October 2022 Newsletter
Exploring Healthy Foods
Welcome to October – the month that ends with a candy-filled celebration and leads directly into the holiday season. Suffice it to say, we are heading into a period of the year when many people find it challenging to maintain a healthy diet. Learn More
Nutrition-Related Early Learning Standards
Nutrition-Related Activity Ideas for Children
Nutrition-Related Family Engagement Ideas
Build a Nutrition Resource Library
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Poll Results: September 2022 Newsletter
What is your experience with using the engineering design process with children?

A. I use the engineering design process with children often. - 26.6% (132)
B. I have used the engineering design process a few times in the past. - 23.3% (116)
C. I am excited to begin to use the engineering process with my class. - 25.2% (125)
D. I have never used the engineering design process and doubt I ever will. - 24.9% (124)

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Which statement best describes your experience with teaching children about nutrition?
A. We prepare hot & cold recipes and explore nutrition & food safety.
B. We prepare cold recipes and explore nutrition & food safety.
C. We don’t cook together but do explore nutrition & food safety.
D. I don’t have experience cooking with children or teaching about nutrition.
Building a Nutrition and Culinary Vocabulary

When cooking with children, it is important to introduce new words and concepts to children who may have never prepared food in the past. Here is a sampling of words you could introduce to children as you explore food together.

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