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October 2022 News

PT Students: Attend CRI’s Rehabilitation Modules While in School – and Receive a 20% Discount!

PT students: We have updated our policies, and you are now eligible to attend CRI's rehabilitation certification modules after your first year of PT school. Don't wait to begin your training! Visit our PT Student Certification page to read more and find out about our 20% student discount!

Physical therapy student

We Have a New Home in Missouri!

We are very excited to have a permanent home in Springfield, Missouri!

Starting March 2023, CRI will hold most rehabilitation modules at its new location in Springfield, Missouri. Our Acupuncture certification modules and Canine Sports Medicine will remain in Colorado. Please read more.

Heart on a line graphic
CRI new facility in Springfield Missouri

In The Words of Our Students …

"I could not agree more that the internship component provides a valuable ‘real life’ experience in canine rehabilitation as it provided the opportunity to not only apply what was learned in the CRI courses, but to also learn new things from experienced veterinarians and physical therapists while gaining good practice of handling of patients. This experience has reminded me of the importance of collaboration in patient care and the ability to provide the most comprehensive care to each patient as possible."

– Samantha Herrera, PT, DPT, Montebello, California

Quote bubble saying This experience has reminded me of the importande of collaboration in patient care

CRI Faculty Spotlight

Meet Dr. Patsy Mich!

Patrice Mich, DVM, MS, DABVP, DACVAA, DACVSMR, CCRT, is a small animal pain management and mobility specialist. Her career focuses on regaining and maintaining functional independence and performance for canine athletes of all ages and abilities. In Colorado, where Dr. Mich calls home, almost all dogs are athletes, amateurs and professionals. Dr. Mich teaches Clinical Applications, Current Techniques in Canine Pain Management and co-teaches Clinical Skills.

A few fun facts about Dr. Patsy …

Start work late or leave work early? I don't do either much, but if I had to choose, it would be leave work early. My brain is best in the morning.

Work from the office or work from home? Yes and yes since I own my own practice. Also my office is a shuttle bus mobile clinic.

Video meetings or in-person meetings? In person for sure!

Winter or summer? Both!

Puppies or kittens? Both!

Read Dr. Patsy Mich’s biography on the CRI website, and watch our Facebook page for more fun facts about Dr. Patsy!

Dr. Patsy Mich with her shuttle bus mobile clinic
Dr. Patsy Mich

Registration Is Open!

Registration is now open for Winter 2023 Rehabilitation classes! Click here for a calendar of our upcoming in-person classes.

Don't miss your chance to attend:

Students in class

Get Certified in Acupuncture

Would you like to provide Acupuncture as a therapy option for your patients? There is still room in our remaining Fall Acupuncture modules! Click here to find out how you can obtain your CVAT!

Dog receiving acupuncture treatment

Check Out CRI’s Online Learning Platforms

CRI’s online learning platforms are an amazing way to update your clinical knowledge — click here to learn more about our online CRI Member Library that has over 80+ hours (and growing) of CE. We also offer the CRI Acupuncture Member Library focused only on acupuncture.

Man at laptop
CRI Member Library
Acupuncture Library

Veterinary Nurse Corner

Veterinary Nurses and Assistants are the cornerstone to a successful Rehabilitation practice! Click here to learn more about our CCRVN and CCRA programs.

Veterinary staff with dog

Congratulations to Our September Clinical Skills and Acupuncture Students!

Clinical Skills September 2022 class photo

Students, faculty, and demo dogs paused for a class photo during Clinical Skills, held September 10-12 in Littleton, Colorado.

Acupuncture Module 1 September 2022 class photo

Students, faculty, and demo dogs took a class photo during Introduction to Veterinary Medical Acupuncture (Module 1), held September 16-18 in Littleton, Colorado.

CHE Research Review

Identification of Canine Osteoarthritis Using an Owner-Reported Questionnaire and Treatment Monitoring Using Functional Mobility Tests

Read the study from the Journal of Small Animal Practice

The Study: This study investigated the diagnostic value of osteoarthritis screening checklist used to identify previously undiagnosed osteoarthritis. Further, the checklist was used to measure the response to carprofen treatments. Owners of 500 dogs completed the checklist. If the checklist indicated a positive response, the dogs (n=133) were further evaluated for pain and mobility using the Helsinki Chronic Pain Index and visual analog scores follow carprofen treatment for 30-120 days. Dogs were scored at day 0, 30, and 120 using a VAS by an independent blind scorer. A diagnosis of OA was confirmed by a veterinarian in 30% of the dogs. Balance of sensitivity and specificity across the original group of nine screening questions was optimized to approximately 88 and 71%, respectively, after elimination of three questions.


Study Limitations: No placebo group due to ethical concerns for treatment OA. Variability in obtainment of outcome measures.


Impact on Clinical Practice: More osteoarthritis cases were identified in study dogs than previous prevalence estimates, indicating the screening checklist's potential to help identify for further evaluation cases that could otherwise remain undiagnosed. Improvements in function were demonstrated after carprofen treatment.

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Canine Home Exercises Are an Integral Component of Any Rehabilitation Plan. We Make It Easy.

Now Including Cats and Exotics!

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Did you know Canine Arthritis Resources and Education (CARE) has a wealth of FREE resources to help veterinary professionals and pet owners manage osteoarthritis (OA)?

Sign up for a free subscription today to gain access to CARE's extensive collection of resources to help your rehabilitation patients and clients. CRI is pleased to be a sponsor of CARE.

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Onlinepethealth – What Are Our Vetrehabber Friends Up to This Month?

Hi Vetrehabbers, we are excited to welcome the month of October, with all it has to offer! At Onlinepethealth, we are dedicated to Never Stop Learning, and believe that there is always something we can learn from other Vetrehabbers.

This month, we are excited to do just that on each of our Onlinepethealth members platforms.

In the Onlinepethealth Small Animal membership, we welcome Dr. Theresa Pancotto to discuss the challenges of handling neurologically impaired giant breed dogs within rehabilitation, as well as Carmen Heritier who will be speaking about cavaletti training in canine rehab.

In the Equine members portal, we welcome Emma Mathlin from Equimotion to speak about pole work exercises, and Kathryn Nankervis to discuss equine water treadmill guidelines in the equine rehabilitation industry.

Kirsty Oliver from the APRVT joins us in the Hydro members portal to discuss degenerative myelopathy and how we can support these patients throughout the progression of the disease with hydrotherapy.

Onlinepethealth members have free access to each of these webinars – if you are not an Onlinepethealth member, you can purchase access to individual webinars here:, or email us at

See you online, 

the Onlinepethealth Team

Onlinepethealth events October 2022

Breezie Demo Dogs of the Month

Our October Breezie Demo Dog Award Winners are Luna, Kringla, and Pippa, golden retrievers owned by Beth Villery of Peyton Goldens.

Beth explained how her dogs started volunteering at CRI: "I did competitive dressage for 15 years with my horses and they occasionally needed rehabilitation care. I really appreciate those that are willing to help our injured animals."

"When I switched to dogs, I wanted to breed, and found Luna [now 6 years old],” Beth continued. "She's got a great mind and takes life as it comes. She's gotten agility titles and obedience titles in between having 3 litters of puppies. I have Kringla [age 3] from her first litter who does obedience and Pippa [age 1] from her third litter who's trying to learn obedience and agility. One of Luna's sons from her second litter is working as a service dog.”

"The first time we went to a CRI lab I saw that not many dogs can handle the requirements and the environment,” she added. "That helped me to see the importance of contributing as much as possible with my girls. A big thank you to all the students and instructors at CRI for contributing to the quality of our dogs' lives."

In recognition of this honor, Team Villery will receive a $50 gift certificate from Jiminy's good for any of their treats or dog food. Congratulations, Luna, Kringla, and Pippa!

Team Villery the October Breezie award winners
Team Villery the October Breezie award winners

Veterinary Students: Start Your Rehabilitation and Acupuncture Training While in School

Veterinary students: You are eligible to enroll in our rehabilitation and acupuncture certification modules after your first year of veterinary school. Please see our Veterinary Student Certification page for details and information about our 20% student discount.


Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse - Coral Springs, Florida

Coral Springs Animal Hospital located in Coral Springs, Florida, is seeking a highly motivated, enthusiastic and experienced Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse (CCRVN or CCRA) to join our growing Physical Rehabilitation Department in our newly designed space. Knowledge and experience in sedation and anesthesia are required to monitor patients for MRI, CTs, radiographs and minor procedures. Experience handling exotics and wildlife is preferred, but not required. We offer the following modalities: laser therapy, TUS, shockwave therapy, PEMF, cryotherapy, manual therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, full equipment for therapeutic exercises, land treadmill, and underwater treadmill.

Education and Experience Recommended: CVT, LVT, RVT, CCRVN or CCRA

To Apply: Please email CV to For more information about the practice, visit Please read the complete job posting for full details.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

For more information, download the Sponsorship Opportunities flier or contact Dwight Amstutz.

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