October 2022


CSA Mail Out 
All active CSA members will receive their fall package shortly from our office. Included are 2023 female enrollment forms for THE participants, instructions for online Simmental.com users, and registration forms for non-THE (registration only) members.
Online Simmental.com users do not receive female enrollment forms and THE participants are required to submit enrollments through their online program. Deadline for 2023 female enrollment submission at the regular fee is December 15, 2022.
If you are not a THE participant but wish to join the program, please call our office today. 
** Members with credit cards on file with CSA, THE fees will be applied at time of billing.
** Members without credit cards on file, payment is due upon receipt of invoice.
Please note that in the event an enrolled cow is shipped or sold between installment billings, the second installment is still due and payable by the member who enrolled the cow. For further information/instructions on Total Herd Enrollment, please go to  www.simmental.com under Registry | Total Herd Enrollment (THE).

THE Instructions

THE Instruction can be found on our website to assist you with the process, or you can access the direct link below to the instructions for your convenience.

Click here for On-Line 2023 THE Instructions

Step # 1 – Disposing/Culling Females
Step # 2 – Enrolling the Active Females in your herd
Once you have saved your work, please review that it is correct and double check your work. You can then proceed to click on the “POST INVENTORY” button.
Step # 3 – Entering Breeding
Credit Card Users
Please ensure your credit card information is current in the office. If your card expires or has changed numbers, please contact the office so your work can be processed with no delays. Online.Simmental.com users are required to keep a valid working credit card on file with the CSA.
The CSA accepts e-transfers. Use “Canadian Simmental Association” for Recipient and email address bjudd@simmental.com. Include CSA account number AND security answer on e-transfer message to ensure we can accept it and deposit funds to correct account. Alternatively send separate email to Barb Judd at bjudd@simmental.com with security answer and CSA account number. .   
Membership Information
Please ensure your membership information is current by calling our office or checking the CSA website www.simmental.com under CSA Registry Search/Member. This includes your address, phone number, and email address.  
Total Herd Enrolment On-Line Users – Best Rate Deadline for 2023 Enrolment is December 15, 2022 to prevent late fees and enjoy split payment option!
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Online Procedures
When entering embryos using your Online System, please refer to the Embryo Transplant / Flush forms so that you can input the required information for each embryo calf. This is very important, as when this information is missing, it results in the Registry system not being able to calculate any adjusted 205 or 365 day weights. IMPORTANT: Since you are responsible to enter the details below, it is no longer necessary for you to submit a copy of the Embryo Transplant / Flush form or to complete the THE Embryo Data and Registration Form.
  • the Breeding Date on the form should be entered in the "AI/Nat:" entry field
  • the Recovery Date on the form should be entered in the "Flush Date:" entry field
  • the Implantation Date on the form should be entered in the "Implant Date:" entry field
  • the Recip Tag, Recip Age (in years) & Recip Breed (e.g. SMSMSMSM) entry fields must be entered in the Online System for each ET calf.
**Note: If the Recip is registered (and enrolled), please enter the registration number (digits only) in the appropriate entry field (see illustration below). Important - this is for billing purposes “only”. Thus, please enter all Recip data listed above. Otherwise, the 205 &/or 365 day adjusted weights will not be calculated.

Once all embryos have been entered from a flush, you can then order the SNP (parentage) test using the Online system under - My Herd | My Lab | My Lab Test Requests.  Please click here for the DNA Requirements and Online Instructions. Note: You will notice that you can Print the application form for each embryo and send it to Neogen Canada along with the Hair Card that you prepared.
Effective July 1, 2019, all embryo calves must be parent verified prior to registration using at least a Basic SNP200 panel. Note: When there are two sires used in a flush, all embryos must be parentage verified as well. *** Please do not send hair samples to the CSA office.
THE – Registration & Performance Collection (Paper submission)
Once the CSA staff has processed the Total Herd Enrollment form that you submit prior to the December 15th deadline date, our office will forward you the Registration & Performance Collection sheet for your completion. This form is to be used to submit the birth information for natural calves born from each enrolled Dam.
When you are running an embryo program in your herd, you must complete and submit a THE Embryo Data and Registration Form. This form can be found on the CSA website under Registry & Forms | Registration - MiscellaneousEmbryo Calving Form click here.
Complete the form, separating the embryo calves by flush. Please email us a request to order the SNP (parentage) test for all the embryo calves that are being parentage verified. Effective July 1, 2019, all embryo calves must be parent verified prior to registration using at least a Basic SNP200 panel. Therefore, you must indicate “Y” in the DNA REQ box for all embryos that you are sampling. The CSA staff will then order the parentage kit and provide you with the required SNP Application Form and the newly implemented - Hair Cards.  *** Please do not send hair samples to the CSA office.
Lastly, when returning the THE Embryo Data and Registration form you must send copies of the Embryo/CETA Transplant Forms. It aids the CSA staff greatly if you write the tattoo of the resultant embryo calf beside the appropriate Recip Dam that is listed on the form.
If you have any other enquires regarding these procedures please feel free to contact the CSA office using our toll-free number: 1 866 860 6051. You may also email us directly at - cansim@simmental.com
• Embryo Transfer of Ownership (purchased embryos)
• Embryo Calving Form
• Formulaire pour les embryons

2022 Scholarship Applications

With the 2022 deadline recently past we would like to thank all those who applied for a scholarship this year. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners taking place after our October 23rd board meeting.

We encourage all our youth members to apply for scholarship and bursary opportunities each year.
Have any member announcements? Please send to sgiles@simmental.com
At this point we have 6 shows left before we will be choosing our 2022 Awards of Excellence winners. These are the current top 5 as of September 28th:
2022 Champion Female
Oates Cream Soda 63J - Tim McCord
Oakview Jayda 1519J - Oakview Simmentals
Todd Dazzle 35F - Todd Simmental
Bert's MS Haywood 2H - Bert's NR Simmental
BACC Red Cinder 2J - Broken Arrow Cattle Co.
2022 Champion Bull
Dunraven John Dutton - Dunraven Simmentals, Wendy Stewart
Barlee Red McCoy 201K - Jerry Barber
WILC Harry 17H - Wilcox Simmental
Todd Kryptonite 2K - Todd Simmental
Bert's Kayden 2K - Bert's NR Simmental
This months Simmental photo of the month was submitted by Tracy Wilcox
If you would like to submit a photo for the photo of the month the photos must include the following:
  • Have a Simmental influence
  • A caption or description if you have one
  • All photos submitted maybe used in future Simmental marketing material

Please submit all photos to sprice@simmental.com
Monday- October 10th- Thanksgiving
Friday- November 11th- Remembrance Day
Monday- December 26th- In Lieu of Christmas Day