Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

North Ridge Country Club

7600 Madison Avenue, Fair Oaks, CA

Social Time begins at 11:00 AM

Registration begins at 11:30 AM

Lunch & Meeting is from 12:00 - 2:00 PM


First Course: Fresh Fruit Platters, Scones, Lemon Curd,

Clotted Cream & Strawberry Jam

Second Course: Assorted Platters of Finger Sandwiches:

Egg Salad ~Chicken Salad ~Turkey & Cheese

Dessert: Petit Fours

$35 includes coffee, tea, and iced tea

Reservation Deadline: Thursday, September 29th at

5:00 PM*

RSVP at (916) 453-0760 or

Register for Luncheon with PayPal

A reservation made is a reservation paid unless canceled by Thursday, September 29th @ 5:00 PM

*Late Reservations are available through Monday, October 3rd at 5:00 PM with limited meal option of Chicken Caesar Salad.

Late Reservations are final.



SB 866 (Weiner) Victory for activists who stopped the vaccinations of minors without parental consent. So far this year anyway.


Defeat: Unless we hit Governor Newsom with emails and visits. Otherwise, this terrible irreversible abuse of children will be signed into law.

SB 107 (Weiner) Defeat for stopping the injury to confused children who can come to California to have their breasts and sexual organs cut off. They can get cross-sex hormones. They can get puberty blockers. This is child abuse for something that 80 -90% or more of children grow out of. It’s a permanent solution for a temporary problem. And Planned Parenthood is geared up and ready to make millions $$$$. And Democrat politicians will get kickbacks from Planned Parenthood in the form of campaign donations.

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WHAT CAN WE DO? Here are more ways we can help:

Support our three local Pregnancy Centers with donations and supplies by clicking their links below:

Sacramento Life Pregnancy Center is hosting their

50th Anniversary Annual Gala and Auction

Saturday, November 5th @ 5:00 PM

Hyatt Regency Sacramento


Caring for America:

The Pro-Life Movement and Overturning Roe v Wade

There have been great changes for Pro-Life since President Trump issued the Right to Life Proclamation in January 2021. After 50 years, Roe v Wade was overturned, and more Americans are questioning the benefits of abortion.

The loss of sixty-three million aborted children and millions more not born to them in three generations, has left a labor shortage in replacing the retiring boomer generation. We now have an open border policy to fill the gap with foreign workers in an effort to sustain the US Economy but unfortunately, this illegal Democrat practice is slowly reducing our United States greatness into a mixture of Third World problems. 

Click Here for November 2022 Ballot Measures & Analysis


Terri Lyn Feb2022.JPG

Terri Lyn Alexander

SRWF Recording Secretary

To review the September 2022 Minutes prior to the October General Luncheon Meeting, click link below:

September 2022 Minutes for Approval @ October General Meeting

For corrections or additions, please contact Terri Lyn Alexander prior to the October General Meeting at


Shelly Waggoner

SRWF Treasurer

To review the August 2022 Treasurer's Report click link below:

August 2022 Treasurer's Report

The September 2022 Treasurer's Report will be presented at the October General Meeting.

For questions, please contact Treasurer Shelly Waggoner prior to the October General Meeting at

(480) 296-9076 or

CLICK HERE FOR NFRW & CFRW UPDATE Submitted by: Janet Gardner 

Janice Price

2nd V.P. Membership Chair

Greetings to our SRWF Members from your Membership Chair!

October is a hop, skip and a vote away from our November elections. Fall weather has begun with leaves turning colors and falling to the ground. Make sure you follow your November election ballot from the Sacramento County Voter’s Registrant and its way back where it came from to ensure your VOTE COUNTS!!!!


Please mark your October calendar for Wednesday, October 5th for our next luncheon meeting to celebrate our 2022 new members and to announce our 2022 Honorary Members!! 

Our 2022 SRWF Rosters are printed and available to you at our next meeting.


In reporting on our latest Per Capita Report (PCR) #7 from 6/29/22 through 9/25/22, I am proud to announce our Newest Members; Natalee Easter, Kimberly Hunt, and Sandy Serne. Please help me welcome these lovely Ladies to our SRWF’s Republican Club. Congratulations to all 40 of our 2022 new members. Our 2022 renewing members remain at a total of 98. Our total membership included for both renewals and new members are topping 138 members per our latest PCR #7. Wowzer Ladies!!! Excellent recruitment going on for sure, LADIES! THANK YOU FOR YOUR RENEWAL and FOR JOINING OUR REPUBLICAN PATRIOT TEAM. Our Associates’ totals are steadfast at 5 with our Affiliates’ membership totals hitting number 15 on the charts!!!  Please help me welcome our newest Affiliate member, Dan Catania Amazing Job Gentlemen!! Thank you!

Looking ahead, please mark your calendar for our next luncheon meeting on November 2nd, 2022. FABULOUS, FABULOUS JOB Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you!

Your VP-Membership Chair, Janice Price

2022 SRWF’S Membership payments are still being processed. Please hurry, year-end is almost here!

Send $40 with your membership application to: 

SRWF, PO Box 896, Citrus Heights, CA 95611.

PayPal (convenience charge applies) is also available for payment at

If you have any questions on your Monthly Newsletter and/or your membership, please contact Janice Price at 

916-838-9980 or send an email to



Calendar of Events

Sep 22 - Kevin Kiley Reception @ Granite Bay Golf Club, 6:00-8:00 PM

Sep 25 - U.S. Gold Star Mothers Day

Oct 5 - SRWF General Meeting & Luncheon- North Ridge CC: Check-in begins @11:00 AM

Oct 5 - Executive Board Meeting (Date and Time to be announced)

Oct 10 - Ballots mailed to voters. Remember to check your mailboxes!

Oct 14-15 - 2022 CFRW Fall Conference, Burlingame, CA; Click for Info & Online Registration

Nov 2 - SRWF General Meeting & Luncheon- North Ridge CC: Check-in begins @11:00 AM

Nov 2 - Executive Board Meeting (Date and Time to be announced)

Nov 8 - Election Day

Contact Janice Price: or

Carol McDonald: if you are a member who would like to receive newsletters by e-mail, to update your contact information or if you have friends’ e-mail addresses that you would like to encourage to join by sending them an introductory newsletter. WATCH FOR THE NEXT NEWSLETTER E-BLAST ON October 19th. Snail mail versions will be mailed on the same date.