October 2023

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Member Directory

The online PTG Member Directory that was available before the database change is back! You can access it by going to the PTG Member menu at www.ptg.org and clicking on Member Directory or clicking on My Portal and choosing Directory. Once there, you’ll be able to find all PTG members by zip code, chapter, and other parameters. If you find any issues, please document those by posting to the User Help Group at my.ptg.org. We’re also in the process of completing the new online Industry Directory. Watch for updates.

Great Teaching Opportunities

Brian Janey, President of the San Diego County, CA Chapter shared this great idea on PTG’s Facebook page.

I had a call from a new middle school music teacher (who was a piano major in college) wanting an estimate to take care of her school’s two pianos. Suffice to say, I laughed out loud when I got the pictures (schools are the demolition derby of the piano world), and then realized it was highly unlikely an estimate for what looked like an extensive amount of work would be considered. I decided to hit up folk in my chapter and a number eagerly volunteered and the San Diego County Chapter “Mobile Piano Hospital” was created and six of us, those experienced and those brand new to the trade spent five hours on a Saturday reversing the damage and neglect. Those new got to participate and watch in real time stings bring installed, hammers be shaped and voiced, actions regulated and tuning. The response from the teacher on text after our visit, “You all put in so much work! Thank you so much! I can say that 100 times and I won't be able to properly communicate how much it means to me, my kiddos, and the school. You all are amazing.” It was a super cool day.

Have a great teaching opportunity you’d like to share? Post it to the Chapter Leaders community at my.ptg.org.

2024 Dues Renewal

Invoices for 2024 PTG member dues will be delivered to email inboxes and available for online payment on November 1. Remind your chapter members to make sure their email addresses and mailing addresses are up-to-date by logging into www.ptg.org and clicking on PTG Members > My Portal. On the portal page, click on the person image in the upper right corner and select My Profile. Learn how to update login information at my.ptg.org/help/userfaq. If people don’t see their invoices in their email inboxes, they should check their Spam/Junk folders or contact the Home Office.

Paying online is quick and easy. When an invoice is ready to be paid, a small red number “1” will appear on the bell image in the upper right corner. Click on the bell and a link to your invoice will appear. Note: Chapter dues must be paid in full. If someone wants to set up monthly installment payments for the PTG portion they must contact the Home Office at 913-432-9975 before December 31. Monthly installments that were set up for 2023 will automatically continue in 2024 as long as a valid credit card has been saved to their account. If someone needs to change their payment method, please contact the Home Office as soon as possible. Paper invoices will only be mailed to those who do not have an e-mail address on file.

Board Changes

Due to unexpected family obligations, Gina Bonfietti, RPT has resigned her position as the Northeast Regional Vice President. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Gina for her outstanding contributions and accomplishments as a member of the PTG Board of Directors. Per PTG Bylaws, the board has approved Will Roper, RPT, to complete Gina’s term which runs through July of 2024. Will is in the Boston, MA Chapter and is a Technical Examiner (TEC) along with serving as his chapter’s Secretary and as a former member of the PTG Bylaws Committee. Will can be contacted at [email protected].

Welcome, New Home Office Staff!

Jillian Conner is the new Administrative Assistant. She’ll be the first point of contact for calls into the office as well as assisting with all office duties and the PTG Store. Conner is one of four girls and all her siblings also have a name that starts with J (as do her parents). In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends. Bonus fact: She loves dogs. Contact her at [email protected].


Kimberly Glenn returns to the PTG office as the Creative Director after serving as the graphic designer for the Piano Technicians Journal on a contract basis. She will produce the Journal, help manage PTG's websites and create social media content. Glenn has a BA degree in Science Technology with emphasis in Commercial Graphics from Pittsburg State (GO GORILLAS!). Outside of work, she enjoys playing tennis and watching football (GO CHIEFS!). She has one son, Sean, and she and her husband Wade have English bulldogs that keep them laughing. Contact her at [email protected].

Scheduling an RPT Written Exam

The written exam is taken online. The RPT sponsor should contact the Written Exam Committee at [email protected] to set up a written exam. Only the English version is available at this time. The fee for the written exam is $25. Examinees should purchase a written exam voucher in the PTG Store. Select RPT Exam Voucher from the Categories list, then select Written Exam Fee. You'll receive your voucher purchase confirmation via email. Your order # will be proof of purchase. Your exam purchase information is automatically forwarded to the written exam committee, so you don't need to submit that information when you request your exam.

Want to Take Your Chapter From Dull to Dynamic?

Experiencing low turnout at your chapter meetings? Feel like your meetings could use a little more energy and creativity? Check out the Chapter Resources area under PTG Members at www.ptg.org for resources, ideas, tips and more. Turn your chapter into a great place for interaction, learning and connection.

Nominations for 2024 PTG Awards

Know a PTG member you think deserves to be nominated for an award? Nominations will be accepted through December 31 for the PTG Hall of Fame, the Member of Note Award, and the Golden Hammer Award. Download a nomination form. Award criteria and a list of past recipients for each award can be found at www.ptg.org/members/awards. E-mail the nomination form along with any supporting documentation to [email protected].

Deadlines and Events

Summer 2023 Bylaws, Policies and Meeting Minutes Now Available Online



Organizational Policies


Council Minutes


Board Pre-Council Minutes


Board Post-Council Minutes


RVP Contact Information

Region 1 - Northeast - Will Roper, RVP [email protected] - Online Community

Region 2 - Southeast - Ashley Turner, RVP [email protected] - Online Community

Region 3 - South Central - Doug Snook, RVP [email protected] - Online Community

Region 4 - Central East - Maria Pollock, RVP [email protected] - Online Community

Region 5 - Central West - Torger Baland, RVP [email protected] - Online Community

Region 6 - Western - Lisa Weller, RVP w[email protected] - Online Community

Region 7 - Pacific Northwest - Aaron Heppler, RVP [email protected] - Online Community

Norman Cantrell, RPT, President, [email protected]

David Stoneman, RPT, Vice President, [email protected]

Ricki Klos, RPT, Secretary-Treasurer, [email protected]

Executive Director, Barbara Cassaday, [email protected]