In Today's Newsletter

Upcoming Events:
Oct. 22-26 - Book Fair
Oct. 25 - "South Wing" Potluck

Don't forget to order your school pictures by tomorrow, October 23rd!  A late order fee of $35.00 will be applied to any orders received after October 23rd.
The Scholastic Book Fair is lining our halls this week, October 22-26. Stop by from 8:10 am - 8:45 am or from 3 pm - 4 pm to browse and make purchases. It's a great opportunity to get started on Christmas shopping! 
Theme:   Under the Sea
October 25, 2018
5:30 - 7:30
Order of Events:
5:30 - 6:00 - Come and Sea (See)
Parents can visit the classrooms and/or visit the Book Fair
6:00 - 6:30 - Dinner
Families will sit with their class.   Tables will be set up in the hallway for the Potluck.
6:30 - 7:00 - Break Out
Students will go to classrooms for an activity, and parents will stay in the classroom.  
7:00 - 7:30 - Book Fair/Clean-up/Visiting
The "special" Book Fair area will be set up in Room 1.
This Friday, October 26, is Pizza Lunch Day.

The cost is $4.00 for one slice of pizza plus Capri Sun and a treat or $6.00 for two slices.  If you would like to pay-in-full for your child's popcorn and/or pizza for the entire school year, please refer to the following:

12 popcorn only = $6.00
12 popcorn and Capri sun = $12.00
15 pizza lunches (1 slice) = $60.00
15 pizza lunches (2 slices) = $90.00

Please bring in-full payments to the office. Individual payments will go directly to the teacher. Please note, any missed days will not be refunded. Thank you.
The soccer team is going to the playoffs today!!  The playoffs start at 3:45 pm at Kasch Park in Everett.  Go Knights!

The soccer party is tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 23rd, 5:30 pm, at Monroe Baptist Church (1405 W. Main Street). Pizza will be provided, please give $10 if able to (per family) directly to Coach Stima to cover the cost. Please bring your clean, washed uniform with you. Contact Coach Stima for additional details.

This evening is the celebration for the players and their families for the 2018 soccer season. The team wishes to thank Coach Stima for his time, talent, and willingness to serve the school.
As of today, $6,909 has been donated towards our $12,000 goal.  Please remind people you sent letters to so we can meet our goal. 
Mrs. Moses (6th grade) is looking for some straight lengths of Hot Wheels track to use as they study velocity and acceleration.
We're gearing up for our annual auction being held on March 23, 2019! Now is the time to ask for donations while the spirit of giving is strong before the end of the year. Attached is a digital copy of the Procurement Form. Be sure to attach a copy of the form to the donated item, and leave a copy with the donor as their tax receipt. Thank you for helping to make this auction our best ever!

Do you love to shop?
Use your love of shopping to help the school by visiting businesses and asking for donations for the auction!  We are in need of several volunteers to hit the streets and also complete online corporate donation forms.  Contact Mindy at the office (360-794-8200 or if you can help!  Thank you!

If you've ever resorted to nagging, begging, or threatening your kids off to daycare or school, you are not alone! Sadly, when this happens, frequently our relationships suffer, and our kids fail to learn important lessons about responsibility and self-sufficiency.
Provided below are some quick tips for placing the lion's share of responsibility on your kids:
Remember that even children as young as three or four can learn this skill.
Small children can follow a visual list of tasks they have to complete each morning. Some parents print pictures representing getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating, etc.
Practice when you're not stressed.
Wise parents teach their kids how to get ready and practice on a weekend morning. Older children with special needs can also benefit from this practice, as well as having a list like the one mentioned above.
Rise a bit early and get yourself ready first.
Children learn almost all-important skills by watching the "big" people around them. Experiment with saying, "We will help you get ready when we are completely ready ourselves." Help them only when you are completely ready to go. In addition to providing a good example, this allows us to be far more relaxed as we are assisting our kids.
Set a small number of limits and resist the urge to nag or remind.
For example:
Breakfast is served until the timer goes "ding."

My car is leaving at seven o'clock. Will you be going to school with your clothes on your body or in a bag?

I charge ten dollars to drive kids when they've missed the bus.
The key is resisting the urge to remind. The more we remind, the more we have to remind.
Allow your kids to blow it.
Too often we nag and remind so that our kids will eat breakfast... or do their hair... or brush their teeth... or remember their homework. Wise parents understand that children will never take responsibility for doing such things when they aren't allowed to make mistakes and experience the logical and natural consequences... blanketed in SINCERE EMPATHY.
Kids who learn to take responsibility for their exit each morning are far more likely to enter their workplace on time each morning as adults. 

Thanks for reading!
  Dr. Charles Fay