October News from Florida Church Planters

God is moving across our state, and that gives us a lot to celebrate in this edition of our newsletter. Keep reading to learn more about how we are working together with churches, recruiting planters, and reaching Florida with the good news of Jesus.

Meeting the Need for New Churches Together

As the population in Florida continues to explode, the need for healthy churches also continues to grow. The need for new churches will not be met by one church or one organization. We will only begin to meet the need when churches across Florida partner together.

Florida Church Planters wants to be a catalyst for helping churches join together to plant churches throughout the state. Our Director, Jeff Swearingen, has been gathering church leaders for lunch and conversations about what it would look like for them to work together in their region.

“It has been encouraging to see these leaders hanging out together and dreaming about church planting in their part of the state.” Swearingen shared. So far we have had the opportunity to bring together leaders in Jacksonville, Osceola County (pictured above), Brevard, Southwest Florida, the Eustis area, the Ocala area, and others. We are praying that several church plants will become a reality in these regions because of these partnerships.

FCP would love to come alongside leaders in other areas of the state. If you would be interested in gathering the leaders in your area, we encourage you to email Jeff and start a conversation about your area.

The need is far too great for FCP to do this alone. We will be so much better together.

Bring Together Leaders in Your Area

FCP Needs Church Planters

To plant so many churches in Florida, we need church planters. This is another area where FCP cannot work in isolation. We need your help to find church planters. Do you know someone who God might be calling to plant a church in Florida? Someone who currently lives in another state? Someone who is on your staff at your church? Someone who might consider a second career?

If you know someone, please let us know. FCP will be happy to reach out to them, share our vision, answer questions, and invite them to consider planting a church in Florida.

Tell Us About Someone You Know