October 8, 2021
October 2021: Palapa Society News
From The Palapa School Director 
The Palapa School is proud to announce that our professor Xavier Quiroz is about to start his doctorate studies in Educational Sciences. The Palapa Society will support him by granting a partial scholarship for his education. Professor Xavier is our most experienced teacher as he has been part of the school from the beginning. Xavier is a cornerstone of the school team given his professional commitment, his work with students, his support to teachers, and his constant quest to improve skills to better serve students.

Director Anna Castillo added, “At The Palapa School we recognize we are all constantly learning and that is why we are committed to the professional development of our team. We motivate curiosity and the desire to learn in both students and their teachers, because we teach by example. We are proud and grateful to have a teacher like Xavier on our team of teachers at The Palapa School and we wish him every success in this new journey of learning!”
The New Home for
The Palapa Schools' Preparatoria
In July of 2016, The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C. broke ground on The Palapa Learning Center with the mission of building a new campus for its traditional community programs. The Board of Directors took on the ambitious project to build a Secundaria (middle school) and Preparatoria (high school) facility to fulfill its vision of providing quality education in Todos Santos. This was the dream of Cindy and David Higgins and, due to their generosity, it is now a reality.

During the spring of 2021, The Palapa Society celebrated a new and important milestone, the completion of a second floor which now houses its Preparatoria. In June of 2022 The Palapa School will honor its first graduating class.

This second story addition to The Palapa School was a success because of David and Cindy Higgins, The Stewart Family, Jack Nottingham, and Grupo AF Construction. The passion for education, the generous donation of furnishings, the expertise in design, and the skilled construction work were the primary drivers and inspiration to build the school. Their legacy will endure for generations.
Featured Teacher of the Month
by Xavier Quiroz, Teacher

“Teacher or professor? It depends who you ask. I prefer to say I am an engineer by education and a teacher at heart.” Xavier Quiroz lived in Los Cabos, when out of curiosity, he asked The Palapa School if they had an opening. The response was, “Can you teach math and physics classes?” Of course, I answered "Yes" without knowing this would turn into a satisfying career educating young people in the best way, and educating students who would make a difference in their society.

Xavier Quiroz has been part of a teaching team at The Palapa School for 5 years, where he teaches mathematics and physics at the secondary level. Originally from La Paz, he did his academic training at the La Paz Technological Institute, and is now beginning his postgraduate degree in education.

Xavier comments, “Working at The Palapa School has been a great experience giving me all the support and tools I need to carry out my work. I’ve had the good fortune to meet the students of Todos Santos. They are charismatic, happy young people with great abilities who surprise me every day and make me have a greater appreciation for my profession. This year I feel prepared, excited, and have great expectations for a new school year, full of challenges and opportunities that only the teaching profession can offer.”
Created by Karol (3° grado de secundaria)
Student Spotlight: Aram
As a 17-year-old, Aram is a fifth-year student at The Palapa School. “As I thought about enrolling, I considered my future and my family. Today it has become a journey that has won my heart and brought me many opportunities and memorable moments,” says Aram.

This year new learning technologies were implemented due to COVID-19. Aram added, “These new technologies were initially a complex challenge, but it helped us learn we need to always be ready for change. It forced us to adapt. This skill will help us in our adult lives just around the corner.”

Now back in school with in-person learning, Aram is both appreciative and excited. “I am very excited to see what the school has in store for us, and I am sure it will be a very important year in the lives of the students.”
Update of Programs
The Palapa School - Hybrid Learning Now Open
Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska - TBD
Children's Library - TBD
Puente Program - Tentative start date - October 2021
Adult English - To continue via Zoom only
After-school Children's Art Program - Closed until further notice
Events Calendar
To protect our community, a final decision to proceed with each event will be determined based on the status of COVID-19 at the time.
Tianguis - November 2021
Carrera de Todos Santos (5K) - December 2021
Todos Santos Open Studio Tour - February 2022
Historic Home Tour - March 2022
Baja Under the Stars  (Denver, CO) - September 17, 2022
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