October Newsletter 2021

September 2021 In Review

Where did September go…. it seems as though it came and went in the blink of an eye but as I reflect back on the month and all the many activities and programs we did, we certainly had a very busy and fulfilling September.  We are getting back into our groove here at Zack’s Place with three programs a day, lots of wonderful field trips and visiting many of our old familiar and favorite places.

                                                                                                                                 On Mondays we continued book club with Bobbi Perez and Nils Fredland from SNSC. We had wonderful art classes with Finnie from Artistree and a couple great sessions of “Fun and Games” with Kitty, including BINGO! We also began play practices at the Little theater, for our upcoming performance “Beauty and the BeaZt”, directed by Jim Sadwith, coming to the town Hall Theater in December! This is all very exciting; each year, the play is such a big part of Zack’s Place and the community and we are thrilled that we will be putting on another production this year.

                                                                                                                                 Tuesdays we met at the community garden enjoying a garden program with Linda. She is a wealth of information and has really taught us a lot about the many aspects of gardening. This has been a wonderful program and a magical and peaceful spot for us to enjoy. We had games with Carl, music with Mark and Kathleen, a wonderful sunflower program with Billings farm including a tour through the Sunflower maze and an art project with Caroline! We ended each Tuesday with a relaxing session of yoga taught by Jamie or Lalita.

                                                                                                                                 Wednesdays we had two more glorious days of kayak and canoeing with VT Adaptive, one at Silver Lake and the other at Kilowatt Park, on the Connecticut River, soaking up as much sun as possible and enjoying the great outdoors. In the middle of the month, we spent a day visiting the Calvin Coolidge Historical site and Homestead which included a visit to Plymouth cheese and the country store on site. The last two Wednesdays we jumped back into our cycling program with VT Adaptive, in Lebanon NH, biking the Rail Trail. We ended every Wednesday with our music and singing program hosted by Kerry and Sandy and Bob Horan.

                                                                                                                                 Thursdays was a travel day for the most part. We went to Fore U golf for some putt putt mini golf, followed by a delicious ice cream. We visited the “Path of Life Gardens” in Windsor which was very fun and very cool… despite the rain. We took a hike on the Ottauquechee River Trail by East End Park and we went to our all time favorite, Maple Lanes, for some bowling. Last but not least we headed to Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park for a visit and a picnic lunch. We snuck in a session of cooking with Sarah, who made delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with the gang…. absolutely yummy and never a disappointment! Thursday afternoons ended with more relaxing and wonderful yoga sessions taught by Tita and Amanda. (I think we might have even had a session of “DOGA”, which is type of yoga with Dail…. always involving some deep belly laughs!)😊                                                                                  


Fridays, in the morning, we met back at the community garden with Doug, to work on our garden plot and continue harvesting our veggies. We had a couple sessions of fitness games with Bari and Vince, a carrot cake cook off, between Doug and Sarah (I am not sure who the winner was… but the cakes were delicious!) and we had a FABULOUS outing to the Tunbridge Fair, always a fan favorite …. especially for Kitty! (Trivia question: How many bags of Maple cotton candy did Kitty buy?) Each Friday afternoon, we finished out our week, with play rehearsal at the Little Theater. We are so happy to be back at Zack’s Place!!


Zack's Place Tournament of Champions September 10, 2021

 A great Success


A great big thank you to all who participated in the Zack's Place Tournament of champions on September 10, 2021 at Woodstock Inn Country Club. It was a beautiful day and the tournament was incredible fun. The event started with a shot gun start, we had an air cannon on the 8th hole, Silo Vodka and Spirits tasting on the 9th hole, the tournament was followed by a successful golf ball drop with many people winning the prizes. Afterwards we had a cash bar, with a light buffet and a live auction. 28 teams played in the tournament, we sold 500 Golf Balls in the Golf Ball Drop, we had a wonderful live auction as well. The event raised over $55,000.00. A big thank you to all the donors, players, auction donors and to the Woodstock Inn!


Upcoming Events

Zack's Place Documentary about Beauty and Beazt a Zack's Place Musical


Zack's Place Film Crew

Jim Cole Cinemetographer, Luke Kellerhouse Poducer and Co-Director, Jim Sadwith Executive Producer, Nerissa Edwards Producer, Taylor Wedding Cinemtographer, Franky Gonzales Sound and Music Supervisor.


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