October 24, 2019 | Issue #15
Upcoming Calendar
Join Leo for a conversation about pressing issues facing individuals with I/DD, families, and agencies
Leo will discuss the future direction of human services in light of the workforce shortage crisis; advocacy priorities; the state budget; and the importance of social inclusion. Space is limited, so register today to join him in Fitchburg (November 13) or Waltham (November 21).
Halloween safety tips for children with I/DD
Halloween is a fun-filled and exciting time for most children, but it can also be a bit scary for children with special needs. Here are some suggestions to help your child – and you – have a stress-free Halloween.
Transition Conference registration is open!
This full day conference, welcoming families of loved ones ages 12-26 and professionals, will be held on  Saturday, November 16  at the Hogan Campus Center at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. Registration is  $75 per person .
Support The Arc of Massachusetts
Tufts Health Plan Foundation awards $5,000 grant to The Arc of Massachusetts
Tufts Health Plan Foundation recently awarded The Arc of Massachusetts a grant of $5,000 for our new workplace initiative. The Arc project was nominated for the grant by the company’s Parallel business resource group, which advocates for Tufts employees with disabilities. The grant will support trainings for employee resource groups (ERGs) at several companies in Greater Boston to help people with I/DD succeed in the workplace and provide information to employees who have a family member with a disability.

“We are very grateful to Tufts Health Plan Foundation for this grant to partially fund our outreach to ERGs in Greater Boston,” said Leo Sarkissian. “Intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism affect more people than ever before, and the impact is being felt in the workplace both by employees who have a disability and those with a family member.”

“In the workplace,” Leo continued, “people who have an I/DD often need help advocating for themselves, seeking out resources, and overcoming unintentional bias to be successful. And for families with a loved one with I/DD, they often delay planning for the future, particularly for when their child turns 22 and ages out of the school system. The Arc’s expertise in these areas and can provide guidance on navigating.”

Thank you to Parallel and Tufts Health Plan Foundation for their commitment and support!
Operation House Call
Tips for improving office visits for patients with autism and I/DD
In the first entry of a new series, our Operation House Call team shares some of the tips we've leaned over the years regarding improving the experience of doctor's office visits for patients with autism and I/DD.

Upcoming Webinars
Outside The Arc
Hidden in Plain Sight: Spirituality, Disability, and Wholeness
November 8
10:00AM - 12:30PM
Boston College
Chestnut Hill Campus
Corcoran Commons
Heights Room

Spirituality is often unrecognized and unaddressed as a dimension of care, support, and quality of life in the lives of people with I/DD. Why?  More information and registration.
Spectrum for Hope's Hope Fund Grant Applications Open Until November 1

Hope Fund Grants are available to families of multiple children with special needs in Massachusetts to cover essential needs not otherwise covered by insurance. Grants can be used for camps, therapies & medical services, technology, respite and much more. Learn more and apply here.
DDS Autism Waiver Program Open Interest Period Open Until October 31

DDS' Autism Division runs an Autism Waiver Program that provides one-to-one interventions to help children with autism who exhibit severe behavior, social and communication problems through a service called Expanded Habilitation, Education). Learn more and apply here.
Sponsor Spotlight
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