• 2021 Pearl Birnbaum Hurwitz Award to be presented to Dr. Ruby Mendenhall
  • GHHS International Initiative, "Healing the Heart of Healthcare," launches
  • Latest Gold Connection podcast episode delves into new GHHS initiative
  • AAMC Learn Serve Lead to feature Vilcek-Gold honorees on Nov. 9
  • Watch the 2021 Jordan J. Cohen Lecture with Drs. Burke Harris and Awdish
  • Drs. Pedro "Joe" Greer and Rosemarie Fisher join the Board of Trustees
  • Research Roundup: 9 recently published studies on humanism in healthcare
  • Register for an introductory Mindful Practice workshop on Nov. 10
The Arnold P. Gold Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2021 Pearl Birnbaum Hurwitz Humanism in Healthcare Award will be presented to Ruby Mendenhall, MPP, PhD, a visionary leader and interdisciplinary researcher who has galvanized students, faculty, community groups, and citizen scientists to advance the shared quest for a more equitable, healthy and just world for all. Dr. Mendenhall is the Kathryn Lee Baynes Dallenbauch Professor in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Associate Dean for Diversity and Democratization of Health Innovation at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. In addition, she is the Co-Director of STEM Illinois and the Director of the medical school’s new Health Maker Lab node. The Gold Foundation is also recognizing two remarkable women with honorable mentions in 2021: Lara Carson Weinstein, MD, MPH, DrPH, Thomas Jefferson University Department of Family & Community Medicine, Project HOME, Pathways to Housing PA, and Mildred MG Olivier, MD, Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

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New GHHS International Initiative, "Healing the Heart of Healthcare," to extend the work started in 2020
The Gold Humanism Honor Society’s latest initiative is a call to reinforce our essential humanism and humanity. “Healing the Heart of Healthcare: Reimagining How We Listen, Connect, and Collaborate” is a multi-year initiative designed to continue creating the change that true humanistic healthcare requires.

We encourage your work in this initiative to lean on the power of community building, storytelling and health-related narratives (art, music, film, writing, dance, etc.), mentorship programs (doctors and educators to medical students, but also students to their docs!), and more. Through these projects, we hope to fortify our relationships, highlight a variety of perspectives across the continuum of healthcare, and gaze forward to a brighter future.

Learn more about the new GHHS International Initiative.
In Episode 6 of the Gold Connection podcast, four GHHS leaders discuss the new GHHS International Initiative: Dr. Colleen Christmas, former GHHS chapter president Elizabeth Menash, Dr. Linda Stone, and GHHS Director Louisa Tvito. Hear their insights and advice as we embark on another invigorating initiative designed to help ensure humanism in healthcare for all.

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Don't miss these 2 Gold events, part of the 2021 AAMC Annual Conference
Nov. 9 | Vilcek-Gold Award honorees Dr. Latthivongskorn and Dr. Marquez in conversation with Dr. Kirch
2021 Vilcek-Gold Award for Humanism in Healthcare recipients Dr. Jirayut “New” Latthivongskorn and Dr. Denisse Rojas Marquez will be featured in a session as part of the 2021 AAMC Learn Serve Lead virtual conference on Tuesday, November 9, at 2:15 p.m. ET, in conversation with Gold Trustee and AAMC President Emeritus Dr. Darrell Kirch.

The 2021 Jordan J. Cohen Humanism in Medicine Lecture at the AAMC features California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris in conversation with Dr. Rana Awdish, who gave the 2019 Cohen Lecture. The session is available now to watch on demand. For the first time, this beloved annual lecture is free and open to all.

Gold Foundation Board Chair Richard C. Sheerr has announced two new appointees to the Board of Trustees: Dr. Pedro “Joe” Greer, Dean of Roseman University’s new medical school, and Dr. Rosemarie L. Fisher, who is Professor Emerita & Senior Research Scientist at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Fisher joined the Trustees in June as Chair-Elect of the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) Advisory Council, a position that automatically includes a seat on the Board. Dr. Greer joined the Board of Trustees on September 20.

The latest edition of the Jeffrey Silver Humanism in Healthcare Research Roundup features 9 recently published papers on humanism in healthcare, compiled by Dr. Bharat Kumar.

These papers tackle important questions, including:

  1. What is known about the influence of implicit biases in interpersonal collaboration among healthcare team members?
  2. How do medical students perceive bioethical issues portrayed on popular TV medical dramas?
  3. How do parental leave policies impact pediatric resident physicians' decisions for childbearing?

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