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In-Person Book Clubs
Fiction Book Club for Adults
Sparks Like Stars
By Nadia Hashimi
In 1978, in Kabul, Sitara's family lives a privileged life thanks to her father's job assisting the Afghanistan president. When her entire family is assassinated, Sitara is saved by a soldier, Shair, who brings her to an American diplomat. Adopted and raised in America, Sitara becomes a renowned surgeon. But then, in 2008, her life is turned upside down when an elderly patient ends up in her examination room: Shair, the man who saved her, and the man who may have killed her family.
Where: Humble Pint Brewing, Co.
When: October 15, at 2 pm & 4 pm
Nonfiction Book Club for Adults
They Called Us "Lucky"
By Ruben Gallego
Congressman Ruben Gallego pens a memoir of his time as an infantryman in Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines. In their first two months in Iraq, they would not suffer a single casualty. That all changed in May 2005. By time they would go home in November, Lima Company had lost more men than other other single unit in the war. Gallego gives his account of the struggles and successes of Lima Company and writes on the aftermath of a soldier's life.
Where: Library Study Rooms
When: October 20, at 5 pm
A Dark Book Club (for Adults)
Blood in the Water
By Silver Donald Cameron
In 2013, three citizens of Cape Breton murdered their neighbor, Phillip Boudreau, a small-time criminal who had terrorized and entertained the town for two decades, at sea. The author, a resident of the area since 1971, postulates that Boudreau's death was directly related to the belief that authorities were powerless to neutralize him.
Where: Leander Public Library
When: November 5, at 2 pm
Online Book Clubs
The Agathas
By Kathleen Glasgow
Last year, Alice Ogilve disappeared after she broke up with her basketball-star boyfriend, Steve, and she won't tell anyone where she was. It's the biggest mystery in town... until Brook Donovan, Alice's ex-bff and another one of Steve's girlfriends, disappears, too. With Alice's tutor, Iris, and a collection of Agatha Christie novels, Alice is determined to find out who killed Brooke. But the deeper they dig, the more secrets come to light...
Reckless Girls
By Rachel Hawkins
Lux and her boyfriend Nico are hired to sail two women to a remote island in the South Pacific. Always eager for adventure, Lux quickly makes friends with the women, as well as the golden couple already staying on the island. Their little group is disrupted with the arrival of a lone sailor. As one goes missing and another shows up dead, completely cut off from the rest of civilization, Lux begins to wonder if any of them will leave the island alive.
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