This is by far my favorite season. It’s the perfect Goldilocks time of year. It’s not too hot. It’s not too cold. The crisp mornings and nights come with still warm afternoon sunshine and provide a great time for comfortable sweatshirts and sweaters. Soon we won’t be able leave the house without a heavy parka, so enjoy this time. For me fall is also about the apple crisps, chili, colorful leaves, and the mixture of football with postseason baseball. Lastly, I love fall because it has a couple of my favorite holidays including Halloween. I look forward to witnessing amazing costumes every year. 
As is typical for our American society, this holiday is rich in traditions that we have borrowed from other cultures. Recently, I’ve been learning about the Celtic practices around this day. I have learned that our traditions around Halloween costumes come from an ancient Celtic practice. They believed that October 31 was the day the spirits crossed over into another realm. Thus, the Celts observed October 31 as a day to honor the dead they loved and defend themselves from spirits that should be feared. Because of this they started the practice that we continue today by disguising themselves with scary face paint and costumes in order to scare the dreadful spirits. 
I don’t know how many of us are living in fear of scary spirits today. But I’m pretty sure that we all could name quite a few things that cause us to feel afraid. And we all have experience in trying to hide from these fears, in disguising ourselves to ward off the dreadful things in our lives. It turns out that human beings have been doing this for centuries and have been doing it across cultural divides. But don’t worry. Even though fear and trying to hide from our fears is so foundational to who we are as human beings, God has a lot to say to us in our fear. Our creator knows that our fears are real. Rather than hide from them, rather than disguise ourselves, rather than pretend to be someone we aren’t; God desires us to do something more simple: to trust in God. 
Take a look at just a few places in our scripture in which God promises to meet us in our fear. Whatever it is you are afraid of, you should know that you aren’t alone. Our community of faith is here to support you. God has been there and continues to promise to meet you in real life and be with you as you face all of life’s realities. 

-Pastor Justin