October 2021 Newsletter

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October 8th, 2021

In this issue:

*Annual General Meeting details

*Board of Directors election

*Tennis update

*Letter from BoD


Happening at the Club:


Annual General Membership meeting

October 21 at 7:00 pm ZOOM remote meeting

Swim Committee

October 6 at noon ZOOM remote Meeting


Tennis Committee

October 28 at 7 pm ZOOM remote Meeting

Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors Election

NOTE: Second Virtual AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Thursday, October 21 at 7pm

  • The AGM presentation slides will be sent out before the meeting.

  • Please take time prior to October 21 to read through the presentation. Before the meeting, email any questions in to the office. Questions will be answered at the Zoom meeting October 21 at 7 pm. Time permitting, other questions may be taken that night.

  • ZOOM AGM meeting Thursday, October 21 at 7pm

  • Join Zoom Meeting


  • Meeting ID: 408 984 8880
  • Passcode: 775533

  • Before noon on October 21, VOTE for up to 4 members of the Board of Directors (one vote per family)

  • Vote in person on the Tennis Patio, mail in the ballot to the club (must arrive by October 20) or vote online via the Surveymonkey link:

Link to Surveymonkey voting

  • Voting closes at noon on October 21.

A warm thank you to the four directors whose terms are up: Teresa Sulcer, Kathie Dunnam, Jennifer Muhle, and Javier Cobos. Thank you for your service!

Bios of Candidates Running for the

2021 - 2022 Board of Directors:

Fellow KK members,

I am looking forward to joining the board to help maintain the family atmosphere of Kona Kai. For all members and staff to feel welcome and safe. I joined the swim committee at the start of COVID to represent families with small children and get family lanes added to Skedda. I have helped with multiple projects to maintain and upgrade the outdoor shower, water fountain, plumbing issues and pump room.

I have lived in this area for over 25 years. I discovered Kona Kai at a company team building event, a cooking class at the newly renovated kitchen, and fell in love immediately. I joined the club the next week after Sharon Hiruzawa gave me a tour. My wife, Azadeh, and I, and our 2 kids have enjoyed the facility and people at KK ever since.

I have been an engineer and program manager at tech companies for over 25 years, and a member of a couple of boards of HOAs and have served as president, financial officer and secretary, working with management companies and hearing and addressing member inputs.

I appreciate your consideration and thank you for allowing me to give back.

Mohammad (Ramin) Shahid

Dear KK members,

We're a multicultural family, have been a Kona Kai member since 2014 and enjoy tennis at the club year round, recreational swimming during the warmer months, and the occasional social events. I have served in the Tennis Committee since 2017, the last 4 years as Chairman. During this time, I have strived to balance the different needs of Kona Kai's diverse tennis community, as well as managing some important sources of additional revenue from the tennis programs. During the challenges of the pandemic I made every effort to keep the club open for tennis play while compliant with health laws and the safety of the members, adjusting to the ever changing environment.

In my professional life I have been an IT director and more recently work as a Solutions Engineer and Product Owner at a well known multinational company. My role requires me to be very organized working in multiple projects both as a contributor and as a manager to meet goals and deadlines. I have also served at the Board of Directors of an HOA in Sunnyvale.

Outside of the club I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and rock-climbing.

As I will be ending my tenure in the Tennis Committee this year I look forward to continuing to contribute to the club with the experience I have gained by serving on the Board and looking out for the interests of all members.  

Adan Martinez


My name is Jerry Karp & I am running for the Board of Directors.

My family have been members of the club for approximately 7 years but I have been at Kona Kai many times dating back to the early 70’s.

We have lived in Westwood Oaks since 1976 & enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of our special neighborhood.

I have been actively involved for the past 6 months or so on the Pool Renovation Team. I have been taking care of the several plumbing issues such as the outdoor shower repair & the replacement of the outdoor water fountain.

I am sure many of you have seen me around the pool working with plumbers locating and cleaning out the drainage lines in and around the pool deck.

Currently I am working with several electricians to access the club’s electrical system.

I would like to serve on the board in the capacity of the facilities & ground director as I enjoy working on these types of projects.

Prior to my retiring, I was actively involved in the sales & installation of large industrial washers & water recycling systems for the printed circuit board industry for over 45 years.

I would like to bring my expertise to our club by serving on the board.

I would appreciate your vote.

Thank you.

Jerry Karp

Dear KK members

As a member of Kona Kai for the last 30 plus years, my care and concern for Kona Kai should be abundantly clear. Previously, as a member of the board in charge of facilities, my committee and I renewed the club room and kitchen. We chose the rock and the wood paneling above the fireplace in the club room and changed the countertop and added cabinets to the kitchen. My focus as a member of the board of directors for this term will be to add interesting and fun social events. My frustration is that as a member of 30+ years, I find that I know very few of the new members. I am sure we would all have more fun if we knew each other and had some fun events to attend. 

I’ve been retired for 10 years from my most recent position as Associate Director of the Center for Faculty Development at San Jose State. I also held the positions of Director of the Wireless Laptop Project, Director of the Preparing Teachers to Use Technology Grants, and faculty of Instructional Technology at San Jose State University. As Associate Director of the Center for Faculty Development, I increased participation in the university functions 5 fold in the first semester. 

Please consider voting for Mary Fran Breiling as a member of the Board of Directors of Kona Kai. 

Mary Fran Breiling

Dear KK members,

Because of her fondness for Kona Kai and it’s community, Jennifer Muhle has decided to run for a second term on the Board. As Secretary of the Board during the last two unusual years, Jennifer helped choose the new Club Room floor and it’s installation, create the new Family and Caregiver Policy, create countless Covid policies with her Co-Board Members, interviewed new staff members, consulted on painting the Club interiors, and a variety of week to week tasks.  Her hope is that this next term will be more about the Kona Kai community and less about Covid!

Jennifer Muhle has devoted the last seventeen years to raising her two teenage children, as well as two golden doodles, while volunteering at school and in the community. Her professional career was in advertising competitive analysis, social work research and marketing, before working with a local interior designer. Jennifer is finishing up her Interior Design degree in the spring and loves creating floorpans and 3D models on the computer in her spare time. 

The Muhle family moved to Silicon Valley in 2008 (from the Los Angeles area) when they promptly sought out a community club that had a swimming pool and a vibrant social scene, which they happily found in Kona Kai.  You'll find Jennifer's husband, Brent, in the pool swimming many (so many) laps most weekend mornings, and occasionally after work too. He’s the one who will often take the covers off and is always ready with a smile.  Jennifer and Brent’s children can be found picking up the recycled tennis balls or playing the odd game of tennis with their mom. Both of her kids were Club Monitors last year so hopefully they were polite! 

Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to seeing you and your families around the Club! 

Jennifer Muhle

Official General Membership Ballot

October 2021

Please return to Kona Kai’s Ballot box on the Tennis Patio

by noon Oct.21th, 2020

  Candidates for Board of Directors

(Vote for no more than 4)


_____ Mary Fran Breiling

_____ Jerry Karp

_____ Adan Martinez

_____ Jennifer Muhle

_____ Mohammad Shahid

Member Information:

(Only 1 vote per member family)



Print Full Name________________________ 




We have received multiple reports of guests not being properly signed in. As a reminder

  • All players, including guests, must be entered in the reservation Booking Title.
  • In addition, guests must sign a waiver. They can use the form on the clipboard in the lobby or on the tennis patio, one line per guest.
  • Guests must be signed in when entering the club. Besides encouraging honesty, this must be done for liability reasons.
  • Members who have not signed in their guests are subject to a $30 fine per guest per instance.

The office may conduct random spot checks to make sure that the guest policy is being complied with, and may require proof of membership. Please be cooperative with the staff when they are doing these checks.

Fair Use of the Reservation System

Please remember:

  • 6 hours advanced reservation limit, 2 hours per day. Limits are per membership household.
  • additional 2 hours are reserved on the same day, starting at 6pm
  • Ball machine use is limited to 1 hour per day advanced reservation, 1 additional hour same day. Ball machine use gets priority on court 3.
  • showing up 15 minutes late to a reservation will be considered a no-show.
  • no booking early and then "sliding" your appointment forward to get ahead of others

The office and Tennis Committee will occasionally monitor reservations to enforce fair use of the system. Any reservations in violation of these policies or the spirit of fairness may result in the reservation being cancelled. Repeated violations may result in suspension of reservation privileges.

Prime Time InterClub

Kona Kai is forming a new InterClub league for prime time together with nearby clubs. The first matches will begin in October. All players will be members at these clubs and trade home and away matches. The targeted level is 3.5 to 4.5 NTRP. Please contact Yi-Ren Fang at kkta.kkc@gmail.com if you are interested in participating.

Letter from the BoD

Dear KKC Members,

Happy October! 

And at KKC, October means it’s time for the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and the Board Elections. This year, the AGM will be on October 21st, at 7pm. Please mark your calendars! 

Unfortunately the AGM will again take place online due to this persistent virus and its latest variant. Please look for the Zoom link. A link will also be sent out to vote in the Board elections. It’s very important that most members vote. Candidate statements are included in this newsletter. 

During the AGM, you will hear about the state of the club in all areas, from facilities to financials, and about various renovation projects being planned. 

The Tennis Committee and Swim Committee both have openings for new members - consider joining and helping the club provide great experiences for all members! Both committees meet once a month. 

The weather has been great, and October is a great time for both tennis and enjoying the pool!

Kona Kai Board of Directors

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Kona Kai Staff

Club Manager

Brandon Davis

Office Staff

Marion Schade

Neeka Mostafavi

Jillian Muirhead


Club Maintenance

Ken Kingsley

Brian Bautista

Jae Caluag