Volume 22 | Issue 9 | October 2022


Movember 2022

CSS Corner

Union Leave

Christmas Party


Shop Steward Thanks


Last Laugh



New Members



Nathan Kraemer

Recording Secretary:

Ellen Foley


Kaleena Baulin

Negotiating Chairperson:

Shaun Jenkins

Maintenance V.P.:

Karl Dahle

Process V.P.:

Wade Schnell

Administration V.P.:

Tasha Lang


Kurt Haakensen

Chief Shop Steward:

Richard Exner

Information Officer:

Ashlyn Heintz


Brandon Mang

Sergeant at Arms:

Nic Skulski


Amy Wisniewski 

Daryl Watch 

Anton Skulski


Hello Mo Bro’s and Mo Sista’s,

Thank you to all who have supported myself and our team over the last year. I am so proud to be a part of this winning team.

I am excited again to be the team captain this year for the “Refinery Stache for Cash” team. Our team is proudly supported by CRC and Unifor 594. This will be my 13th year participating in the Mo grow, with a milestone well in reach as I am set to hit $30,000 in total donations. A huge thanks to those who have supported my fundraisers thus far including, all the CFL/NFL football pools, as well as those who have simply donated money. I really have fun growing the stache while sharing it on social media and

engaging people on everything about Movember.

In the coming weeks, the conversations and funds we raise will help Moverber Canada lead medical research, cancer test innovations and game-changing mental health interventions. Moustache season is finally upon us and our work has never been more relevant or important.

This Movember, my team goal is once again to create a team larger than last years as we had just over 20 Mo Bro’s and Mo Sista’s; raising $25 510, which is remarkable! All you need to do is find our team:

“Refinery Stache for Cash” at


and register.

The Movember app is a great way to track your progress. Whether you are growing, moving (60 km run/walk for the month for the 60 men we lose to suicide every 60 minutes), or Mo your own way, we need your participation and support.

Our team is once again participating in the “The Oil Rig Rumble”. You can follow the action on the Movember app or website. Our team has raised the top funds in Saskatchewan last year and I am so proud to be a part of this. I look forward to seeing the progress on the new and returning growers/ supporters and seeing where we can end up this year!

Thanks for being involved in this awesome cause.

If you have any further questions about Movember or just want to chat; call or email anytime.

Mo love, Mo on. Let’s do this.

Mike Neigum, Refinery Stache for Cash Captain

(306) 550-4416, mike.n@sasktel.net



Karla Hanson


Debbie Bourassa &

Mitch Bloos

Building Maintenance:

Garth Wendel


Mike Pelzer


Sam Seibel


Corey Strass & Colin Waldie

Fire & Safety:

Daryl Watch &

Ryan Shillingford

Information Technology:

Cory Frederickson


Shane Thompson


Dave Mushynsky &

Jaret McCloy & Chris Szala


Luke McGeough &

Brandon Mang


Andrea Jordan & Mike Fink


Derek Kups & Karter Diewold

MRP: Garth Wendel

PDD Loading: Jamie Wolf

PDD Warehouse: Vacant

PDD Office:

Christal Wisniewski


Jeremy Lukomski

& Dan Ross


Ryan Dzioba


Nelson Wagman

Section IA:

Dean Funke

Section IB:

Charles Brittner

Section II:

Jason Sharp

Section III:

Josh Hollinger

Section IV:

Pat Pilot & Cam Parisien

Section V:

Andrew Murray


Nathan Fafard


Scott Wicklund


Everyone can breathe now. Almost two years after our application to the Labour Board was filed, the ULP decision finally dropped two weeks ago. The Board declared that the Company had committed an unfair labour practice and was guilty of bad faith bargaining when they tried to eliminate the Master Operator position post-ratification.

Any potential job classifications eliminations and/or permanent layoffs have been on hold pending this decision since the Board issued an interim order halting that process while the Master Operator and Rover issues were sorted out. That interim order is no longer in force.

The Company has not engaged the Union on any potential plans to reignite that discussion. It is evident that many, if not all, departments are understaffed. There is no shortage of work only a shortage of people to perform that work. 


While we may not know what the future holds for other areas, the Process department can return to some sense of normalcy in the wake of the ULP decision. The Master Operator position will be filled and their duties returned to them, including reviewing & issuing permits, granting authorization to unit areas, and Emergency Response responsibilities.


These corrections should help to ease the stress levels associated with running without a MO. It was a change that impacted the safety of all workers and the sustainability of the refinery itself. While the LRB didn't comment directly on the safety aspects, their decision will have a positive cascading impact in that regard.


The LRB decision doesn't settle the two grievance issues:

  • can the company remove MO duties and assign them to out-of-scope or other in-scope employees, and
  • can the company institute a minimum staffing policy that forces process sections to run below the bargained compliment

Both grievances were on pause while we waited for the ULP decision, they can now proceed through the steps. Although looking at the LRB decision, the MO position must be maintained until at least the next round of bargaining. It wouldn't make sense for the Company to remove any of their duties. Additionally, a minimum staff policy that is only in place to reduce labour costs only puts the refinery at unnecessary risk. The yearly costs of filling positions in the Process department pales in comparison to the cost of the upsets, outages and emergencies that are lessened or prevented by having a fully staffed shift. 

The LRB decision was a favourable one for the Union, but for the Executive there are no days off as we shift focus to the grievances and preserving the integrity of our collectively bargained agreement.  

In Solidarity,

Richard Exner


This year has been crazy for the extra hours worked during Turnaround, working short in units and the added pressure of a staff shortage and training issues. As a union executive, we would not be able to do our union jobs without the support and commitment of the membership.

I want to thank everyone who has stepped up and worked extra shift(s) to allow for union leave over the past couple of years. In the leadup to, and since the lockout, we have faced many large, time consuming challenges. We have been able to face those challenges and come out on top because we are a strong, supportive membership. 

As of October 27th, there have been just over 200 union leaves so far in 2022. While not all leaves require coverage, this still highlights how much we rely on, and appreciate when people are able to help out by working a union leave coverage. It is every one of you that allows us to do our research, social media, emails, file grievances, attend Company meetings, write cheques and volunteer for the betterment of the whole. These leaves also allow us to send stewards, committee members, and union executives to conferences, seminars, grievance/ULP hearings, educational courses, and anything else that keeps our union in a position to be a powerful voice and provide strong representation for all of our members.

Thank you to everybody that has ever picked up a union coverage shift. The Local 594 executive is incredibly appreciative of your past and continued help on this front. I look forward to seeing everyone at our Christmas party on December 3rd where we can finally celebrate together as a local for the first time in years. We have a lot to celebrate.

In Solidarity,

Nathan Kraemer


The Unifor 594 Social Committee will be hosting the 80th Christmas Party!

December 3rd, 2022

Turvey Centre

Coctails @ 6:00, Dinner @ 7:00

Entertainment, DJ, Special Guests, Photo Booth, Dance, Door Prizes

$20 Tickets

Grab your tickets from your shop steward or a social committee


You won't want to miss the special unveiling of our limited edition 594 beer! 

  • Congratulations Dean Brothen (Loading) on his marriage to Willow on September 24, 2022
  • *CORRECTION** Congratulations James Cheeseman and Ryan Morgan who received their Insulators Red Seal.


As a whole, we are a better executive thanks to the tireless efforts of our stewards. 


“I would like to extend the biggest thank you to Karla Hanson and Cory Frederickson, the two amazing Administration shop stewards. The knowledge and experience the two of you bring to our many discussions is invaluable to me. And also, just being a sounding board for when I need someone to bounce a thought or idea off of. Having the both of you volunteer your time to step into these roles to help the administration group has been instrumental in ensuring there is a good flow of communication to our members and that they are provided day to day support should they need it.” – Tasha Lang, Administration VP


“I just want to send a big thank you out to the process and lab department shop stewards. Thank you stepping up and for volunteering your time and energy for the betterment of our union! As most people know getting involved can be intimidating, but each of you have been a big asset to both the workers in your respective sections and to me. There will always be members with questions, people needing representation and discussions to be had with management. I truly appreciate all the hard work you guys and gals have done assisting me since I have stepped into the VP role. Thank you for attending meetings, representing members, and providing insight from areas of the plant that need a voice.” – Wade Schnell, Process VP

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the maintenance shop stewards for their dedication and hard work they put in. Shop stewards play a vital role. I see this more from my short time in this seat than I ever did in my 36 years of being a union member. You are the ones that pull the shops together when other forces are trying to rip them apart, you’re answering members questions, researching grievances, backing your members, and being the voice of the executive in your shops. I could not be affective at this job without you. To our members new and old, these guys are there for you. If you have questions, or concerns they are your avenue to voice them.” -Garth Wendel, Interim Maintenance VP


“A special thanks and shoutout to Christal Wisniewski and Jamie Wolf for making themselves available whenever we need, even when they are on days off. Also, having the ground level perspective they bring is invaluable, especially for someone like myself who is not actually in the department. I truly couldn’t represent the department without their knowledge, commitment, dedication, and perspective.” -Kurt Haakensen, PDD VP

The role of shop steward can be time consuming on the best of days without adding in returning from a lockout or navigating a once in a lifetime pandemic. We cannot thank you enough for the time you put in attending executive meetings, having discussions with management, attending member meetings, answering member questions, assisting us with the general understanding of the workings of different areas as well as providing us information needed for grievances or other issues that pop up.


A strong executive is only as strong as the stewards supporting them, being the boots on the ground in each section and bringing forward concerns and new ideas. I would encourage all workers to get to know their shop steward and thank them for volunteering to keep 594 strong, they are a great group of people and we are lucky to have them!


In Solidarity,

Tasha, Wade, Garth & Kurt


Saskworks allows employees to save money and pay less tax. Invest in Saskatchewan, get a 32.5% tax credit!

Ripplinger Financial will be hosting an information session for 594 at the Union Hall (200 Hodsman Road) on November 16th at 5:30 PM, dinner will be provided.


Employee & Family Assistance Program
The Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is through Homewood Health and is available 24/7/365. Call 1-800-663-1142 or reach out to a trusted confident, friend or co-worker if you aren't feeling like yourself.

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For any new members, or if you know of new members not receiving Union Communications please talk to your Shop Steward or e-mail: info@unifor594.com