Eve Wald, who served as Chairperson of ICRF in the early 2000's, passed away recently. Eve, a Holocaust survivor and soldier in the IDF, obtained her MA from Columbia University.

Eve had a passion for bridge, and played for many years in the Israel International Bridge Festival. When she learned about ICRF in 1986, she helped organize a tournament to raise funds for ICRF, which grew in attendance each season for many years.

"Raising funds to help Israeli scientists conduct their cancer research in Israel is our goal," she said in 2004. "I have come to know many of them over the years. They are brilliant, dedicated and very well trained. Many have graduated from the top postdoctoral programs in the United States and returned to Israel, with the help of ICRF."

"ICRF is grateful to Eve for her many years of devotion and service in the fight against cancer," remarked Dr. Yashar Hirshaut, former Chair and President Emeritus.