We are excited to share our happenings as we begin the expansion of our outdoor recreation for all residents, especially the Deafblind. We have taken the first step towards integrating the TH (Thompson House)and NEHD campus. Where did we begin? Well, thanks to the support of an anonymous donor, the first step was to add a rail on the existing walkway between the TH and NEHD. Now, NEHD residents, TH tenants and all others who are not confident walking without aid are able to use this walkway. Our future plans include benches, additional landscaping and access to the current Gazebo where all can sit and relax while enjoying the environment and chatting with family or friends. This has been a long time coming and it is the start of a larger plan which will lead to a more accessible integration of the two locations. We encourage you to be on the lookout for more exciting news of this endeavor!  NEHD is very grateful for all of our generous donors and welcome you to donate to this project.

Please click on the link below to make a donation: