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October 2023

A Piece of Our Past

The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) had three camps in the Millinocket area in the 1930’s. The Baxter Camp is commemorated by a large rock on Medway Road just outside the airport’s chain link fence. It says: CCC 193rd Co., Civilian Conservation Corps, Baxter Camp Site 2103, 1933-1935.

The CCC worked on building roads in the area and also did work on the airport. 

 Photo courtesy of Millinocket Historical Society Curator, Trudy Wyman 

Engage, Participate, & Subscribe!

Stay in the know by attending the various Council and Committee meetings. We appreciate any and all input and feedback. Please remember this is YOUR community and YOUR voice matters. CLICK HERE to view the Community Calendar and stay up to date with all scheduled meetings. If you cannot attend a meeting you can stay in the know by watching the recordings on our YouTube Channel. Feel free to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date. 

The Millinocket Town Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 5:30. Meetings are held in-person in Charles Sanders Council Chambers and remote access available via Zoom. CLICK HERE for more information regarding town council meetings! Please considering joining these meetings are participating in the discussion. All are welcome!

Want to know more about your local candidates running for the Town Council or School Board?

We can help with that! On October 9th, 2023, the Millinocket Memorial Library hosted a Meet the Candidates forum at Stearns High School. Please click the video to the right or the link here to watch the event. We want to give citizens an opportunity to learn more about the candidates before election day on November 7th, 2023.

Help us earn money for the Millinocket Fire/EMS Department by purchasing a reusable Community Bag from Hannaford! We only have a few more days left to help out.

New Signage on the Michaud Trail

You may notice 6 new signs at the Crandall Park start of the Michaud Trail and an additional 11 more along the trail on the other side of Central St. This project was brought to fruition thanks to the work of the Age Friendly Committee.

The Age Friendly Committee, with members Barbara Riddle-Dvorak and Jane Danforth taking the charge, secured funding through the Walking College of Maine and generous local donations for the project. Amy Collinsworth donated her time and designed the signs and Millinocket Public Works leaned in to install the signs!

Thank you to all those who saw this wonderful project through!

Granite Street comes to the Municipal Building!

On October 19th, 2023 Ms. DeSilva and Ms. Alley's 4th grade classes came to the Town Office to learn about Municipal Government!

The students toured the Municipal Building, the Police Station and the Fire/EMS Building. They were able to ask Town Manager Peter Jamieson, Town Clerk Diana Lakeman, Officer David Peters and Firefighter/EMT Julia Allen. They were all super inquisitive and asked some great questions.

Thank you Ms. DeSilva and Ms. Alley's classes for coming in to learn more about your local government. We look forward to having your classes each year!

Municipal Updates

Wastewater Department

We would like to remind the residents of Millinocket to please NOT flush wipes, paper towels, grease, plastics, Q-tips or anything other than toilet paper into the sewer system. Even the "flushable" wipes will clog the sewer system. These items are causing extreme plugs to the sewer system and costly maintenance to our pumping stations. We would like to thank the residents for this consideration.

Jason Ingalls,

Wastewater Treatment Facility Superintendent

East Millinocket Police Department

EMPD has responded to 8490 calls for service to date, with more than 4,270 of those calls being in the Town of Millinocket. Officers have arrested or summonsed over 480 individuals to date and conducted more than 2550 motor vehicle stops.

Officers were able to participate in two Touch-A-Truck events in the region and we look forward to the many community events surrounding Halloween.

We want to remind citizens that our agency has multiple officers on duty at a time. Recently, false information has been dispersed about there not being enough officers on patrol during a given time. Our agency responds to incidents that require more than one officer with a minimum of two officers and on occasion we could have 4 or more officers on duty to respond to the incident depending on the time of day. Policing has changed drastically in the last several years as we see our calls for service continuously increasing, putting a strain on resources. We also would like to remind citizens that reporting things via our Facebook page is not appropriate as this page is not monitored 24/7 and vital information could be missed. As with all police departments, we are hiring!

Police Chief Cameron McDunnah & Corporal Bradley Fitzgerald

Public Works Department

Chainsaw Safety Training will be held here at Public Works on Wednesday, Nov 1, 2023. This is a joint training session with East Millinocket and Medway PW.

The DEP required summer flushing of the town sewer’s is still ongoing as time allows. This gives us a chance to inspect the condition of the sewers. This is also a good time to remind everyone that wipes, cooking grease and other foreign objects cause problems in the sewer.

We will begin to collect bagged leaves from residents. Any bags to be collected should be left on the roadside and we will pick them up on Fridays.

We installed new basketball hoops and welcome sign at Carmen Brigalli Playground on York St.

We Also installed a new sign at Delahanty Field, helping the Recreation Dept.

The new Arial Lift truck is being built at the dealer. September delivery has been delayed due to part availability. It is now expected to be delivered in November.

There is still shoulder work to be finished in the areas that received new hot top this summer. If we haven’t gotten to your section yet, please be patient.

Bryan Duprey, Public Works Director

Fire/EMS Department

Chief Cote attended numerous events and training over this last month, starting with a Public Safety Meeting in Patten on Public Safety Response to the Katahdin Woods & Water National Monument. He attended the Maine Fire Service Institute Fire Instructor Workshop in Brunswick. Chief Cote & Fulltime Crews attended a Hazmat Decon Training at Millinocket Regional Hospital. He and 1 Firefighter attend the Mobile Alarm Sprinkler Trailer in Medway. Chief Cote & Fulltime Crews provided Fire Station Tours and School Visits during the month of October for Fire Prevention. The Crew took part in the Cancer Awareness Parade.

Basic Fire School was completed in October, and students now are waiting to complete their live burns in November. Full-time & Paid Call Crews took part in a Ground Safety Course with Life Flight of Maine. Full-time & Paid Call Crews took part in Chimney Fire Training. 

Grant was received to provide a Firefighter 1 & 2 class to the Katahdin Region starting in early January.

Funding was requested and approved for a Hazmat Operations Class by the State Emergency Response Commission.

Jonathan Cote, Fire Chief/ EMA Director

Millinocket School Department

Our Food Service Department teams served 5,118 breakfasts, and 5,421 lunches in the month of September.


The Life Skills class is back in the kitchen and cafeteria at Stearns practicing food safety, proper cleaning techniques, laundry tasks, and of course how to work as a team. These students bring so much energy and enthusiasm to the department and space, and the staff is incredibly thankful to have them join them.


The Food Service Department is continuing to incorporate more scratch recipes into our menus. In October they are focusing on bringing in more homemade breakfast items as they move away from the pre-packaged items they have served in the past. So far this week they have tried out two new recipes. Whole grain biscuits for sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches for Stearns students and whole grain apple cinnamon muffins for students at both schools! 

Stearns administration is very pleased with the progress made great progress with the Advisor/Advisee Program during Stearns Time. Comparing data from this year to last we had a total of 64 classes being failed for students in grades 9-12. This year that number is down to 30. It is still not where we want it to be, but with some more tweaking we are working in the right direction. Stearns is looking to add more enrichment activities to entice students to perform well in their classes, and to have the opportunity to partake in enhancement activities.


Overall school attendance at Stearns Jr/Sr High School has improved drastically from last year. Due to a later school day start time and help from the local authorities in getting kids to school, our students are at school getting the educational services that they need. 


The Millinocket School Department has officially hired a full-time Occupational Therapist, Elizabeth Consalvi, and things are off to a great start. She is very excited and helping us support our student’s needs.


Update on the Stearns Fire Alarm system. The new addressable system is installed and functional, we have had 2 fire drills to date. We are currently working on the last component which is a Voice Evacuation system. This is currently being installed in the Gym and Auditorium and is a new code requirement for large gathering areas. 


Continue to work on “tightening up” and securing both schools. We have an “In An Emergency” practice that has been happening. Just like a fire drill we are doing HOLD, SECURE, LOCKDOWN, EVACUATE, SHELTER. With practice, our staff, students and families will become more comfortable with these terms and practices.

Superintendent Dr. Shelley Lane attended a public hearing on EPS (Essential Programs and Services) with the Education Committee. There are a lot of questions about how the formula works to distribute funding to Maine schools, such as, how the “pot” is divided, what the definition of “minimum receiver” is, how one change affects each and every line of our funding. It was very informative. Bottom line… this is a very complex formula and making changes takes time. 

Dr. Shelley Lane, Superintendent of Schools

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