 for October 21.

In September we served 59 and 49 households.

Another way you can help is by providing items that we cannot get from the Food Bank such as paper products and personal care items. Below is a list of products needed. You can drop them off on Sunday morning in the Welcome Center or to the church office during the week!

  • paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • Kleenex
  • bar soap
  • toothbrushes & toothpaste
  • feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads, pantyliners)
  • men's & women's disposable razors
  • women's shampoo & conditioner
  • men's shampoo
  • kids' 3 in 1 body wash, shampoo, conditioner
  • deodorant
  • shaving cream
  • diapers
  • diaper wipes
  • adult diapers
Worship In Person or Live Stream
We worship in person and online each Sunday at 9:00 am for our Traditional worship and at 11:15 for our Contemporary worship. Watch the Contemporary service at 11:15 on Facebook Live! You can also view online any time after by visiting wpcw.org/worship.
A quick look at what's coming up in November:

  • Nov. 6 Presbyterian Pantry
  • Nov. 7 All Sts. Day
  • Nov. 12 Youth Dance
  • Nov. 18 Card Class
  • Nov. 18 Presbyterian Pantry
  • Nov. 21 Women's Book Club
  • Nov. 25 Thanksgiving - Office Closed
  • Nov. 26 Office Closed
  • November TBD New Member Class

To view the church calendar, go to wpcw.org/calendar
Visit us online at wpcw.org