October 2023

ISKCON of Arizona Newsletter

Tranquil garden setting for meditation

Greetings & Namaste,

As you'll read in Recent Activities, we attended the Los Angeles temple's Festival of the Chariots, which turned out to be the biggest one they've ever hosted.

Pulling the chariots' ropes, chanting and dancing for hours before the Lord's festive Jagannath avatar, distributing books and blessed food to the thousands of blissful guests--the whole day felt as momentous as the Pacific herself, whose waves lapped peacefully nearby.

Now imagine that scene transplanted to Tucson and you'll sense why we're excited to invite you to the debut of Jagannath's chariots here in our desert city next month. To find out when and where to join us singing and celebrating and pulling those sacred ropes, read on!

Yours in service,

Sandamini Devi

[email protected]

Best October Days for

Meditation and Fasting

Indira Ekadasi

Monday, October 9th

(fasting from grains & beans)

Pasankusa Ekadasi

Tuesday, October 24th

(fasting from grains & beans)

Karttika Month Begins

Sunday, October 29th - daily lamp offerings.

Purnima - Full Moon

Saturday, October 28th

Don't miss our first Chariot Festival on Nov 5th

See Poster Here

Krishna Fest 2023 - Janmastami Review

Many thanks to all our volunteers, performers, and attendees. You made this Janmastami amazing!

Recent Activities

A wonderful couple take initiation vows before the sacred fire

Krishna's Home Directors Chandini and Robert took formal initiation vows from their guru, Jivananda Prabhu.

Their devotional assisted living project is a sign of their deep compassion and sincerity.

We feel so blessed and inspired to have these great souls in our community. Their initiated names are Candrika-sarva-kanti and Ram Nam respectively.

Tucson devotees travel to L.A. for a Chariot Festival & help serve free meals

"This was the biggest L.A. chariot festival ever," raved Los Angeles Temple President Svavasa Prabhu.

The sky-high chariots, the tumultuous parade, the sea of participants, the intoxicating kirtans--all led to a festival sweeter than any of us could remember.

Sweetest of all was serving blessed food to the countless guests who stopped by the FREE FEAST tent. At the end of a blissfully strenuous day, that was the icing on the cake.

A blissful band at the University of Arizona

On the lunar anniversary of Lord Krishna's advent on earth, a band of temple devotees brought musical instruments and spiritual books to the UA campus to sing Hare Krishna for the students, faculty, and staff passing by.

Although the fall semester had only recently begun, we noticed many of the students' "great expectations" had already started to fade from their faces. "Not to worry," we assured them. "If you add Krishna to your life, that will give a more satisfying purpose to your studies."

As the chanting lit up the atmosphere around us, it was heartening to watch the students take our mantra cards and books, and move on with a smile. A great way to please Lord Krishna on His sacred advent day.

Architecture Design submitted for Pre-approval Permit

The design is "Rajasthan meets the Southwest," by

the renowned architect

John Maddocks.

Click HERE to see the

new temple Brochure

ISKCON Tucson's ten-thousand-square-foot temple, pure veggie prasadam restaurant, boutique, dining patio, and gardens will manifest by the contributions of all devotees. To donate to this amazing project, please see below.

Now our design ispresented to get pre-approval for design and moving forward.

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Temple's Next Major Holiday:

Diwali & Govardhana Puja

Sunday, November 12th

5 to 8 pm

Live Music, Indian Dance, Fire Show, Kids Activities, Interactive Booths, Temple Ceremonies, Govardhana Hill, Annakut, and a Free Feast for all!

Sponsor the festival and receive a special Deepa lamp from India to use all year, plus a 2024 Vedic Calendar.

Sponsorship is $108: DONATE HERE..

An Exciting Upcoming Event

For the first time in Tucson,

Jagannath Rathayatra!

Join us on Sunday, November 5th, at Tucson's Day of the Dead Parade. Lord Jagannath will enliven the people of Tucson by giving His smiling benediction to all the festival attendees.

Join us in the parade and pull the cart!

Meet us on Speedway and Grande

at 4 pm to get in line for the parade.

Also see our Events page - iskcontucson.org/events

The Sunday Feast & Festival

Feeding guests prasadam

(food offered to God) benefits everyone.

Join us each Sunday for an evening of musical meditation, topical philosophy, an ancient worship ceremony, and an

8-course vegetarian feast.


5:30 pm - Bhajans

6 pm - Topical talk

6:30 pm - Worship ceremony

7 pm - Announcements

7:10 pm - Feast

October's Sunday Speakers

1st - Jivananda Prabhu

8th - B.A. Ashram Swami

15th - Kirtan Yajna Prabhu

22nd - Dhiro Datta Prabhu

29th - Kirtan Esvara Prabhu

Sponsor the Sunday Feast for an upcoming birthday, anniversary or special day, in the name of a loved one or for the benefit of serving blessed food to others. All donations are tax deductible.

Sunday Feast Sponsorship for 75 to 100 plates distributed


Assisted Living Update - Ready to Open

Krishna's Home

News Update

Please take a look at our latest one-page newsletter to see the home's progress. We are ready for inspection next week and then we will open our doors.

Click HERE to read.

Just adding the finishing touches to the outdoors. Almost ready to go.

Krishna's Home Care Tucson 514 E. Blacklidge Dr. (just one block west of the temple across 1st Ave) Krishnashome.org

Feeding the Unhoused on Tucson's Southside

Join us on the 3rd Monday

of every month!

For the past 10 years we've been

serving Tucson's unhoused folks a

six-course hot meal along with chanting.

Now the directors are asking us to teach their guests yoga and meditation as a way to help them transition to a more balanced and meaningful life.

Sponsor a meal here.

$125 serves 100 plates.

Come help us serve every

3rd Monday of the month at 7am.

Donate Here

Govinda's Vegan/Veggie Restaurant

Check out our ever changing menu and new offerings

Govinda's Self-Serve

All-You-Care-To-Eat Hours:

Lunch - Wednesday through Saturday 11:30 am to 2:30 pm

Dinner - Tuesday through Saturday

5 pm to 8 pm

Sunday Brunch - 11 am to 2:30 pm

Closed Mondays

See the menus on Govinda's webpage: iskcontucson.org/govindas

Govinda's guest quote of the month: "I never thought a meal could turn into a spiritual journey. Namaste!"

Many thanks to all our dear friends and devotees who tirelessly serve the temple, guests, deities, and anyone fortunate enough to walk through the door. Your help is greatly appreciated and much needed!

Income/expense Tracker: Please click to view the Monthly Financial Statement on our Seva webpage - iskcontucson.org/seva

Check out this clip by Svayam Bhagavan Keshava Maharaja titled,

“Story of your Life.”

Authentic Indian

Cuisine Catering!

All varieties and quantities of Indian foods for parties, dinners, weddings, and banquets. All main Indian dishes cooked by Master

Chef Kul Sharma. To book, call Kul at 520-891-8083.    

""Dāmodara" refers to Kṛṣṇa's being bound with rope by His mother, Yaśodā. It is said that just as Lord Dāmodara is very dear to His devotees, so the month known as Dāmodara or Kārttika is also very dear to them." (The Nectar of Devotion, Chapter 12)

Letters from Srila Prabhupada...

“You have asked about the specialness of the month of Karttika, and the answer is that it is a special inducement for persons who are not in Krsna consciousness to perform some devotional service... In this connection, there is a good example that sometimes a store gives a special concession to attract new customers. But for those who are already customers there is no need of a special sale. They will purchase at any cost if they know the important value of the goods. Similarly, those who are pure devotees do not aspire for any concession, and out of spontaneous love try to engage themselves in devotional service twenty-four hours each day."

(Letter to Jayapataka, 30 January 1969)

Visit the website

Homas, Pujas & Blessings

Perform a sacred ceremony...

Have your home, car, business, or family blessed and protected 

with the help and guidance of our experienced temple priest, Kirtan Yajna Prabhu. You may call him at (520) 288-1775, or email

[email protected]


711 E Blacklidge Dr

Tucson AZ 85719


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