Volume 22 | October 2021
Supply Chain Issues, Marketing at EMP, Tracking Solution, and Much More!
Supply Chain Issues Continue to be a Factor
4-to-6-month lead times. That is what we are facing on some of the most common items that we sell. Mobile printers, mobile computers, even labels! Almost 30% of our annual sales are on backlog right now. So, what can we do here at EMP to help? Sometimes very little, but sometimes we can do a lot. Click on the article below to find out more!
Marketing the EMP Way
Marketing is a mysterious thing, particularly when compared to sales. When you sell, you either win or lose and the results are obvious. Marketing has many more shades of grey; success is not always clear, and the proper method is not always obvious. EMP has struggled with marketing, we live in a niche industry and to some extent geography is a limiting factor. Click below to find out more about how we tackle marketing at EMP!
Automotive Aftermarket Tracking
As was stated in a previous newsletter, EMP implemented a very successful inventory management system for an automotive bumper facility. This time the customer purchased a new facility for all of their aftermarket components, and they wanted to implement the inventory tracking system throughout the entire shop floor. They knew EMP had the team on staff to get the job done right. Click on the article below to find out more about this complex inventory tracking system!
Using an MDM to Keep Up with OS and SHA Certificates
OK, we admit it, there is some alphabet soup at work here. In this case, complex acronyms reflect complex issues. Managing mobile devices in your warehouses and plant floor keeps getting more complicated. One factor is the more rapid updates to Android. The other factor, frankly, is ransomware! Want to learn how we combat these issues? Read below!
One Scan, One Print, One Apply Using Mobile Printer Carts
What is the biggest pain point in our customers' operations? Shipping the wrong product! So much effort is put into production quality and producing good products, the labeling process is often overlooked. What is the simplest way to ensure the right label gets on the right product? One scan, one print, one apply. Check out the articel below to find out more!
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