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A Thought to Ponder

One of our venerable clients provided us with some words of wisdom this past week, and we thought we would share them with you.

"As you get older, Life should be about addition, not subtraction."

We hope you enjoy these last few days of Autumn!


  • Covid Policy Update We are hosting in-person meetings with clients that have been fully vaccinated with a booster shot. We will continue to conduct meetings via Zoom as well for those clients that prefer it. Please make sure to indicate your preference for either a Zoom or an in-person meeting when scheduling.

  • Mail Issues – We have been getting our mail with more consistency recently, however delivery is still somewhat sporadic. Please keep this in mind going forward when sending us mail, as it may take a while for us to receive it.

  • AFP Webinars – The AFP October Webinar will be held next Friday at noon (October 28th) and will cover Long Term Care with Natalie Murch. This will be the last AFP webinar for 2022. The webinar will be hosted using Zoom and due to the limited size of Zoom meetings, the webinar links will only be sent to those who confirm their attendance ahead of time. We'll send a reminder email early next week and the Zoom link will be sent out on Friday morning. If you would like to attend, please either reach out to Erik Danielson ( or reply to the webinar email you were sent previously. If you know anyone who would like to attend or could benefit from this information, we encourage you to pass along this newsletter or the webinar email to them.

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  • Orion Portal Update – For those clients with Orion Portal access, the Orion Portal update has been delayed until November 4th. If you have existing access to the portal, your credentials will not be effected. The update will give the portal a streamlined look and add a document vault. We will be providing some reference information to assist with navigation. Expect this in your inbox soon.

  • Agreement Updates – In April/June we sent out a number of revisions to our agreements. We have received most of them back, however a few of them are still outstanding. If you have a contract update from AFP that you have not returned, please make sure you get it sent to us as soon as possible.

  • Beneficiary Updates – Now is a good time to check that your beneficiaries are up to date. We have been contacting clients to get theirs updated, with mixed success. Please double check to make sure your beneficiaries are current.

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Tax Secrets of Health Savings Accounts

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+ Teri's World

Before the month began I had a visit to Med Vet with Tucker. Apparently, he has a cranial cruciate rupture in his back leg (torn ligament) which will require surgery. Can I say pet insurance fast enough? He is doing fine and surgery is scheduled for the last week of December. Rubi, the new puppy, came home on October 1st. She is signed up for puppy kindergarten beginning in December and is learning the importance of doing her business outside. 

The ½ marathon went well and I finished without any issues. I also got to spend some time with good friends, who had moved from Dublin to NC a few years ago, that came up to participate in the ½ marathon as well. Preparation is on for our trip to New Zealand in November. Gene and I will be hiking the South Island with some of my friends from San Diego. Can’t believe this is only a few weeks away. 

+ Nathan's Notes

This month we celebrated Ainsley’s (our younger daughter) birthday! It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since she came into the world. Ainsley is a very sweet, loving, and affectionate little girl. She loves reading books and trying to be like her big sister. We all had a great time celebrating with her grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles at her Peppa Pig Party. Happy Birthday, Ainsley!

+ Tracey's Time

Summer’s excitement is a fading memory as we watch leaves fall from the trees. We managed to fit in one more camping trip to Mohican in mid-October. Andy had purchased two kayaks in the midst of the pandemic and we finally used them last weekend. Cayleigh and I floated down the Mohican River for a few miles. We have a knack for visiting tourist locations after the carpets have been rolled up. All of the canoe liveries were closed so we scouted launch and landing locations. We imagine that the river is a chaotic place during summer but we enjoyed having it all to ourselves for a couple of hours. The weather could not have been better on Sunday! Monday’s cold chased us home and we raced to unload and winterize the RV before the first overnight freeze.

On the home front, Andy has been busy installing a new furnace. He finished in perfect time to test it, just as a bit of warmth was needed in the house. Cayleigh finished her golf season and the first quarter of school ended. She attended a college fair and is hoping to schedule some campus visits soon. Outside, our rakes will be getting a workout before winter’s arrival. 

+ Erik's Exploits

I kicked off October by attending the Ohio State vs Rutgers game with my dad. We had a great time watching the Buckeyes cruise to a blowout win. We had planned on doing some work this month replacing the siding on our garage, but that got put on hold after dad un-retired. He went back to his old employer, Columbus City Schools, on a temporary basis to help them get caught up on bus routing. As a result, several projects (including siding) have been put on hold until further notice. He did manage to find some time to attend the Blue Jackets home opener with me. Even though Tampa thoroughly whooped us, the crowd was great and it was awesome to finally see Johnny Hockey play in person.

Current Economic and Investment Information

THEY HAVE COVERAGE – In the 1st quarter of 2022, the percentage of Americans lacking health insurance coverage fell to just 8% (26.4 million people). That is the lowest percentage in United States history. In 2010 before the "Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented, 48.2 million Americans did not have health insurance, a total of 16% of the population. (source: Department of Health and Human Services)  

A LONG GOODBYE – Roughly 54% of DC plan participants expect to transition gradually into retirement either by reducing their hours or switching jobs. Another 21% of participants anticipate a hard stop. The remaining 22% are not sure yet. (source: MFS 2022 Global Retirement Survey)

WORKERS NEEDED – An estimate by the Social Security Administration indicates it needs a “worker-to-beneficiary” ration of 2.8 for the system to function on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. In the year 2005, that ratio was 3.3 but has since slipped to the current 2.8. It is forecasted that by 2040, it will be at 2.1 workers per beneficiary. (source: Social Security)

WHERE THE GIRL RETIREES ARE – The following 5 US states have the largest percentages of their population over the age of 65: Maine: 31.8%, Florida: 21.3%, West Virginia: 20.9%, Vermont: 20.6%, and Delaware: 30%. Utah has the smallest population of people over age 65 with only 11.7%. (source:

RECORD HIGH – The US collected $836.6 billion worth of Tax receipts in April 2022, creating a monthly surplus of $308.2 billion. Both of these numbers are all-time monthly records for the US. (source: Treasury Department)

Who Really Controls Media

When you turn on the TV, stream a movie or listen to the radio, it’s likely that you’re consuming content from one of six companies. The companies behind these media giants have a lot to say about what you see, read and hear. But their control is often invisible: They don’t have logos on the screen or ads in the show notes. Here’s a look at how they exert their power over everything from sports broadcasting rights to your favorite sitcoms and beyond.

Click here to view the source.


Inflation and Taxes

You Can Keep More Money from the IRS Next Year, Thanks to Inflation

Automatic annual adjustments mean higher thresholds for income tax brackets

and a heftier standard deduction

By Jacob Bogage

Source: The Washington Post

The Internal Revenue Service will allow Americans to shield more of their income from taxes in 2023 because of higher inflation, the agency announced Tuesday, raising income thresholds for all tax brackets and increasing the standard deduction.

The top tax rate of 37 percent will apply to individuals with income exceeding $578,125 and married couples filing jointly with income more than $693,750. Both of those amounts are up 7 percent from 2022 to track with increases in the consumer price index.

Click here to continue reading this article.

Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act and Taxes:

What You Should Know

The Inflation Reduction Act - a massive climate, energy, healthcare, and tax law - increases

IRS funding and changes tax policy and tax credits.

By Kelley R. Taylor


You’re probably not thinking much about taxes right now, in part because inflation has you paying high prices for essentials like food, clothing, and gas. But you may have heard that President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a sweeping piece of legislation that is designed to address some of the significant issues that the U.S. is facing.

Some of those issues include the high cost of prescription drugs, healthcare availability, climate change, and, yes, hopefully inflation. Proponents of the new law say that its various provisions for fighting climate change, supporting clean energy production, and raising tax revenue, will reduce the deficit and in turn, combat inflation. And some of the expanded tax credits in the legislation could benefit you.

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“I remember it as October days are always

remembered, cloudless, maple-flavored, the

air gold and so clean it quivers.”

- Leif Enger

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