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October 2022

Impacting a Community through Individual Discipleship

Listening to God: Episode 2 (Moses & Mary)

Growing Together through Uncertain Times

In It For The Long Haul

Prayer for Ukraine

Impacting a Community through Individual Discipleship

One Challenge workers aim, more often than not, is to work themselves out of the job. Does this seem odd? Our goal is to empower local leaders, and future leaders, to impact their communities through the love of the gospel. Yes, sometimes we get things started, but really, we want to equip individuals ...

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Featured Video - Listening to God Series

Listening to God: Episode 2 (Moses & Mary)

In Episode 2 in our Listening to God series, we will explore God’s invitation to Moses in Exodus 3 and God’s invitation to Mary, the mother of Jesus, in Luke 1. These two protagonists couldn’t be more different, but God invites them to participate in events that changed the course of history ...

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Growing Together through Uncertain Times

Growth isn’t an easy process. Often it comes out of necessity and uncertainty. This month, OC leaders are coming together in person for the first time since 2015 for the OC Leadership Conference. The goal – to seek the Lord for his guidance regarding OC’s future.  OC is excited for this time to grow together. It may not be easy. It may not be without uncertainty and complexity ...

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Prayer for Conference

In It For The Long Haul

Achieving significant impact is not about what happens in the short game. Lasting impact happens over long periods of time with deep commitment. It has been said that good habits take years to develop and then must be maintained. The same can be said for spiritual growth in your life or in the life of someone you are discipling ...

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Prayer and News: Ukraine Ministry

Once a month on the OneChallenge.org website, we are posting the latest news and prayer requests for Ukraine from our OC international ministry workers. 

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Book: Mobilizing Movements: Leadership Insights for Discipling Whole Nations

OC's Murray Moerman says, as record numbers of people around the world respond to Christ, a need for community, structure, and leadership is emerging. Disciple-making and church planting must extend to the most remote areas of every people group and nation to assist individuals as they come to Christ.  

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