October 2021 e-Newsletter
Lower Gwynedd Township Upcoming Meetings & Events:
Fall Leaf Collection-Curbside by 6am

October 11
Offices Closed-Columbus Day/Indigenous Day

October 12

October 13

October 14

October 18

October 19

October 20

Leaf Collection-Curbside by 6am

Montco Household Hazardous Waste Collection-Lower Merion Appt. Required

October 26

October 28

October 31
General News
Parks & Recreation Citizen Survey!

The Parks & Recreation Board is still looking for responses to their survey! Your opinion matters and your feedback is extremely helpful when making decisions that impact recreational amenities and programming for our residents. Complete the survey today! 
Fall Fest Success-Thank you!

The Lower Gwynedd Township Supervisors would like to thank all of the volunteers, staff, performers, and community members who made the Fall Fest a success! It was a great day for the community! 
Fall Leaf Collection Dates:

Lower Gwynedd Township has a leaf and yard waste recycling program where our contracted hauler, Republic Services, provides curbside leaf/yard waste collection opportunities throughout the Spring and Fall. The confirmed dates for this Fall are:
  • October 9th
  • October 23rd
  • November 6th
  • November 20th
  • December 4th
  • December 18th
Penllyn Park Courts Resurfacing Scheduled to Begin October 4th:

The basketball and tennis courts located at Penllyn Park will be closed for resurfacing beginning October 4th. After a few delays, the project is scheduled to move forward. The courts will be closed until after the project is completed. We apologize for the inconvenience but it is necessary in order to complete the court resurfacing project. 
EAC Hosts: Republic Services Recycling Presentation
Thursday, October 28, 7pm at the Township Building:

Join the EAC and Dominic Fulginiti of Republic Services, Lower Gwynedd Township's waste disposal service company, to get the dirt on what happens to the stuff we place in our recycling bins every week. We will learn the dos and don'ts of what should be put in the bins and why; how different materials are handled once they pass from our bins to the trucks and beyond; what we can do to make the process more efficient and thereby less costly for all of us; and more. Dominic will be able to answer all of your recycling and trash questions
EAC Green Tip of the Month
Turn off your idling engine! In modern cars, idling the car engine (i.e., running it when you are not actually driving) for longer than 10 seconds uses more fuel and generates more harmful emissions than does stopping and restarting the engine. Research suggests that personal vehicle idling wastes about 3 billion gallons of fuel and generates about 30 million tons of CO2 each year in the US. If each of us pays more attention to reducing idling time, we can have a significant cumulative effect on reducing its negative impacts. What changes can we make? Running your engine to warm it up in cold weather is not necessary. In fact, driving the vehicle helps it reach its ideal temperature faster than idling it; moreover, the catalytic converter, which reduces emissions, operates much sooner if the car is driven. Other common circumstances where cars tend to idle are drive-through lines and waiting to pick up passengers. If the drive-through lines are long at a restaurant, bank, pharmacy, etc., consider turning off your car while you wait, or park and go inside. Similarly, turn off the car if you are waiting at the airport or at a school, especially if the weather is moderate. This is particularly important at schools because emissions are more concentrated near the ground, where small children are breathing! For more information: Reducing Idling in Personal Vehicles
Boards & Committee Updates
The Lower Gwynedd BOS returned to their normal meeting schedule in September, meeting September 14th and 28th. At their first meeting they recognized the retirement of Sergeant Rex Wilkinson from the Lower Gwynedd Police Department and welcomed Officer Garrett Vail to the force. The annual audit was presented and accepted by the BOS. The financial condition of the Township remains extremely strong. A Conditional Use hearing was held at this meeting for the Cedar Hill Road Development. The applicant is proposing a 12-lot subdivision of three consolidate parcels along Cedar Hill Road. Conditional Use approval is required in order for the developer to utilize the cluster option provided for in the code. Testimony was heard by the applicant’s engineer. Concerns over stormwater management, tree removal, traffic, and open space were raised by the BOS and the public. A decision is pending. The BOS voted to reject the bid proposals that were received for the Welsh Road Trail, as they were much higher than anticipated. They also voted to update the regulations regarding Act 101 (recycling) violations as requested by the Northern Montgomery Recycling Commission of which Lower Gwynedd Township is a part. The BOS also heard from a number of residents on Brookside Avenue regarding extreme flooding conditions on their road. A grant application has been submitted requesting funding to do a flood mitigation study in this area with the intent to identify possible projects that could be implemented to mitigate the flooding issues. In addition to the grant, the Township will continue to work through this issue with the appropriate parties. At the second meeting in September, the BOS recognized Carole Culbreth for her service as Administrative Assistant to the Township for the past 23 years. They wished her well in her retirement. The BOS authorized staff to submit a PECO Green Region Grant application for the replacement of picnic tables and benches in a number of Township parks. They also awarded the 3-year mowing contract to Brightview Landscape LLC, but asked that the Township consider reducing mowing, especially in basin areas, in an effort to reduce cost and negative environmental impacts. The BOS also thanked everyone for their help with the Fall Fest. They felt it was a very successful event. 
The EAC did not meet in September. However, they did participate in Fall Fest and had information displayed at their booth along with Spotted Lanternfly swatters for distribution to the public. These swatters are still available. If you’d like a swatter, please complete this form. Also, the EAC will be hosting a Recycling Presentation this month with Dominic Fulginiti of Republic Services. The presentation will be held on Thursday, October 28th at 7pm at the Township building located at 1130 N. Bethlehem Pike, Spring House. 
The ZHB will meet on Thursday, October 14th at 6pm. The following applications will be heard:

1008 Evans Rd: A-Residential District; Applicant seeks a variance from front yard setback requirements and any other relief deemed necessary for a proposed addition to a single-family dwelling.

870 South Penn Oak Rd: AA-1 Residential District; Applicant seeks variance from side and rear yard setback requirements and any other relief deemed necessary for a proposed outdoor living space addition to a single-family dwelling.

September Hearing Decisions

September Hearings- September 9, 2021:
1432 Rose Ln: A-Residential District; Applicant seeks a variance from yard requirements and any other relief deemed necessary to replace an existing open patio associated with a single-family dwelling. Approved.

441 Brights Ln: B-Residential District; Applicant seeks a variance from the front yard setback requirement and any other relief deemed necessary to construct an attached garage on a single-family dwelling. Approved.

807 Alene Rd: A-Residential District; Applicant seeks a variance from the side yard setback requirement and any other relief deemed necessary to construct a four-seasons room in place of a single-family dwelling's existing patio. Approved.
The following projects are currently under review by the PC at this time. The PC meets the third Wednesday of every month as needed. The PC did not meet in the month of September. Please check the website for the most current agenda.

(#20-04) 301 Norristown Road Land Development (Gwynedd Estates-Acts): Multi-Family residential development that includes the addition of a new skilled nursing wing at the NE corner of the site and a reconfiguration of existing parking area while also adding new parking and subsurface stormwater management facilities.
Status: Revisions were submitted and are currently under review by the Township engineers. 

(#21-03) 1612 N. Bethlehem Pike Land Development (Precision Watches & Jewelry): Non-residential commercial development of a 16,329 sq. ft. parcel located at 1612 N. Bethlehem Pike in the D-3 zoning district. Applicant proposes to construct a 2.5 story jewelry store and associated parking and other required improvements. Status: Application and plans submitted, under review. Have not yet gone before the PC.  
The PRB did not meet in September. They are still requesting community feedback through the Parks & Recreation Survey. Click the link below to access the survey. 

Departmental Round-Up

Lower Gwynedd Township will bid farewell to our Administrative Assistant, Carole Culbreth, on October 1st, 2021. Carole will be retiring after serving the Township for 23 years. The BOS honored Carole with a proclamation at their meeting on September 28th recognizing her work as Administrative Assistant, Right-to-Know Officer, and Notary Public. Carole also holds the designation of Certified Municipal Clerk. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Carole was also a smiling face in the Township, a cheerful voice on the phone, a helping hand, and a dear friend to her coworkers. She will be sorely missed at the Township, but we wish her all the best in her retirement.
The Police Department said goodbye to Sergeant Rex Wilkinson who retired on September 10th after 26 years of service to the Township. State Senator, Maria Collett, presented Sgt. Wilkinson with a citation on September 14th, 2021 at the BOS meeting. The Police Department also welcomed a new police officer to the force! Officer Garrett Vail was officially sworn in by Judge Susan Leonard at the BOS meeting held September 14, 2021, as well. Officer Vail was the top candidate for the position and the Police Department is extremely excited about him joining the Lower Gwynedd family.
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